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Heartwarming / The Lost Element

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There are plenty of happy moments in the story that is bound to give many a reader the warm fuzzies.

  • "To Hell and Back" is loaded with moments that count on top of a number of Tear Jerker moments. The sheer emotion when James and his friends in Equestria are reunited after both sides were left wondering if either truly existed at all really drives home how much they've grown to mean to each other.
    • Probably the single most touching moment in the chapter is when Scootaloo confides in James her status as an orphan despite trying to avoid the subject or outright lie about it at all prior opportunities. What does James do upon finding out? Adopt her, of course!
  • James and Fluttershy's relationship in general is quite cute. From the chapter of Fluttershy having her feelings revealed by Angel playing cupid to just spending time together after establishing their relationship, they get along quite well and very clearly love each other.
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  • Everything about Smolder. Initially making what at first seems to be a cameo late into Volume 4 as a despondent aloof vagabond having snuck into Fluttershy's chicken coop to sleep, she shows up again next chapter having returned to James' house solely because he did not chase her off last time. What follows is an endearing bonding experience between the two, with James bonding with the lonely dragon child by offering her shelter and even starting to teach her how to read and write.
    Smolder: You make me happy...

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