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Heartwarming / The Killers

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  • The Christmas single, "Boots." Also very poignant, as it's about being with one's family - and this is Brandon Flowers' first Christmas since his mother died.
  • Sam's Town has "Enterlude" and "Exitlude". Both songs bookend quite nicely while providing the American West small town feel in tone with the album: "Enterlude" introduces you to the fictional small town and no matter if you’re just passing through or if you're staying there for a while, they hope you enjoy it. "Exitlude" sees you off as you "leave" Sam's Town, but not before the townsfolk send you off on a good note, recognizing that there's some good people outside of their small worldview.
    It’s good to have you with us
    even if it’s just for the day
    Outside the sun is shining
    seems like heaven ain’t far away...
    • There's also the more literal view that the band is addressing you, hoping that you enjoy/enjoyed their album.


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