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Heartwarming / The Light in the Darkness

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  • Rainbow Dash instantly coming to see if Pinkie Pie is alright and proving exactly why she was the Element Of Loyality.
  • The ending, when the Mane Cast, only knowing that Pinkie Pie had a horrific nightmare that didn't let her sleep, rush to help keep Sugercube Corner running for her to let her recover. They don't question it at all, they just come because their friend needs them.
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  • Rainbow Dash managing to gradually calm Pinkie Pie down, ending with her convincing Pinkie Pie she's not Ax-Crazy because she had an Heroic BSoD in response to her nightmare because she didn't want to do it. Then afterwards, ignoring how tired she was to make absolutely sure Pinkie Pie was alright before going home.
  • In the moment when Rainbow Dash fears that someone may have broken in and harmed Pinkie, she looks around for anything that can be used as a weapon. Finding nothing that can be of use, she decides to use her own saddlebags to fight: the saddlebags filled with autographs and one-of-a-kind Wonderbolts memorabilia, all of which can be damaged if she actually hits someone with the bags. Given that anything involving the Wonderbolts gets a major Squee! reaction from Rainbow Dash, she would normally consider the contents of the bags to be priceless. However, risk to these items doesn't even occur to Rainbow Dash as she prepares to defend her friend. Loyalty indeed.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, Pinkie's reaction to realizing Rainbow Dash is there with her is to hug her friend, relieved she is alive.
    • This part is heightened if you believe her dream to be Cupcakes.
  • After watching some movies together, Rainbow Dash finds Pinkie sleeping cutely with her nose in her tail. The mental image is most certainly aww worthy.


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