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  • Everytime Patrick gives some peace of mind to the relatives of the victim or anyone who was involved and deserved to be helped.
    • In "Red-Handed", he donates all the money he gained gambling to ensure Alexander's mom gets a new liver, returns the victim's invaluable poker chip to his family and tells them that he died protecting his daughter.
    • In "Blood Brothers", he tells the parents of the victim the reason why their son was murdered: He was trying to save a poor girl who was being forced into a sexual relationship with the principal.
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    • In "Carnelian, Inc.", he gets the Skelling family a badly needed settlement check from the Mega-Corp that screwed them over.
  • Jane and Lisbon slow dancing in "Rose-Colored Glasses"
    Lisbon: I used to love this song.
    Jane: Love the song.
    Lisbon: I love this song.
    Jane: You clearly want to dance.
    Lisbon: Dance? With you?
    Jane: Oh, come on. You can pretend I was that mean, cold-hearted boy you worshipped from afar but never spoke to.
    Lisbon: (hesitant) funny business.
    Jane: Really?
    Lisbon: (smiling) Yep.
    Jane: (smiles, surprised)
  • Lisbon's order for Van Pelt after the latter is injured in "Red Bulls".
    Lisbon: Don't ever do this to me again.
    Van Pelt: (smiling) No problem.
  • Rigsby and Van Pelt finally getting together is awesome, but Rigsby's speech beforehand is so incredibly sweet. "I don't care about the CBI. I don't care about the rules. I love you. Unless you stop me, I'm going to kiss you now."
  • "Lisbon, I want you to know that you can trust me. No matter what happens, I will be there for you. I need you to know that."
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  • "If I were dying, I would want to call you." D'aww. (Also, how sad is that? She is, quite literally, the only person he has in the world). Unfortunately, the moment is kind of ruined when Lisbon registers the exact phrasing, but there are a few seconds of genuine warmth in there.
  • Jane claiming that he will always save Lisbon, which is particularly sweet in its sheer ridiculousness - Lisbon is always the one doing the ass-kicking in that relationship.
  • When Lisbon is on the verge of tears, Jane calms her into a trance and just holds her and strokes her hair. Can y'all say Ship Tease? Aww.
  • The whole episode "His Red Right Hand". It's very tear jerk-y as Bosco and his team are gunned down by an associate of Red John's. Bosco has a Dying Declaration of Love with Lisbon which she seemingly reciprocates. The team then all share a drink and Rigsby starts absent-mindedly singing Amazing Grace to which the whole team join in with. Even Cho.
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  • In "Bloodsport", Cho lying to cover for Rigsby when Rigsby is suspected (correctly, he admits) of falsifying an alibi for his father. It does create some tension between them, but the fact remains that Cho, who is usually as By The Book as they come, lies to an investigator and puts his own career at risk rather than tell the truth that would get Rigsby into trouble. He wouldn't do that for just anyone.
  • When Rigsby and Van Pelt's relationship is found out, they either have to break it off, or one of them has to transfer. He goes to Cho for advice.
    Cho: Which do you love more, your job or Van Pelt?
    Rigsby: It's not that simple!
    Cho: Yes it is. Which do you love more?
    • And Rigsby chooses to transfer so he can stay with Van Pelt. Except she chooses to break it off, because she doesn't want him to ruin his career over her.
  • After interviewing some recovering war veterans, Jane thanks them for their co-operation before giving more heartfelt thanks for their service overseas.
    • Later in the same episode, he teaches one suffering from short-term memory loss and nightmares a few of his mind techniques. It's a side of Jane we don't see very often.
  • In "Red Velvet Cupcakes", Rigsby and Van Pelt go undercover as a couple into a radio program that helps couples to repair their relationship; at first, they start off scripted, but they end up slipping into discussing their real relationship (with some details obscured). At first, they're sniping at each other for their respective actions since the breakup (her getting engaged, him having a baby with his girlfriend), but in the middle of this, Van Pelt tells Rigsby that she actually loves the fact that he's a father, saying that one of the reasons she broke with him was because she felt they were not ready, but that now both of them have grown and his being a parent is a part of that. Rigsby then tells Van Pelt that he's never stopped loving her, even through everything that's happened. At the end of the episode, Van Pelt goes to Rigsby's apartment and kisses him, entering his apartment with him.
  • In "Wedding in Red", Rigsby and Van Pelt get married, and then are sent off on a "Just Married" horse-pulled carriage while they get a gun salute.
  • In "Red John," Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt all appear to distract/threaten the FBI long enough for Jane to get away, even though they are no longer CBI agents and will get in serious trouble. Jane's "Thanks, guys!" as he takes off is shouted with nearly childlike glee.
  • Jane writing letters to Lisbon after the events of "Red John". If you look closely at the one he's writing in the episode, he apologizes to her for leaving her on the beach in "Fire and Brimstone".
  • The ending of "Blue Bird". After a nasty fight, Jane races to the airport, jumps over a fence, sprains his ankle, runs onto Lisbon's plane and tells her that he loves her. He is then arrested for breaching airport security. Jane sits despondently in the holding room... and then Lisbon walks in. She tells him she feels the same way and he kisses her.
  • Whatever of "Ruby Slippers" that wasn't a colossal tearjerker. Basically, the team determines that a gay kid initially thought to be a murder victim committed suicide, but Jane figures out that it was staged: the kid had been suicidal, but a group of drag queens convinced him not to kill himself, and then helped him fake his death so he could get away from everyone who hurt him and start a new life. The episode ends with Fifi Nix singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and Lisbon getting choked up.
    • Also crosses into a Moment of Awesome when the victim leaves the pieces in place so that the three people who hurt him most will go down after his supposed death. Thanks to the evidence he left behind for the police to find, two of his abusers face criminal charges, and the third is going to lose his career and reputation.
  • Patrick Jane buys Lisbon a pony. Also funny.
  • In Jane's first birthday after they get together, Lisbon makes Jane a present, which he tries to guess. It turns out to be Jane's teacup from the CBI, which she managed to rebuild after it was broken. Jane admits that he did not know what she was going to give him, and feels about to tear up in happiness.
  • At the end of "Copper Bullet", Dennis Abbot informs Cho that he's next in line to take over as lead agent. A smile appears on Cho's face and just refuses to come off.
  • The series finale, in which Jane and Lisbon get married, Rigsby is best man and Van Pelt is maid of honor. It's so happy, Cho is grinning from ear to ear.
  • While it is bittersweet, The implications in Red Rum that for all of his flaws, the Jerk Jock may have been killed for standing up to his father over the mans abuse of his younger brother.
    • Seeing how much the victim's mistress genuinely cares for the man's daughter (and how good Jane is with the girl) in Ladies In Red Although it is a little bittersweet in light of the resentment it inspired in the girls mother.

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