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Heartwarming / The Matrix Revolutions

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  • All the scenes with the girl Sati count, despite the fact that she's not even human.
  • Toward the end, Neo escapes the Sentinels by pushing the Logos as fast as it can go...and it goes above the cloud cover. Trinity becomes the first Human in untold centuries to see what's above the clouds: the bright, unspoiled blue sky and warm yellow Sun. It's one of the last things she sees before she dies. An image of beauty to take with her to the next world.
    "So beautiful..."
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  • Morpheus and Niobe's reactions to Neo's victory; the normally unflappable Morpheus is joyfully stunned, his vision/dream come to life, while a tearful Niobe says it best: "Neo...wherever you are...thank you." It overlaps with tearjerking as both Neo and Trinity have had to sacrifice themselves to end the war, and there's no way their friends will ever fully know their fate.


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