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Heartwarming / The Missing

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  • The sisters after they're reunited. Lily breaks down from the trauma she's suffered and sweet little Dot hugs and reassures "Lil-Lil" that all is well.
  • Samuel tries to give a large amount of money he had earned to Maggie. She refuses but he encourages her to use it for her children. She still refuses to take it, but it's touching that he wanted to help out the granddaughters he never knew as well as try to make up with the daughter he had abandoned.
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  • Lily running back to the cave to grab the sick toddler when the mother was held back. It gets her beaten up, but she is successful though unfortunately the little girl ends up dying, turning it into a Tearjerker.
  • Samuel says he has just enough money to buy Lily back, and maybe one or two others. After Lily, Maggie tells him to buy back Honesco's bride, and whoever else he can.