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Heartwarming / The Kirita Chronicles

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Despite how dark the story can be, there are more than a few heartwarming moments as well.

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    Story Arc One: What Happened Before 

Chapter One

  • Kayaba Akihiko helping Kirigaya Midori adopt Kazuta.

Chapter Two

  • Akio following Kazuta's advice and improving his life.

Chapter Three

  • Kazuta wishing Suguha luck in her kendo practice. Even though their relationship was not exactly a great one at this point, Kazuta still cared enough about her younger step-sister to wish her luck before entering Sword Art Online.


    Story Arc Two: Welcome to the Death Game 

Chapter Four

  • Similar to canon, Kirita tries to convince Klein to travel with her.

Chapter Five

  • Gorobei making it clear that he wants to make sure both him and his sworn brother Kikuchiyo survive the Death Game.
  • Delano saving Johnny Black's life and building a grave for the other players that died.
  • Even though Coper attempted to kill her, Kirita attempted to warn him about the danger. Unfortunately, she is still unsuccessful.
  • Kirita building Coper a grave.

Chapter Six

  • Kirita apologizes to Argo for threatening him and Argo admitting he was partly at fault too.

Chapter Seven

  • Kirita apologizes to Argo again about threatening him, and he tells her not to worry about it.
  • Juho and Michiko's relationship is a mixture of this and a tearjerker.

Chapter Eight

  • Kirito/Kirita's interactions with Akio during this chapter have quite a bit of this, especially towards the end which showcases their character development. The previous chapters have been building towards these moments between these two characters and it shows.
    • Kirita/Kirita apologizing to Akio after punching him.
    • Akio standing up for her after Kira accuses her of being a selfish Beta Tester.
    • Kirito/Kirita willingly revealing her true gender to Akio despite their initially bad start.
    • Kirito/Kirita inviting Akio to dinner when she previously would avoid eating with other players.

Chapter Nine

  • Argo telling Kirita not to die because he does not want to lose a source of revenue. You can tell that he really cares about whether she lives or dies.
  • After the defeat of the first boss battle and the death of Diabel Agil's group and Akio defend Kirita from Kira's group and some of the other supporters they gathered.
  • Similar to the previous chapter, the Akio and Kirita moments are filled with this.
    • Kirita telling Akio that she does not want him to come with her because she thinks it will cause problems for him.
    • After Kirita is made a 'Beater,' he tells her that he wants to travel with her despite any problems they may face together.
    • Kirita accepting Akio's friend request.

    Story Arc Three: Rise of the Guilds 

Chapter Ten

  • Heathcliff giving Godfree a verbal smack down when the later tries to spread untrue rumors about Kirita is this and a Moment of Awesome.
  • Shortly afterwards Heathcliff listening to Juho's worries counts as well.

Chapter 12

  • Kirita telling Akio how he's a good adjustment that she made when she changed her traveling plans.

Chapter 16

  • Delano easing Ryota's nerves of not being the 'hero' on the field by talking to him casually.
  • Akio choosing the sewing skill just to be more helpful to Kirita
  • Kirita receiving a pair of fingerless gloves that Akio made for her with his sewing skill.
    • She gets giddy and excited like an adorable/normal teenage girl.
    • She even wonders what else he could make.
    • Akio smiles seeing a cute side of Kirita he's never seen before. All it took was a pair of gloves.


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