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Heartwarming / The Invention of Lying

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  • Whilst the heartwarming is minimal in this film, the scene where Mark, upon reaching his mother's deathbed, ends up inventing religion, changing the world and its outlook on death simply so she can spend the last few moments of her life happy definitely qualifies for this.
  • His refusal to abuse his talents, such as getting people to sleep with him or lying about his genetics to his love interests, even if it costs him the relationship, are also quite nice.
    • Just the sheer fact that Anna remembered that Mark did not lie in order to get her to marry him. Keep in mind that she is completely baffled by the concept of lying, even when he explains it to her, but she understood that he could've easily manipulated her with it and chose not to.
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  • Greg is just as plainly honest as the next person, but it becomes heartwarming when he tells Mark that he hasn't lost Anna yet.
  • In a meta sense, The scene where Mark invents religion to give his mother happiness on her deathbed is a mature scene from Ricky Gervais. Gervais is an outspoken atheist and never shies away from voicing his opinion on it. Here, however, Gervais is taking a mature route by saying the idea of an afterlife can be comforting for the people who need it most.

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