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Heartwarming / The Great Muppet Caper

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  • Nick Holiday's crush on Miss Piggy throughout the film was kinda sweet, in an over-the-top weird kinda way.
    • As well as at the end, when he assures her that it was for real and begs her not to hate him and she assures him that she doesn't, even if she doesn't return his romantic feelings.
    • He even felt guilty for having to frame her.
  • The reason behind Christine Nelson's one-liner part in the movie. Christine, the daughter of Muppet performer Jerry Nelson, was suffering from cystic fibrosis at the time and her dream of becoming an actress was to be cut short. So Henson gave her a speaking part with her father so she could qualify for the Actor's Guild. She died the following year... and Jim attended her funeral.
    • Not only that, but before then Jim, upon learning that Henson Associates would no longer pay for all of Christine's medical expenses, got them to change insurance companies to ensure that she'd always have proper medical insurance. After Jerry thanked him, Jim then said "That's what insurance companies are for."
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  • A tongue in cheek case, but when Kermit and Miss Piggy break character and get into an argument over Piggy's overacting. This escalates into a very loud row until Piggy turns away genuinely hurt. Kermit instantly softens and apologises and gently asks if they can get back to the movie.

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