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  • One Red Chair story was from a woman who recalled that, ten years prior, she had been waiting with her family in an airport to go to Dublin. They recognized one of that night's guests, Anne Hathaway, and upon approaching her, she happily chatted with them about their vacation and took pictures. Also becomes funny when the girl's mom starting sobbing uncontrollably until they boarded the plane about how nice Anne was to them. Anne was touched and Graham let the girl walk.
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  • In episode 16 of Season 20, Ed Sheeran, realizing the man on the Red Chair was actually his childhood best friend, was adamant on bringing him to the couch and catching up with him. It becomes more heartwarming since Sheeran had just played his wistfully-nostalgic single "Castle on the Hill"—which was about his childhood friends.
  • Graham was the recipient of the 2017 NTA Special Recognition Award. The usually snarky Graham was, for once, taken aback, and a bunch of previous guests (Will Smith, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, and, sans red lips and wooly jumper, Hugh Bonneville) were on hand to pay tribute to him.
  • Ryan Gosling relates how his mother went to an awards show with a giant beehive hairdo, having been convinced all the big stars would have them. After seeing how embarrassed she was, Gosling got Meryl Streep to tell her "I wish I had hair like yours." It then crosses into funny as Graham points out he's just ruined that experience for her.
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  • A 66 year old Meryl Streep relates a story from when she was 40, to which Mark Ruffalo very smoothly acts like it was just five years ago. Streep promptly kisses him on the lips, to which he's adorably befuddled.
  • When Gary Barlow talked about his battle with depression, a very moved Jamie Lee Curtis leaned over and hugged him.
  • A Red Chair guest was the husband of a woman in the audience. She was pregnant and they had initially wanted to be surprised at the sex of the baby - but the husband had chosen the Red Chair as a special occasion to reveal it. A girl.
  • John Krasinski tearing up talking about what a great experience it was to work with real life wife Emily Blunt on A Quiet Place and how in awe of her he is.
  • Sir Ian McKellen got audibly emotional as he recounted how Hugh Jackman surprised him for his eightieth birthday by leading the entire 30,000 strong audience at a show of his in singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

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