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  • The whole narrative of the Premier's opening. Clarkson, having left The BBC on one of the gloomiest English days imaginable, flies alone to sunny Los Angeles. Waiting for him there is a Ford Mustang, but one can sense Clarkson's continued melancholy as he cruises the highway. However, all that changes once he's joined by Hammond and May, both also driving Mustangs, and a smile returns to Clarkson's face as he's once again driving beside his good friends.
    • Continuing from that scene is the build-up to a massive cavalcade of Cool Cars in the California desert that's more than a little bit reminiscent of Mad Max: Fury Road, and ending on a thunderous cheer from the audience that has gathered in the middle of the desert to welcome Clarkson, Hammond and May (back). All while The Hothouse Flowers' live performance of "I Can See Clearly Now" swells triumphantly.
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  • Another one that came before the show started: When Jeremy wasn't brought back on for the next season of Top Gear, Hammond and May quit the show with him and they all made The Grand Tour together.
  • The little hedgehog found in Richard's car in Episode 4, as well as Richard embracing the little "community" he created in his naturalistic vehicle.
  • Hammond's crash in June 2017 saw old fears reawoken and Clarkson and May were not shy about admitting their worries for their friend. Once it was established Hammond was not in life danger, they were around to give Hammond a little alcoholic contraband and inject some humor.

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