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Heartwarming / The Invisible Man

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The novel

The TV series

  • Claire and Hobbes' talk at the end of "Cat and Mouse" after Hobbes fakes his own death and attends his own funeral, seeing Claire cry and lament that she hadn't known him better.
    • Turns into a Funny Moment when Claire realizes she's the only person who didn't know Hobbes was still alive.
      • Goes back to heartwarming when Hobbes tells Claire that he really appreciates what she said.
  • When Gloria gets reunited with her family after ten years. *sniff*
  • Hobbes putting a flag by Kevin's grave, which he had earlier said was always done for heroes.
  • Hobbes is injected with a serum that turns people into geniuses but also turns them crazy and suicidal. He knows how to make the cure but he doesn't want to. So Darrien injects himself with the same serum, which is lethal because of the invisibility gland, convincing Hobbes to tell Claire how to make the antidote. Not even a Psycho Serum can overcome the Darrien/Hobbes bromance.
  • Darien assures his friends that he won't end up crazy like Simon, the original invisible man, because he has something that Simon didn't.
    Hobbes: What's he mean?
    Claire: He means us.
  • At the end of "Reunion," Darien has to again bury his brother. Hobbes shows up, as Darien is filling in the hole. Without saying a word, Hobbes picks up a shovel and helps.
  • "Going Postal" sees Hobbes snap and shoot up a postal office. Everyone else thinks he's finally gone off the deep end; even Hobbes begins to question his sanity. Darien, however, stands by him and is absolutely certain something else is responsible. Hobbes is most appreciative and promises to never forget that.
  • In "Bad Chi," Darien is blackmailed into committing crimes again. The team, though, suspects he's just gone back to being a thief, but Hobbes sticks up for him. For all her general snark and distrust of "a guy with a rap sheet," Alex admits she does trust Hobbes since he's that devoted to a friend.
  • Being the piece of crap that Arnaud is, no one actually expected him to stick to his word about giving Claire the cure for the quicksilver madness, considering he was just biding his time until he could escape, but he does just that, having grown fond of Darien.
  • In the Grand Finale, Darien's quicksilver madness is cured permanently. He escapes from the Agency and the first thing he does is rob a bank. Then... he leaves the money on the sidewalk, realizing that he's not the same man he was before the gland. He also returns to the Agency and offers to work for them, but on his terms this time.