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Heartwarming / The Light in the Dark

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  • Several already in the first chapter alone.
    • Lily, Remus, Sirius and James all standing up for Mary.
    • Lily and Mary's budding friendship at the end.
    • Mary trying to defend Lily from Mulciber.
    • The amount of love Mary has for her family.
  • Lily and Severus' friendship.
    • In particular, any scene in which Severus is internally discussing how much he loves Lily.
    • How she takes care of him in Chapter Two, and how she tries to help him with his home life in general.
    • Literally all of their interactions in Chapter Four.
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    • How scared Lily is in Chapter Six when she learns that he went down to the Whomping Willow.
    • The fact that every morally questionable deed Severus does is to protect Lily.
    • His present to her in Chapter Ten.
    • Severus getting angry at Mulciber for speaking of Lily in a degrading manner in Chapter 12.
    • Lily and Severus just hanging out under the beech tree in Chapter 15, enjoying each other's company.
  • Marlene's article defending werewolves. It's even more heartwarming when you realize she most likely realizes Remus is one, and that probably encouraged her to write it. (See the Fridge Brilliance page.)
    • Also the fact that she doesn't regret it for an instant, despite the flak she gets for it.
  • Mary bonding with Lily and her friends.
  • Lily's friends preparing for Lily's birthday.
  • Sirius walking Mary back to the Common Room when he sees she's scared to walk there herself after the incident with Mulciber.
  • Sirius' genuine affection for Mary in general is this.
  • Regulus' relationship with Kreacher, and the fact that a memory of Kreacher is what encourages him to catch the Snitch in Chapter 12.
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  • Sirius and Regulus making up in Chapter 13, as well as how worried Sirius was for him before then.
  • Sirius' apology to Remus, and the boys' pillow fight afterwards.
  • The Knightbus driver's concern for Bertha in "Betrayal", despite being a complete stranger.
    • In the same chapter, Lily's kindness to Bertha cheering her up enough to try and move on.
  • Evangeline's affection for Kitty encouraging her-Evangeline- to be a nicer person.

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