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    Welcome to Republic City 
  • Seeing the Republic City for the first time and realizing Aang and co. has helped build it. It shows us that everything these kids have fought for they achieved.
  • In the first episode, when Tenzin's kids land on the dock? Jinora is letting Meelo ride piggyback.
  • The Bear Hug between Korra, Tenzin, and his kids at the end of the first episode. Also leads to a Funny Moment with Korra lifting not only the kids off of the ground, but also lifting Tenzin up with ease. Naga nuzzling them seals the deal.
    • And right before this hug, Tenzin's kids arrive on the dock and enthusiastically hug Korra. Jinora is slightly hesitant, but Korra waves at her to join in. Which she does.
      • Similarly, Korra immediately establishing herself to have a kind of Cool Big Sis relationship with Tenzin's kids is sweet to see.
  • Katara smiling at Korra as she excitedly runs off after her training session in the first episode.
  • Tenzin's kids calling Katara "Gran Gran" (which is exactly what Katara called her own grandma).
  • Katara allowing Korra to go to Republic City, obviously remembering her grandmother letting her go on her own adventure.
  • When Katara talks about her other children, she mentions that the name of her eldest child is Bumi. Aang named one of his sons after his best friend. Their middle child, Kya, is also named after Katara's mother.
    A Leaf in the Wind 
  • After Korra calls Tenzin a bad teacher and walks off, with Meelo imitating her and smashing things, his two little girls go and hug him.
  • When restrained, unenthusiastic Tenzin, fresh off of getting VERY angry at Korra, stays behind to watch her Pro-Bending debut and cheers like a fanboy at her victory... then looks around to see if anyone saw him and slinks away awkwardly. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • At the end of the episode Mako stares at the island while Korra stares at the city. The music and the atmosphere make the scene absolutely beautiful.
  • More on the music. Korra's music and the music that seems to be setting the tone of the series is just perfect for it. But when Korra begins to use airbending movements at the fight the music changes to a callback of the previous series' music and is ultimately wonderfully nostalgic and triumphant.
  • Jinora's crossing through the spinning gates. Anyone who watched the first season of The Last Airbender can tell her stance and movements are exactly like her grandfather's were. It's a truly beautiful thing to see Jinora is just as much a prodigy to airbending as Aang was.
  • Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo each giving their own advice to Korra on how to cross the spinning gates.
     The Revelation 
  • Bolin gleefully shouting "I love you!" to Mako as he's rescued.
  • When it's revealed that Bolin spent a lot of money on groceries, Mako is really annoyed. But after that, and a hard day's work filled with grueling manual labor, he still gets Bolin's favorite dumplings on the way back home.
  • When Korra returns to Air Temple Island, Tenzin is relieved to see her safe—and when she tells him an unlikely-yet-true story, he takes roughly two seconds before deciding that he believes her.
    • Also the fact that, after last episode centered around Tenzin forbidding Korra from leaving the island at all, now he has apparently no qualms with her leaving for casual purposes (it's implied she told him offscreen they were going, and at the time neither she nor Mako knew Bolin was in trouble, they just couldn't find him).
  • Korra and Mako falling asleep against each other. The following reaction is priceless.
  • Skoochy, despite being a serial pickpocket and only giving Mako information on Bolin's whereabouts after he [Mako] gave him money, the young urchin gives off a brotherly air to his fellow street urchins. From laughing at their mischievous action towards each other to beckoning them that it's time to go.
     A Voice in the Night 
  • Korra wakes up from a nightmare and Naga lays her head on Korra's lap. Anyone who has ever owned a dog can vouch for this being Truth in Television. The moment is captured in gif form here.
  • Asami and Mako's trip through the park at night. There's just something so sweet about her telling him that she feels safe with him, just as he feels safe with his father's scarf.
  • Hiroshi Sato being willing to sponsor the Fire Ferrets. He's one of the wealthiest people in Republic City but he never forgot where he came from, and is happy to return the favor of a 'selfless loan.'
    • Although it turns out this is only so they won't suspect him of being the guy who makes all the Equalists' weapons.
  • Tenzin comforting Korra as she cries after her close encounter with Amon is the most heartwarming moment of the show so far.
    • Tenzin throughout the episode, where he pretty much sees exactly what's going on and gently tries to help and shield Korra in her struggle with her fear.
  • Bolin giving Korra a cupcake and a rose as thanks for saving him from Amon, and then offering to deal with Tarrlok if he was harassing her.
    • This is pretty much the only scene that Korra laughs in during this episode, even if it's just a small laugh and smile.
  • A retroactive one in which Mako explains to Asami how his Scarf Of Ass Kicking is the only memento he has left of his father. In "The Revelation", he lent it to Korra when they sneak in to the Equalist rally.
     The Spirit Of Competition 
  • Bolin and Korra hanging out together. It's so cute, funny, and wonderful at the same time. Everything from them punking the Wolfbats at the restaurant, to their enjoying the view of the city in winter from one of the tower landmarks, to the burping contest that leaves the other restaurant patrons agape in disbelief at both of them. That sound you're hearing is the collective squeeing of all the Bolin/Korra shippers out there.
    • Everything Bolin does is so often Played for Laughs, which just amplifies the sweetness of the moment when Bolin's face softens as he watches Korra absorb the view at the end of this date sequence.
  • Mako and Bolin in the aftermath of the Makorra kiss. Bolin is drunk off his ass on Water Tribe noodles, and Mako knows exactly where he is and picks him up to carry him home. That's brotherly love for you.
  • The Fire Ferrets realize that maybe romantic tensions have yet to be resolved, but life goes on and they can still be friends.
  • Bolin and Mako making up.
    Mako: "Are you okay? How's your shoulder?"
    Bolin: "It's messed up pretty bad...But yeah. I think I'll be all right."
    Bolin: "Are we...gonna be all right?"
    Mako: "Of course we are! We're brothers. We'll get through this mess. I'm sorry."
  • Mako and Bolin cheering and Mako picking Bolin up from behind in a Bear Hug after Korra wins the match.
    Bolin: "Shoulder! Shoulder!"
  • Korra sincerely thanking Asami for all her help.
  • Korra healing Bolin, as taught by none other than Katara, "the best there is".note 
  • Bolin calling Korra the "smartest, funniest, toughest, buffest, talentedest, incrediblest girl in the world."
    • This also gets a smile out of Korra, which is again nice to see, since she's had so few reasons to smile lately.
     And The Winner Is... 
  • Lin, who has a grudge against Korra for being a Destructive Savior, still chooses saving Korra on multiple occasions over fighting/arresting the Equalists.
  • Tenzin reveals that despite Lin's personality not having changed much since she was a kid, she still "got along famously" with Aang.
    • She even calls him "[Tenzin's] sweet-tempered father" when comparing Korra to him, showing she still respects him and likes him after all these years.
  • Mako and Bolin hug Korra after she comes back from trying and failing to get to Amon. They can truly be called the Krew now.
    • Particularly Mako's earnest tone of voice when he tells her "I'm so glad you're safe!" Yeah, he definitely likes her.
  • There's another moment when Tenzin reveals to Lin that since Korra joined the Fire Ferrets he's brushed up on the rules for pro-bending, a sport he was initially opposed to and thought of as a "mockery" of bending.
     The Aftermath 
  • After the events with the previous episode, Tahno has shown he has opened up a kind side to him and has a short chat with Korra, both having no resentment. Before he goes with Lin and Tenzin to be interrogated, he looks to Korra and gives a farewell with a smirk, dropping the accent to boot.
    Tahno: See you around, Uh-vatar.
  • Korra sacrificing her own possible relationship with Mako, telling him Asami will need him after learning her father is an Equalist.
  • The Cabbage Man, the eternal Butt-Monkey of the original series, now has his own statue at the company he built.
  • Korra offering Mako and Bolin a place to stay at the beginning of the episode, an offer that she says is both still open and extended to Asami after they learn the truth about Hiroshi Sato.
    • Korra consistently showed sympathy toward Asami, never angry or suspicious toward her even when rightfully accusing her father and having Asami vehemently defending him.
  • Korra and Asami bonding at the race track, with Korra admitting she was wrong to judge her before.
  • A small one, but Bolin and Mako (Mako!) messing around in the pool like the brothers they are is really sweet, especially in between the previous episode and the climax of this one.
  • Look carefully at Tenzin's use of Air-Cycle. Not only he is using a modified version of Aang's air-scooter, he's showing that despite being the opposite of his father, he's still proud to be his son.
     When Extremes Meet 
  • Meelo's crush on Asami, doubling as a running Funny Moment.
  • We hear Shiro Shinobi narrating the "Recap" at the beginning. For everyone who was worried about what happened to him after he disappeared the last week, he's okay. Many fans grinned when they heard his voice.
  • Pabu comforting Korra by licking at her face. He seems to like her as much as Naga.
  • Korra telling Naga "Don't worry, girl, I'll be all right" before going to fight Tarrlok, and Naga nuzzling her.
  • When Bolin shouts, "The new Team Avatar!" for the first time, hearts will melt.
  • After Tarrlok mentions that Korra is merely an "Avatar-in-training" due to her inability to airbend, she's very down on herself and considers herself a failure. Mako comments that even Avatar Aang did not know all of the elements when he faced the Fire Nation, and Bolin comments that Aang also didn't face his problems alone, he had his friends who saw him through everything. Mako, Bolin, and Asami all pledge their support to Korra, and snap her right out of her funk.
  • Mako opening the car door for Korra. Given the current status of their relationship, it was probably an innocent act of friendship, which means that both shippers and none-shippers of Makorra can enjoy it. Anyone who's ever had a close friend do something like that for them, small but sweet, knows how heartwarming it is. If nothing else, it's just nice to see Korra and Mako, who spend a lot of time fighting and picking on each other, showing the softer side of their relationship.
  • The moment when the crowd being rounded up by Tarrlok and the police force beg Korra for help. Despite Tarrlok's actions validating everything that Amon and the Equalists have been saying about bender oppression, ordinary people still have faith in the Avatar to stand up for all people, which is exactly what she proceeds to do.
     Out Of The Past 
  • In the beginning, we have an adorable shot of Pema, Tenzin, and Meelo asleep together- with the little kid nestled up between his parents.
  • Mako's concern for Korra is quite intensely heartwarming; he was willing to go so far as threaten an Equalist mook with firebending to tell him what he wanted to know.
    • At the end of the episode, Mako tells Tenzin, Lin, and the rest of Team Avatar to give Korra some space, then carries over to Oogie's saddle so she can get some rest. He certainly can't deny that he likes her now.
    • Even more heartwarming in hindsight with Mako's admission in "Endgame" that it was when Korra was taken that he realized he was in love with her.
  • It was nice to see Aang, Toph, and Sokka again and all grown up. Even if it was only in flashback form.
    • And Toph still calls Aang "Twinkle Toes" even though they're both in their forties. Nicknames really stay with you for life.
    • "Whoa... I finally connected with you, Aang."
  • Naga went looking for Korra and found her.
  • Lin Beifong rescuing her officers. For such a badass Iron Lady, it's really nice to see how much she cares for them, going so far as to sneak into the Equalist base just for them (as well as look for Korra). The way she spoke to her officers was probably the softest we have seen speak, and she felt very bad that Amon de-bended them. She truly is A Mother to Her Men.
  • The part where Lin zips up Bolin's zipper is heartwarming as well as a funny moment. Not only does Lin act like a typical mother, but Bolin acts like a typical son. This is more heartwarming when you think about how Bolin hasn't truly had a maternal figure since he was six years old.
  • The scene of the ex-metalbenders was tragic. We later see one of them sitting beside Bolin as the Krew escapes. After Bolin does his whole "Try chi-blocking that, fools!", the ex-metalbender has a big grin on his face. It is really heartwarming given he was stripped of his power, was jailed for weeks, and finally had something worth smiling about.
     Turning the Tides 
  • The General who's Zuko's grandson. What's his name? Iroh.
  • Asami admits that, even with her jealousy issues, she still likes Korra, stating that it's Mako she has a problem with. It's nice to see a Love Triangle where one of the women doesn't hate the other.
    • Even nicer when you realise that neither of them hate the other and in fact have a healthy respect for each other. They even consider each other to be True Companions as the new Team Avatar.
  • Jinora beating up Equalists to save Lin with her siblings. "Stay away from my dad's ex girlfriend!"
    • After Lin's Heroic Sacrifice to perform a You Shall Not Pass! on the airships to give Tenzin's family a chance at escape, Meelo declares "That lady is my hero" and Tenzin agrees.
  • Lin's refusal to tell Amon where Korra is at the cost of her bending.
    • It makes it even more heartwarming that she's gone from despising Korra to even being willing to lose her bending to protect Korra and Tenzin's family.
    • Not only that, she believes so strongly that the world's last airbenders must survive that she's willing to go to what could very well have been her death, as well as figuring Amon would take her bending at the very least.
  • Tenzin's concern for his children fighting alongside Lin was understandable, but Lin tells them that they did a great job, and that Tenzin should be proud, and has taught them well.
  • Tenzin's fourth child is born. A nice quiet moment in a Wham Episode.
    • Tenzin's older kids introducing themselves to their new little brother.
    Ikki: Welcome, I'm Ikki and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a super great family and we're so happy that you're a part of it!
  • Tenzin trying to face the mechas alone so the officers can run. It fails, but thankfully backup arrived.
  • As soon as Tenzin gets home from finding Korra, he rushes to his wife and children, who are all sleeping together. Turns out they stayed up the whole night to try to catch him once he got home. The scene gets even more aww-worthy when Tenzin scoops up Ikki into his arms and hugs her, telling everyone that everything's going to be alright.
  • Mako sitting by Korra's bedside and holding her hand as she sleeps.
  • Jinora the big sister. There are several small but very heartwarming moments throughout the episode. After Tenzin reassures the family about Korra, Jinora lays Meelo's head in her lap and smiles. When the Equalist airship is approaching and Lin tells the kids to get inside, Jinora takes Ikki and Meelo by the hands and leads them away. When the family is escaping on Oogi, Jinora and Ikki are holding onto each other.
  • After Korra grumbles about needing to be patient, Tenzin says that she's learning well. The little smile she gives, and the subsequent hug in the next scene, show just how far their relationship has come from the initial episodes.
  • Mention must be made of the White Lotus guards holding off the chi-blockers long enough for Korra and her friends to escape the besieged Air Temple Island. They know what their sacrifice is going to cost, but their job is to protect the Avatar, and by gum that's what they're gonna do.
  • Lin (who tried to have Pema arrested for stealing Tenzin from her) getting along with Pema just fine and even was concerned for her well being when she was having contractions. Especially sweet considering she held resentment towards Tenzin until Chapter 7.
     Skeleton In The Closet 
  • Mako telling Korra that she is the most loyal, brave and selfless person he's ever known and he can't imagine his life without her. Korra responds with how he already knows how incredible she thinks he is.
  • Mako telling Asami no matter how messed up things have gotten between them, that he really cares about her. She then kisses him on the cheek, as an indicator that they'll remain friends no matter what.
  • Mako and Bolin hugging and saying they love each other.
  • Korra telling Naga to take care of Bolin. Then Naga licks Bolin.
  • When Team Avatar (plus Iroh) leave the hobo community, Gommu says "Good fortune and success to you, valiant heroes".
    • Not to mention the fact that the community consists of benders and non-benders living together in harmony. There is no single bigger slap in the face they could send to the Equalist's philosophy.
  • Noatak defending Tarrlok from Yakone. And then he offers to take Tarrlok away, so neither of them have to live under Yakone's shadow again.
  • Tarrlok seems to genuinely want Korra to succeed after he tells her his story. While it doesn't quite make up for everything else he's done, it's still nice of him.
  • General Iroh looking on as Aang's memorial statue is removed of Amon's mask and thanking him in spirit was a nice touch. Zuko's voice makes it even better. Friendships do transcend lifetimes after all.
    General Iroh: Thanks for looking out for me, Aang.
    • And this.
      General Iroh: My grandfather would trust the Avatar's instincts. So will I.
  • After breaking down from the loss of her water, earth, and firebending, Korra runs off to be alone. Then Aang appears. Then all the past Avatars. Then he restores Korra's bending.
    • In relation to that, it perfectly caps off Korra's trait of running out alone when she hits a dark place. Although she's had a bit of a stumbling block until then, now that she's finally made the connection; as the Avatar she is never truly alone.
    • And seeing a fully grown Aang standing shoulder to shoulder with all the past Avatars was one of the best parts of that scene.
    • Further punctuated by Katara in the following scene. She knew only one person could have restored Korra's bending, and was glad that he was back again.
  • Mako telling Korra that, Avatar or not, he loves her.
    • After getting her bending back, Korra tells Mako she loves him back and kisses him. The Big Damn Kiss indeed.
    • Korra launches herself into Mako's arms and he twirls her around with such a happy and loving expression on his face. It's a beautiful moment.
    • The proud look Mako gives to Korra after she gets out of the Avatar State.
    • Heartwarming and heartbreaking: When Korra runs off to the cliff after losing her bending, she looks as though she's contemplating suicide. Mako's "I love you" probably made her hesitate just long enough for Spirit!Aang to manifest.
  • Korra finally airbending because Amon was about to take Mako's bending away.
  • Amon reuniting with his brother Tarrlok, and honestly wanting to start a new life away from Republic City. Sadly Tarrlok killed them both in the end, since escaping justice to start a new life was just what their father did, and Tarrlok didn't want his legacy to continue.
    • The final tear that he sheds. So much humanity from both of the characters made it one of the most touching and heartwrenching scenes of the series, even though the two characters had committed so many horrible acts.
  • Lin thanking Korra for returning her bending to her. It's incredibly touching considering how hostile Lin was to Korra at the start of the series.
    • Even more perfect were the expressions on Tenzin, Katara, and Bolin's faces; pure and utter happiness and amazement for Lin.
      • Punctuated by Naga wagging her tail in happiness as soon as Lin demonstrates that that she can bend again.
    • What makes this moment beautiful: Lin got her bending back from the person she saved by losing it.
  • Right before then, the look on Korra's face as she realizes she's become a fully realized Avatar; able to blink in and out of the state, skipping even the reactive phases Aang had to go through. Joy couldn't have been displayed any better (right up there with Tenzin's kids reacting to their new sibling).
  • Bolin rescuing Asami from being killed by her father while calling him out on his being a horrible father.
  • Tenzin caps the end of the season perfectly by telling Korra how proud he is of her.

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