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Even the devil (or whatever he is) can have a soft side.

Just before Moguro makes things worse for his customers, there's always something heartwarming before it all comes to an end.

In General

  • The moments where Moguro is actually helping out his customers just as long they follow his instructions.


Episode 33: "Refusal of Service"

  • Near the end of the episode, the same taxi driver who Moguro originally helped out (on the condition that he must never refuse a customer) refuses a pregnant woman who feels sick and needs to go a hospital a few blocks away. Just as she was about to fall backwards, Moguro catches her, ask if she was okay, and stays with her to hail her a taxi. All this before punishing his client for breaking the condition for Moguro's help. Even Evil Has Standards, after all.

Episode 35: "Wife Photo"

  • Moguro allows his client to live forever with the versions of his wife and child from the past when they were kind and loving toward him.

Episode 38: "Pet-In-A-Can"

  • Koh Arao is one of the few customers that Moguro doesn't punish and for good reason. He was given a Eucalyptus tree by Moguro to take care of as a substitute for not being able to keep pets in his apartment and did a good job of it, but his jerkass neighbor destroyed it for no other reason other than for kicks. Moguro, however, doesn't blame Koh for what happens and even heals the plant when he begs for help. Instead, the tree, now apparently sentient, punishes the neighbor but seems to have no intention of harming the owner that cared and loved it.

Episode 56: "Paradise Bath"

  • Moguro forces the client to be a worker at the eponymous bathhouse. Seems like a fitting Ironic Hell, but the client surprisingly grows to enjoy it.
    Moguro: "Mr. Yuami must be living in paradise. Even I can do someone a real favor."

Episode 60: "Divorce Club"

  • Moguro helps his client end his unhappy marriage and introduces him to the titular club where he does indeed meet his soulmate. The fact that said soulmate is a Wholesome Crossdresser is also demonstrated to be no obstacle whatsoever in their relationship.

Episode 64: "Love Across the Glass"

  • Slowly transforming into a turtle would be a horrifying experience for anyone except this client, who has always loved turtles and eagerly awaits being able to share a tank with the one he loves best.

Episode 69: "The Mystery Star"

  • After having been crushed by the revelation that his identity as Hoshi Shinzaburou was only a elderly man's delusion, Katte is shattered, wondering who he truly is. Moguro eases his conflict by making him neither Katte Ryouzou nor Hoshi Shinzaburou, but the character whom Katte had idolized, and he seems quite happy in his delusion.

Episode 74: "Life in the Woods"

  • With no ulterior motives whatsoever, Moguro drags a salaryman into the forest and helps him break free of his stifling routine and get back to nature. And even though he's disappointed when the salaryman decides he wants to go back home, he takes heart in the fact that at least the guy's taking time to enjoy life.

Episode 77: "Homeless Proposal"

  • A stressed-out family finds true joy at last by dropping out of society, moving to an island, and living off the land.

Episode 98: "Class Reunion"

  • The cute highschool girl Moguro brought in to liven up Douki's gatherings turns out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, seducing his friend Nakada and destroying Nakada's marriage, causing Nakada and Douki to have a falling out, and conning Douki and his remaining friends out of their money, costing them their jobs and homes. After Douki rants at Moguro that his friendships are now broken beyond repair, Moguro decides to cut him some slack and reassures him that this won't be the case. One DON later, and sure enough the now-destitute Douki and his friends are as close as ever, even reconciling with Nakada.

Episode 106: "The Fixer"

  • Taeko, the client's wife, truly loves him and has remained by his side through his numerous affairs, to the point where even the client is amazed at her gentle support of him. But what's really heartwarming here is that fact that Fukuzou "Humanity is an irredeemable pack of fools, so let's screw with 'em" Moguro tells the client, point blank, to stop breaking his wife's heart because she's a fine woman who deserves better.


Episode 1: "Daydream" / "Make A Budget And Stick To It"
  • After all the negativity she gets from her co-workers, it's nice to see Mitsuko happy when she goes out shopping.

Episode 2: "Hot Spring Eccentricity / Fantasy Company"

  • Iyata’s first day working at the Maboroshi company. His co-workers are nice and friendly, they help each other, and they give each other support.

Episode 3: "Bento Wars" / "Ah, My Beloved 583-Type"

  • Moguro giving Tetsuya one last opportunity to ride on his favorite train. The montage of Tetsuya and Moguro riding through the country is so uplifting with the music and them drinking and eating while they talk on the train.

Episode 4: "The Woman On The Platform" / "Runner’s Paradise"

  • Kakeru is always having trouble on his run with obstacles getting in his way. After Moguro gave him a card to help him enjoy his run, he managed to meet a cute woman who shares the same interest as him. When Kakeru notices that the woman can't enjoy her run due to the obstacles, he makes her a copy of his card for her and they both are able to enjoy their run and Kakeru is very happy to meet someone. Too bad he ignored Moguro's warning about keeping his card a secret.

Episode 5: "Sunday Club" / "The Woman Who Throws Away"

  • Tomie being proud of her perfect family with her husband being successful at work and her son being a perfect student at school.
  • How Tomie met her husband. She gave her husband a limited edition golden train model during Christmas and he treasures both the train and her.

Episode 6: "I’ll Lease This Monster" / "Tonight’s Another Awesome Night"

  • Despite Taizou's giant appearance, he has a loving wife and a small cute baby. His wife is very supportive of his dream and doesn't care if he's not popular. Taizou even promises if he fails, he'll give up on his dream of being an actor and find a normal job to support his family.

Episode 7: "The Man Who Transformed" / "The Rule of Mommy Friends"

  • Moguro performing magic tricks with a ball for a bunch of kids in the park after one of the kid's ball rolls over to Moguro. He even creates more balls so all the kids can have one of their own if they want.

Episode 11: "Destructive Tendencies" / "I'm an Idol"

  • In an extremely rare moment where Moguro doesn't punish his customer in a cruel matter, Moguro saves Ari and her daughter's life from an incoming truck after Ari realizes the error she made for forcing her daughter to fulfill her own dream. For her "punishment", Moguro influences Ari to audition to be an idol while her daughter cheers her on. It's probably a "punishment" because the judges might not want to select her because of her motherly age, but she probably doesn't care at this point; her daughter's in the audience cheering her on and that's all that matters.

Episode 12: "The King of the Chat Room" / "Japan Overseas Trip"

  • Despite having teasing her in the past for being a bit of a miser with no boyfriend, Shimai Chikako's co-workers are genuinely happy that she found a volunteer program that let's her travel overseas like she always dreamed of. On her final day of her current job, her boss and her co-workers gather around to wish her good luck and to return safely to them.

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