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  • The faction that defends their title under the "Freebird Rule" got to induct The Fabulous Freebirds into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.
  • After Kofi was defeated by Daniel Bryan at Elimination Chamber 2019, Xavier and Big E ran into the ring to console him while telling him that he fought well and deserved the fans ovation. As the WWE universe continued to cheer for Kofi, he was carried back to the locker room by his New Day buddies.
  • In March 2019 Kofi got screwed over again and against by Vince, who kept putting insane demands on him to get his title shot or setting him up for beatings. Finally on March 26th's Smackdown Vince told Xavier and Big E that the only way Kofi could get a title shot was if they beat 4 other tag teams in a gauntlet match. When they finally manage to squeak out the win Kofi runs down and helps his battered friends up as the crowds ERUPTS in cheers and the announcers FINALLY declare "Kofi Kingston is going to Wrestlemania"
    • The best part is when The Usos, one of the team's greatest and most bitter nemeses, straight up forfeit their match in the gauntlet out of respect for their rivals and Kofi Kingston.
    • Just the sheer fact that The New Day is involved in the entire storyline. It would be so easy to just single out Kofi, but no, Big E and Xavier are sticking it out with him and taking out all of these tag teams to ensure Kofi gets his chance. True Companions does not even begin to describe this.
  • The sheer, unadulterated joy of Big E and Woods when, at Mania, Kofi manages to pin Bryan to win the WWE title. They had brought out a wrapped box to "open when it's over." They do so to present shirts recognizing Kofi as champion, as they tearfully unveil a brand new title belt to give Kofi as they carry him on their shoulders.
    • Not only that, but they brought Kofi's sons into the ring to help celebrate, with Kofi's five year old holding up the title with some help from Xavier, and later getting on the second rope and throwing one of the new t-shirts into the crowd.
    • Byron Saxton capturing Kofi's world title win as the New Day celebrated with the new title belt, with the words "That is now a symbol of [Kofi Kingston’s] accomplishment. No matter who you are. No matter where you come from. No matter what you look like. You can achieve your dreams!"
  • Xavier pays tribute to recently deceased Luke Harper on the final episode of Raw in 2020 by performing Harper's signature pose and Discus Clothesline on Cedric Alexander.
    • On Raw Talk, both Xavier and Kofi spoke highly of Luke and his accomplishments throughout his wrestling career.
  • After Big E won the Money in the Bank 2021 match, he is interviewed alongside Xavier and Kofi who are proud for this career achieving moment. Remember that Kofi had just lost to Lashley on that same night, but you can tell he's so happy for E having his moment to shine.
    • Speaking of which, Big E's new theme "Feel the Power" still harkens back to his time in the New Day, showing that despite the separation, they're still together.
  • Just like how they celebrated with Kofi back at Mania 35, Big E wins the WWE Championship on the September 13th episode of Raw, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out and celebrate his accomplishment.
    • Special mention to Kofi backstage, he didn't want to say if it happened, in his heart he knew it was going to happen.


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