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Heartwarming / The Magnificent Seven (2016)

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  • After Goodnight rides off before the Final Battle, Chisholm gives each of the remaining Seven a chance to quit, with no disgrace. They all choose to stay. Horne sums up the men's feelings thusly:
    Horne: To be in the service of others, with men that I respect—like you all...well, I couldn't ask for more'n that.
  • When Faraday is shot, Vasquez jumps out of cover to quick-gun down several men to give Faraday space to run. He makes a point of vengefully putting several bullets into the guy who shot Faraday while snarling "Fuck you, motherfucker!" in Spanish. And this is after they've been trading verbal snipes throughout the movie!
    • By this point, their mutual shit-talking has developed into more of a Bash Brothers dynamic.
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  • With Red Harvest out scouting the enemy's location, the six remaining warriors defending Rose Creek help to rebuild the church that Bogue callously set ablaze in the film's opening. A heroic gesture of kindness in and of itself, the fact it is a multiracial band of warriors (Black, Hispanic, Asian, AND White) gathering as one to rebuild a symbol of home and community torn apart by greed and violence also makes this scene a symbolic representation of the hope for tolerance, forgiveness and friendship across the brotherhood of humanity.
  • In the last night before the battle, the Preacher tells Sam how grateful he is to the Seven for giving the town enough hope that they could enjoy their night.
  • When Goodnight returns in the Eleventh Hour, Billy is elated, saying he knew he would. Goodnight asks him how; Billy procures Goody's flask from his vest.
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  • Billy claiming Goodnight's gun jammed during the first battle with Bogue's men, when in actuality PTSD had caused him to freak out too badly to shoot. Although the lie is implausible, it reveals that Billy knows Goodnight well enough to realize what happened, and that for all Billy's own stoicism, he's nonjudgmental and even protective of Goodnight's mental state.
  • Whether it's faithful to the original(s) or not, it's nice to see The Magnificent Seven Samurai for once get recognition and gratitude they deserve at the end.


Outside the Story

  • During the cast commentary, Vincent D'Onofrio recounts an incident on set where a crew member lost a family member during the shoot. Near the end of the day, Chris Pratt asked that the whole crew on site take a moment of silence for him. And they did. Vincent called it one of the most beautiful things he ever experienced.
  • James Horner writing the score early intending to surprise Antoine Fuqua with it, which allowed us to get one more score from him after his untimely death.
  • Byung-Hun Lee has commented that of all the American movies he's been in, this is the only one where he had a great time and made friends with his cast mates.

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