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Heartwarming / The Lost Battalion

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  • As PVT Lipasti laments how he was about to start a well-paying job as an elevator operator in Manhattan when he enlisted, Montana-born PVT Yoder says that he’s never been in an elevator. Lipasti bitterly adds that some draft-dodger probably took his job and that after the war he’ll end up scrabbling for dead-end work "like every other poor dago," Yoder invites him to come to Montana instead. When Lipasti protests that he’s never ridden a horse, Yoder assures him that "We’ll get you a horse that’s never been rode!"
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  • When Pvt. Hollingshead, a captured American soldier, is escorted back to his own lines so that he may give Maj. Whittlesey a message asking him to surrender, he shakes his escort's hand. We're given this exchange; even though the two men cannot understand a word the other is speaking, they still know what is being said.
    Pvt. Hollingshead: "So long, buddy."
    German Soldier: "Auf wiedersehen, Kamerad."
  • Maj. Whittlesey tells Capt. McMurty that even though the men serving under him are all "Italians, Irish, Jews, and Poles," and back in civilian life, members of a completely different social class than him, he believes that he'll never in his life "enjoy the company of finer soldiers, or better men" than he did on that night.
    • McMurty bounces right back by telling Whittlesey that even though he served with Theodore Roosevelt in his Rough Riders, he'd never served with a finer officer than the Major.
  • After Pvt. Cepaglia and Pvt. Rosen took a few minutes to give Pvt. Yoder a hard time, Cepaglia tells Yoder to give him his tin cup. After hesitating for a few seconds, he does so, and Cepaglia and Rosen give Yoder an equal share of their already tiny ration of food.

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