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     Series 1 
  • What better place to begin this article than Friend Like Me?
    • Nala's interaction with Sarafina throughout the story.
    • Simba and Nala's first meeting, of course. It starts off rather comedic, as each thinks the other is a cub of their own gender trying to attack them, but once they meet, they realize how much they have in common. They play a game of Pinned Ya, and spend the whole rest of the day together.
  • All of the cute scenes between Simba and Nala in Make or Break.
    • Simba telling Nala she's worth more than every other cub put together would most definitely stand out.
  • A few moments in Magic Mystery Show:
    • When Simba asks Nala why she would take him with her if something went wrong, she answers, "Because I wouldn't want you to miss me."
    • The scene with the cubs in the river, as well as Simba lying on his back, with Nala's head on his chest.
    • Simba's devotion to protecting Nala after Hago freezes her.
  • There are a few moments in Dead as a Dodo where Simba hints at an attraction toward Nala. See the Funny section for details.
  • Quite a few cute moments in Number One Fan:
    • Simba and Nala talking, only to realize their noses are touching, and they break away nervously. Simba asks himself, "Did she actually like that?"
    • Simba making a bet that if he can't succeed in pinning her in a month, he'll kiss her. Nala responds that if she wins, she'll kiss him.
    • Nala metnions the idea of challenging Simba in a pinnin match for the kingdom, upon which she would be queen. Simba mutters, "No one says you have to challenge me."
  • Plenty of cute moments in King's Ransom:
    • Simba giving Nala a piggyback ride home and telling her, "I'll always take care of you."
    • Sarabi allows Simba and Nala to stay up late in exchange for them staying in the den, but they fall asleep next to each other five minutes later.
    • Mufasa apologizing to Simba for not listening to him.
    • The end of the story, where Nala congratulates Simba, before playfully reminding him of their bet, where one will kiss the other depending on who wins the bet.
  • A few moments in Your Worst Nightmare:
    • All of the cute scenes with Simba and Nala, of course.
    • Sarabi letting the cubs stay up later as a reward for their bravery.
    • Seeing Hago's softer side when interacting with Bora.
  • A few moments in Miss the Girl:
    • The opening scene with Simba and Nala.
    • The scene with Simba and Nala discussing their betrothal before Moto arrives.
    • Zazu comforting Simba is both this and quite awesome.
    • The end of the story, where Simba and Nala become friends again and Moto leaves on good terms.
  • A few moments in Zazu's in Charge:
    • The entire first chapter of the story would most certainly count.
    • Simba claims his "secret" is that he's afraid of not being a good king, but Nala dissuades this worry in an instant.
    • The brotherly interaction between Hago and Bora, once again.
    • Nala asks Simba who his future queen will be, and Simba explains that it would be her, while attempting to cover up the true reason behind it.
    • Zazu giving Simba credit for saving the Pride Lands.
  • Quite a few moments in You're Fired:
    • Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story.
    • Simba and Nala congratulating each other after the first escape from the hyenas.
    • Nala revealing she can tell what Simba is thinking about just by looking at him.
    • Simba giving Nala a piggyback ride back to Pride Rock at the very end of the story.
  • A couple of moments in Hago's Little Puppet:
    • The beautiful mother-son moment between Simba and Sarabi, where the latter helps her son gain some confidence about telling Nala his feelings for her.
    • The ending scene, with Simba and Nala snuggled up under the stars.
  • A couple of moments in Army of Evil:
    • Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story.
    • Simba agreeing to stay by the waterhole with Nala after they find Scar's gruesome drawings.
    • Simba and Nala in the sunset. Of course, any secret-spilling is interrupted by Scar and Hago...

     Series 2 
  • In Life Hurts, seeing Simba and Nala on the first day of their new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend is enough to alleviate the sadness of Tayari's story. This moment in particular stands out:
    Nala: Oh, you are so fun!
    Simba: I know! After all, I am the greatest cub who's ever lived.
    Nala: Can't argue with that. Why do you think I love you so much?
    Simba: You're really great too, Nala. In fact, I don't think I'd be anything if didn't have you.
    • Seeing the cubs try and help Tayari is quite sweet as well. Too bad it doesn't work...
  • The scene in Switching Places with Simba and Nala watching the stars."That's what you look like to me: adorable."
  • Simba and Nala telling each other that each is the other's hero in Mtumwa Strikes Back.
    • Simba telling Nala she's his princess, and her subsequent reaction.
    • Tama kissing Tojo as he sleeps.
  • Nala telling Simba he is "nothing but good" in Two Cubs and a Baby. Tama confirming she and Tojo are friends would count too.
  • Simba and Nala's interaction in Tama's Bet, particularly at the end.
  • In Night Terrors, Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story would count.
  • A few moments in Sick Simba:
    • Tojo's attempts to help Tama realize that she's a good person on the inside.
    • The scene where Simba and Nala swim in the underground pool.
    • Simba lying sick and putting a paw on Nala's shoulder as he tries to stay strong for her sake.
    • Nala staying by Simba's side, only leaving when he asks her to find out what the Kulaani illness is.
    • Simba and Nala's wedding scene.
    • Nala, Mufasa and Sarabi crying with happiness once they realize Simba will recover.
  • Nala helping Simba recover and keeping him company in The Royal Reaper. This line would count too:
    Nala: You're Prince Simba! There's nothing that can keep you down for ever! After all those bad guys you've fought you think an illness is going to stop you? Come on, Simba. That sounds pretty silly for an incredible cub like you. I know you'll get better. I believe in you. You wouldn't be my hero otherwise.
    • This exchange would count too:
    Tama: You know what, Tojo?
    Tojo: What?
    Tama: I think you would have made one great king.
  • A few moments in All Alone:
    • The opening scene with Simba and Nala, of course.
    • Tojo soothing an emotional Tama.
    • The ending, where Tama tells Tojo he is much better than Usaliti.
  • Plenty of moments in Who Are You?:
    • Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story, as well as Tama and Tojo's.
    • Tojo being so considerate towards the new Tama.
    • Simba nuzzling Nala.
    • The kiss scenes, of course
    • Nala's comment at the end.
  • The opening scene in Goodbye Nala, where Tojo talks to Tama, asking her what her problems are.
    • Simba and Nala's interaction throughout the story.
    • Sarabi waking up Simba and comforting him after the brainwashed Sarafina kidnaps Nala.
    • Tojo saving Tama before the two confess their love, Tama gives up her evil ways forever, and they race off into the sunset to start a new life.

     Series 3 
  • The entire first chapter of Hypnotic Glint is one for Simba and Nala, before a severe case of Mood Whiplash turns it into a Tearjerker instead.
    • Nala talking to Sarafina soon afterward would also qualify.
  • In The Royal Challenge, Mufasa forgiving Simba for his actions in the last story would count, as well as his moral support for his son during the challenge.
  • Two moments in The Return of Hago: Nala comforting Simba, and Simba's conversation with Mufasa at the end.
  • Two moments in The Prince and the Frog: Simba and Nala having a romantic moment by the river, and Nala holding Frog Simba.
  • Two moments in God of All: Tama telling Tojo that he'll always be her hero, and Simba finally confessing that he actually likes Zazu.
  • The ending of Darkness Falls. Simba has a talk with You-Know-Who, who confirms that he is a pure soul, just as he has always wanted to be. This drives Simba to tears of happiness. After Simba and the others come back to life, Simba cries happy tears again upon discovering Nala is back, and the two end up staring into each other's eyes. The story ends with these words:
    "They loved each other with all their hearts. Because You-Know-Who had turned out to be very, very right. Love always found a way, in… The End"

     Series 4 
  • At the beginning of Drought, Simba is hugging Nala in their sleep, shielding her protectively.
  • In Dig It, the scene with Nala and Sarafina is very heartwarming.
    • As is the scene where Nala finally arrives at the camp. She even rocks him back and forth in her paws.
  • From The Interceptor:
    Nala: Good luck, Simba. Don't forget… I love you.
    Simba: Do I really need to say 'I love you, too'?
    Nala: Of course not.
    Simba: It doesn't matter. I'll do it anyway. I love you, too.
    (Nala giggles)
    • Also, the cubs helping Kazi go home, as well as Nala nursing Haiba's wounds.
  • In The Blood Line, Cub Sarafina's interaction with Muerto is quite sweet. Pity Vitani killed him...
  • In Changes, Simba tells Zazu about what happened to Nala and him, and Zazu advises that he should make it up to her.
    • Simba and Nala's kiss, symbolizing their reunion.
  • This exchange in Tama's Trouble:
    Tama: Tojo, shut up – you're not as interesting as me.
    Tojo: Point taken.
    (Tojo looks saddened.)
    Tama: Aw, Tojo, I'm only kidding! (Kisses him on the cheek) You know I love you, right?
    Tojo: Sure. Love you, too.
  • Nala's concern for Haiba in Rebirth, as well as her interaction with Sarafina.
  • In Everybody Loves Nala:
    • The interaction between Nala and Sarafina, as always.
    • Haiba's extremely affectionate behavior around Nala is both sweet and uncomfortable at the same time.
    • The scenes with Zazu and Pori.
    • Shocker being shy and awkward when trying to ask Nala out.
  • In Clone Wars:
    • Tama and Tojo's scenes may consist of funny dialogue, but there's no denying they have a heartwarming feel to them.
    • The cubs searching for each other, hoping they haven't been harmed by their respective clones.

     Series 5 
  • In the first chapter of The Beginning, Nala tries to console Simba after the loss of his home and parents.
  • Simba and Nala's interaction in The Chase would count.
    • The Roho's helpfulness towards Simba, Nala and Haiba would also count.
  • Nala being very sweet to Ugaidi in The Curse of Death.
    • Sarafina wishing the kids well on their journey.
    • The Hermit of Hekima sparing Simba and vowing to help the cubs in any way he can.
  • The end of One Bad Night is both this and a Funny Moment.
  • At the end of Tojo's Tyranny, Simba, Nala, and Haiba watch the sleeping Tama and comment on her miserable state. Nala and Simba have a brief romantic moment.
  • In The Evil Serpent, Tama sees Tojo's ghost in a vision, and he encourages her to move on and continue living in his memory.
  • In Haiba's Wish, The Hermit of Hekima has a talk with Haiba, listens to his problems, and gives him advice on how to move on.
    • Haiba reuniting with his mother at long last would most certainly count.
  • The end of Return to Camp Kazi, where all but one of the cubs goes home, and Simba and Nala share a kiss for the first time in ages.

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