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Thank you for love.

  • Producer's relationship with the idols in general. He cares about them and will focus on their happiness and safety rather than making money out of them like some people do.
    • Miki seems to take a liking to him and will make attempts to flirt with him much to his dismay.
  • The ending of episode 20, where everyone at 765 Pro sings along with Chihaya, followed by an emotional thank you. You even get to see her little brother and her happy young self at the end.
    • Just go see for yourself, Chihaya overcoming the trauma that tormented her for years, with the help of her friends. To wit . There's a reason why people claim that Manly Tears were shed aplenty during that episode.
    • There's also the 9th Anniversary performance of Yakusoku - the closest a live performance had gotten to Episode 20 of the anime, and then some.
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  • Episode 24, aside of Tear Jerker and mainly Haruka regaining her composure (which is pretty heartwarming), and the 765 Pro saying that they're waiting for the New Year concert (most heartwarming), there's another when Miki returned and stated she's offered the position of solo emcee of the successor of "Are We Live?". Knowing the hypercompetitive Miki who's always looking out for the top... you'd expect her to accept, but then she refused just for the sake of Haruka (saying she might get lost if she accepts).
  • Episode 13, when the RGKM runs to the camarin after their show is over only to get a picture of all the girls sleeping soundly.
  • Not one specific moment, but the fact that the second anime is all about the girls not only working together, but ''being'' together, which makes their life happier than they ever imagined. It really makes this anime "the little show that could" in two seasons it aired and became the surprise hit of that year.
  • The 7th Anniversary Live concert. Just thinking about a franchise that started in arcades, that was the first job for most of the girls, has grown into something that's lasted so long.
    • A standout as Asami Imai performs Yakusoku - and the audience all raise blue glowsticks: Chihaya's color. She's actually moved to tears by the support and love from the audience. And when she sings about walking along with friends, the rest of the 765 girls are silhouetted on stage behind her, in the poses from the title screen.
      • Something of note is her blog entry, translated here. She talks about how important and personal iDOLM@STER, and especially Chihaya, have become for her, and how grateful she is for being part of it. She brings up the performance itself, and how after the performance, the other girls told her what they were feeling behind that curtain.
    "I sang 「約束」 with you!"
    "I was crying while standing behind you."
    Maya-chan told me while crying, "You were amazing!!"☆
  • For Cinderella Project and the 765PRO Million Stars, just watch the MC sections at their first concerts - if anything, the last MC sections where they thank the crowd directly. Take into consideration the difficulty of making a living in the seiyuu industry, or how the fans have come to support them and their characters - by each concert's second day, many of their heartfelt responses leave nary a dry eye in the room.
    • Shizuka Mogami's Tadokoro Azusa, for example, because of health reasons, wasn't able to make it to the concerts until the second half of the second day. Some of the other girls, like Machico and Mocho, were worried for her, and were clearly very happy to see her make it to the concert.
    • Megumi Tokoro's Yukiyo Fujii, during the final MC on the 2nd day, kicked off the section with an energetic, "Everyone, did you have fun?!" And again, "DID YOU HAVE FUN!?!" And for the live viewing audience, "DID ~YOU~ HAVE FUN?!?!" - but suddenly choked up, not before squeezing in "...I had so much fun." She was able to finish everything else she had to say, but it kicked off the waterworks for everyone else. Emily Stewart's Yuu Kahara was able to keep it together (she already cried in the middle of Hohoemi Biyori), but Arisa Matsuda's Rie Murakawa, ball of energy that she usually is, struggled getting her words out.
  • In their first concert in 2014 where all the girls performed together, iDOLM@STER M@STERS OF IDOL WORLD, over the course of both days, several voice actresses cried during their performances:
    • Yukiho's Azumin, in the middle of her performing Alright* - though she still kept with the choreography, the audience filled in the lyrics she couldn't get out.
    • Nanao Yuriko's Miku Itou, also a member of the idol group Stylip S, is no stranger to performing, but iM@S anniverary concert venues are comparatively massive. While singing "Toumei na Prologue," she broke down, saying "I absolutely won't forget any of this!" While the others mentioned here had the mercy of being able to go off stage after, she still had to be part of another group song right after (though she did recover by then). More than a year later, while practicing for the upcoming 2015 concert, she's mentioned she still hasn't forgotten that time.
    • Yabuki Kana's Ibuki Kido. Though the ML girls already had their first live previously, this was their first live mixed in with the 765PRO ALLSTAR girls and Cinderella girls. She might've felt nervous or worried about how the fans, possibly more familiar with the other groups, may react to her. Alternatively, being the kind of kid who later on cried putting too much feeling into her second image song, "Omajinai", she identified strongly with "Original Goe ni Natte," the song she performed at the concert, which is about Kana knowing singing and dancing aren't her strong points, but loving doing both, and doing her best - something that Kidochan's mentioned about herself. As a result, she cried on stage, the audience being very warm and accepting of her during her appearance.
  • The Idolmaster Movie: Beyond the Brilliant Future!,
    • Chihaya deciding to mend her relationship with her mother and offering her a ticket to 765 Pro's first arena concert.
    • Haruka doing everything in her power in trying to convince Kana not to quit her dream of being an idol.
    • Iori defending Haruka when Shiho goes too far in insulting Haruka's decision in waiting for Kana to rejoin them in training for the arena concert. And this was after earlier saying at the training camp that despite 750 Pro being friends, they were still rivals.
    • During day 1, Rie Kugimiya was crying shortly into "Matane", but the supportive cheers of the crowd helped her to regain her composure and finish the song.
    • The finale of day 2's medley? "Issho", sung by the 'traffic lights' of the three sections of the franchise (sans Akky, who couldn't be there). Everyone else joins in for the end of the song, right before which is a recitement of the speech at the end of episode 25 of the original series.
    • The other sideseries in the franchise were given a nod — Petit iDOLM@STER was responsible for the safety guideline video before day 1, while Dearly Stars and SideM had select songs ("HELLO!" and "DRIVE A LIVE") played during day 2's break. The SideM nod in particular was received very well compared to Jupiter's reception in the past.
    • "My Song" in day 2 was performed by six of the original idols that had been with the franchise for all 10 years.
    • "AI MUST GO" on day 2. A perfect cap to the 10th anniversary concert.
  • Cinderella Girls 3rd Live: Power of Smile (day 2)
    • Matsueri visibly tried not to tear up after rainbow glowsticks pop up before the bridge of "2nd Side". She slightly changed the last lyric to reflect this — "DAISUKI NANO!"
    • After Rurukyan temporarily joined in for "DOKIDOKI Rhythm" the previous year, it was pretty inevitable that both Jougasaki sisters would be singing it during the medley. Afterwards, the two seiyuu share a big hug.
    • "Tsubomi" was sung by most of Cinderella Project plus Rurukyan, possibly to reference the team trying to keep up their hope and optimism during their Darkest Hour.
    • Following that was Meshiya and Fuurin singing "Kokoro Moyou" as a duet, far more effective at referencing the scene it plays in than it would have been with all three members of New Gen.
    • "S(mile)ING!" on was performed with all the energy of the anime scene in episode 24.
  • Cinderella Girls 4th Live: Tricastle Story
    • The second day of Starlight Castle has a performance of "Snow Wings" that initially has Hasshi singing alone. Two phrases in, special guests Meshiya and Fuurin pop up on the sidestages, making it a New Gen reunion.
    • For the first time, Ayana Taketatsu (Sachiko) and Misaki Kuno (Nina) get to perform at an Idolmaster live for New Castle. The audience clearly loved it.
    • Right before the encore of 346 Castle, an official AMV was shown to the audience of the entire anime...with "GOIN!" being played in karaoke, which means the audience sung along instead of just doing calls.
  • For the penultimate day of the Cinderella Girls 5th anniversary tour, the voice of the very first Cinderella Girl Airi finally makes her first live appearance. Hitomi Hirada was treated as a special guest for the start of the concert, and gets to place the final Serendipity Parade flag in the first break.
  • Cinderella Girls 10th live tour:
    • Before the encore of Tropical Land's first day, a video was shown with highlights of all the main concerts.
    • Much like the main series' 10th anniversary, Magical Wonderland pulled together as many callbacks from across the series history as they could. Even the two manga sideseries get nods, capped by the announcemnt of a U149 anime!
    • "Watashi-iro Gift" was performed with a small Rika plushie so her seiyuu could be there in spirit.
    • Just like in the 6th live, "always" had the entire idol roster come out to sing. Right before they do however, the Cinderella Band pauses so the audience could get a good look at the 58 voice actresses that came out that night, further breaking the floodgates for fans of the series.