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Heartwarming / The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

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     Part 1 
  • Haymitch hugging Katniss as she fears Peeta and Gale were killed. They weren't, but it's still nice to see Haymitch doing that.
  • Katniss outright saying that she loves Peeta. Especially heartwarming for all Katniss/Peeta shippers who felt the first two films underplayed their relationship too much.
  • Katniss's dream about Peeta. Followed by Katniss seeking solace by sleeping next to Prim.
  • The moment between Katniss and Pollux when he whistles to the mockingjays and then encourages her to sing. His excitement is palpable.
  • Peeta's reaction when he realizes Katniss is still alive.
  • Coin, though we later find out it may have all been an act, reveals to Katniss that she is very thankful for the risk Peeta took to deliver a warning to District 13 of the Capitals sneak attack and promises that she won't forget it. Considering that Katniss had to fight tooth and nail for anyone to give the guy leeway after being seen as a traitor, the fact that their leader is coming around most likely means that District 13 might be turning around as well.
  • Johanna's reappearance. Beaten up as she is, she still manages a wry smile.
  • Finnick and Annie's heartfelt reunion.
  • "In Loving Memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman".

     Part 2 
  • Finnick's and Annie's wedding. All of the District 13 occupants take their time to celebrate what could possibly their only reminder of hope during particularly dark times, they even hold an impromptu dance at the end of it. The scene is really a Mood Whiplash to...well, pretty much the rest of the series, frankly.
    • Katniss and Prim dancing, followed by their long hug, especially since this is their last proper moment together.
  • Any and all scenes in which Katniss fights for Peeta to come through the hijacking.
  • On a similar note, Katniss telling Peeta "I'm not losing you again."
  • When Peeta breaks down and wonders how he's ever going to know what's real or not anymore, Finnick speaks up and says they'll tell him—he's part of their squad now. Everyone else just gives this firm nod. It really has a good True Companions feel.
    • It never really comes to the forefront, but Peeta and Finnick's friendship is subtly shown in ways that are this. In many background scenes, you can see Finnick constantly hovering by Peeta, making sure he's okay, keeping him stabilized, and giving him advice to deal with his hijacking. It's Fridge Brilliance—and even more heartwarming—at it's finest when you realize he's so good at helping a mentally-unstable person: he's probably had to do this every single day for his wife, Annie.
  • There's something heartwarming about the conversation between Gale and Peeta when they're hiding in Tigris' basement. They may be rivals but they don't necessarily seem to dislike one another. Neither one is trying to show the other up or argue over who "deserves" Katniss more. They both just want her to be happy, even if it is with the other guy.
  • The fact that the Star Squad members don't buy Katniss' lie, yet they decide to play along with her to infiltrate the Capitol, simply because Boggs trusts her with the Holo (which means that she's the leader of the team), despite causing four of them, Finnick among them, to die.
  • Prim puts her life on the line to save the wounded Capitol children from the bombs, heedless of the danger that more might be coming. And as tragic as it was, she at least got to see her sister one more time in her last moments of life.
  • In an (admittedly weird) way, President Snow's and Katniss's final interaction (before his execution) can be seen as this. When they finally meet face-to-face, Snow tells Katniss that he is truly sorry for the loss of her sister and the deaths that occurred because of Coin's bombing. Keep in mind, the one virtue that Snow consistently demonstrates towards Katniss is that he will not tell a lie to her, so despite all of his evil you get the feeling that he was being genuinely sincere in his apology, especially given that he's, as he states, already surrendered so he also would see no benefit for him to lie to her at this point.
  • Those who vote no to the proposed final Hunger Games: Peeta, Beetee, and Annie. Peeta, because he considers the plan crazy (which it is); Beetee, because he wants everyone to stop killing each other; and Annie, because she knows that even the late Finnick would never want to take Revenge by Proxy.
    • Peeta and Annie's choices are especially significant, considering their horrible predicament in the last book/film. They have every reason to say yes (as Johanna and Enobaria do), but they don't, because they know that saying yes is exactly what fuels the Cycle of Revenge. Peeta's choice, in particular, is touching, as he's the first person to vote and immediately voices his objection the moment Coin calls for the votes.
    • Annie looking relatively sane and stable in the Victor meeting after the events of her Game, her torture in the Capitol, and her husband's death.
  • Katniss arrives as the staging area for the attack on the Capitol and is immediately recognized and surrounded by people giving her the three-fingered salute.
  • The last scene between Haymitch and Effie, also the last time that Effie is seen onscreen. They really have come a long way from their clear dislike of each other in the first installment.
  • Buttercup's refusal to leave Katniss even after Prim's death. The cat has been hating everyone but Prim since the start of the series, and Katniss does a rough petting routine that would earn her the veterinarians' blacklist, yet he remains firm not only to live in the Everdeens' house, possibly because he doesn't want to forget his memories in District 12, but also warm up to his most-heated master.
    • Take note that Buttercup's previous appearance before the denouement is in Part 1, where he is taken by Katniss to live in District 13. That means that to appear in the denouement, he has to walk all the way from District 13 to 12, which in the book is said to be separated by a week's travel on foot, without getting lost, just so he can return back home.
  • Seeing Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch together at the end. They seem so much like a family.
  • Annie's letter to Katniss and Peeta after the war, detailing her new life with her child and the fact that everyone is healing from the war, including Katniss' mother, who now teaches new medics to cope with Prim's death. "I hope you both find some peace", indeed.
  • Katniss takes a hunting trip in District 12 for the first time after the war and finds out that the mass graveyard has turned into an idyllic Arcadia. It serves as a reminder that, if nature could heal itself, so could humans. Which is exactly true, because the scene is immediately followed by Peeta's return to District 12.
  • Katniss and Peeta, finally finding normalcy after the hell of a life they had led. The brief, happy ending scene where the two of them are playing with their children in a beautiful meadow feels completely earned.
  • "You love me. Real or not real?" "Real."
  • Haymitch telling Effie "not to be a stranger." And then kissing her on the lips.
  • The epilogue. All of it really, but two things especially:
    • The contrast to a conversation Katniss has with Gale in the first film, during which she says she's never having kids, because of the world they live in. Come the epilogue she now feels good enough about the world to have at least two children. The contrast between her life and her faith in the future in the scene from the first film versus the epilogue makes you feel truly happy for her.
    • For anyone who's read the books your heart just melts seeing Katniss's son with Peeta blowing dandelion seeds in his father's face.
    • Not to mention, the background music for the scene. It's the last half of "Rue's Farewell", which throughout the series is played when the main characters are hopeful for a better outcome. This time, though, the outcome is happening.
    • Also on a meta-level, the fact that the children are played by Jennifer Lawrence's nephews... and the older boy looks just like the toddler described in the book.


  • In the aftermath of the tragic loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, which has utterly shaken the fandom, fans have organized specific times for three-finger salutes in memory of their beloved Plutarch Heavensbee.