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Heartwarming / The Living Wake

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  • K. Roth's father revealing that he didn't abandon him, he died.
  • The librarian taking K. Roth's books in the end.
  • Mills and K. Roth's friendship. Mills has just found out his best friend will be dead before the day is out, and how does he spend it? Helping him make the last day the best one of his life.
    • Given his relationship with his mother and brother, Mills is probably the best relationship K. Roth has ever had in his life, and it shows.
    • The story of how they met is sweet, too: K. Roth found Mills, unable to speak or write, cowering in a broom closet. K. Roth gave him soup, a blanket, and a dictionary.
    K. Roth: (smiling) And I haven't been able to shake you since!
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  • Whether you're religious or not, the preachers telling K. Roth he can and will be forgiven and accepted into Heaven is very nice to see, especially considering K. Roth's freakout in the scene before.
  • "You were alright. A little strange, but alright."
  • The psychic silently doing a blessing over K. Roth's coffin after he dies.
  • Mills honoring K. Roth's request for a Viking funeral, putting his coffin onto a boat and setting it ablaze at the end of the film.

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