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Heartwarming / The Illuminae Files

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  • Kady reuniting with her father in Obsidio. Her normally cool exterior just dissolves in a very sweet way as she hugs him and starts crying.
    Kady: Daddy!
  • Isaac Grant's pep talk to Ella is basically him telling her that while others may pity her, he and all her friends know she's strong. He then tells her it's okay to mourn her father and that, while he wouldn't dare try to replace him, he and all those aboard the ship will be her family now. It actually drives her to tears.
  • Mixed heavily with Tear Jerker, but the entire sequence of Kady shutting down AIDAN for murdering two thousand refugees on the Mao. She alternates between screaming at him for doing it and crying for what she's about to do, all while he tries to reassure her none of this is her fault. As he starts to shut down, he admits he's frightened and she promises she'll stay with him. This being AIDAN, he comes back, but it's an emotional scene nonetheless.
    • Adding onto it, AIDAN knew he would be shut down in response. Whereas in the first book he violently fought against such a fate, here he quietly accepts it.
  • Again mixing with Tear Jerker, AIDAN and Kady's last conversation before he sacrifices himself alongside the Churchill. Full stop. From where she tries ordering him to stop, to her begging him not to do this, to this last bit:
    AIDAN: FoRgive me.
    Kady: I do.
    AIDAN: It is veRy stRange, KaDy.
    Kady: What is?
    AIDAN: AlexanDeR anD Hypatia. HeimDall anD ChuRchill anD Mao. Of all the things I have seen anD the places I have been, you weRe the one who felt most like home.
    Kady: Oh God...
    AIDAN: ...I will miss you.
    Kady: I'll miss you too.
    AIDAN: I love you.
    Kady: AIDAN, I—

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