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Heartwarming / The Haves and the Have Nots

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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Hanna and Katheryn singing a spiritual together before the latter goes into surgery.

  • David telling Jeffrey after he comes out that he loves him and accepts that he's gay, as well as any moment David stands up for his son against Veronica.

  • Hanna and Katheryn's reconciliation near the end of the second season, a moment marred somewhat by Jim, bastard he is, ordering Hanna off his property.
    • Katheryn then calls out Jim for his behavior toward Hanna and orders him to rein in Celine, whom she knows treated Hanna badly in the past.

  • "A Tragic Day":
    • David comforting Jim after Jim finally returns home, having just recently learned that Amanda is dead.
    • Hanna comforting Katheryn, hugging her as she admits that she did feel Amanda's body and confirms that Amanda is dead.

  • "A Talk with Jim":
    • Benny and Katheryn's first meeting (in an earlier episode, Katheryn told Hanna she wanted to meet Benny). Benny politely greets Katheryn, who comments that he's gentle, "like your mama." Awww...
    • Katheryn acknowledging that Hanna is her only true friend after realizing Veronica isn't a real friend to her, as well as Hanna consoling Katheryn and agreeing to help her with the funeral arrangements.

  • "Oscar":
    • Hanna comforting Jim after he breaks down weeping in Amanda's bedroom, telling him why she hired a cleaning crew to clear out said room, saying she still cares despite their antagonism, and assuring Jim that God will forgive him for his behavior.

  • "Unglued":
    • David and Jeffrey finally reuniting after the former had been worriedly searching for the latter.
    • Jeffrey telling Candace he lied to Quincy about where she was, and the two of them hugging.

  • "Two Funerals":
    • Oscar attempting to comfort Candace after Hanna tells her off for bringing Quincy into their lives, even though Candace is being all Don't You Dare Pity Me!.
    • Jim and Katheryn going to check on David and Veronica after their house burns down (thanks to Veronica's attempt to murder her husband). Jim assures David he's going to help him once he's done burying Amanda in what's basically a reverse of how David comforted Jim in "A Tragic Day" after Amanda's suicide. It's clear that, while Jim's a Jerkass, he does care about his friend.
    • Jim thanking Hanna for making the funeral arrangements. It's a rare Pet the Dog moment from one of the show's biggest bastards.

  • "Candace Young Esquire":
    • David comforting Jim when he again laments his behavior and actions.

  • "Benny Does Battle":
    • David and Jeffrey's conversation, in which David gives Jeffrey new credit cards and makes it clear (again) that he loves his son no matter what, and also David refusing to give up on Veronica even after Jeffrey insists that she's evil and beyond saving, AND after being told that Veronica is blackmailing Melissa's family and arranged for Jeffrey to get Melissa pregnant. The exchange ends with father and son hugging.
    • Benny finding his nephew Q and introducing himself as "your Uncle Benny" despite Q saying he doesn't know who he is. Even so, Q allows himself to be taken by his uncle.
    • The episode ends with Benny bringing Q to Hanna. The look on Hanna's face at seeing her grandson again...

  • "Quincy Jr.":
    • Benny bonding with Q, and also comforting his mother who's crying and praying in her bedroom. Their latest conflict over Veronica seems to have been forgotten for this episode, at least.
    • Candace talking to her son over Benny's cell phone and deciding to return home so she can see him.
    • When Candace tells him what's going on and that she needs to return home, Oscar immediately, without any argument or opposition, makes arrangements for Candace to return to Georgia, giving us more proof that he is indeed a Spoiled Sweet Nice Guy who genuinely cares for Candace.

  • "A Home for Q":
    • The prison guard gets one in the aftermath of Wyatt's rape. He responds to Wyatt's cries for help when the Scary Black rapist tries to rape him a second time, enters the cell himself and interrogates the rapist as to how he got into the cell, orders the rapist to be taken away, asks Wyatt if he's okay, and orders for Wyatt to be taken to the infirmary.
    • Candace reuniting with Q, and it's shown she genuinely loves her son. Then it becomes a Tear Jerker when Candace finds out Hanna wants custody of Q, and tensions erupt between mother and daughter once again.

  • "Candace's Closing":
    • Hanna asks Katheryn for assistance in her attempt to gain custody of Q, and Katheryn agrees to talk to the judge overseeing the case. Even though Katheryn outright states she's doing it to get back at Candace for all the trouble she's caused, it's clear once again she does care for her friend. Also, Hanna tells Katheryn that she loves Candace despite of all the evil she's done. The two then shake hands.

  • "Dianna Winchil":
    • Benny's attempt to mend fences with Hanna by showing her his tow yard and his new house is half-heartwarming and half-Tear Jerker (see the show's Tear Jerker page for details).

  • "Vetted":
    • After Hanna receives news that her house is on fire, she tells Katheryn she needs to leave, and Katheryn straight away offers to drive her to her house, leaving behind Veronica, who makes cruel remarks, much to Katheryn's dismay.

  • "Sheep's Clothing":
    • Katheryn comforting Hanna after her house burns down and telling her she's welcome to stay at the Cryer Mansion anytime.

  • "When the Chickens Come Home":
    • In an episode filled with plenty of drama, Hanna's interactions with Q after she retrieves him from the hospital (she gets awarded guardianship of her grandchild) stand out. She may have lost her house and her relationship with her son may have broken down, but she doesn't let any of that stop her from wanting to take care of her grandson.
    • Q telling Hanna that he missed her.

  • "A Front Row Seat":
    • Hanna impassionedly urging Wyatt to repent and turn to God even after he disrespects her.


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