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  • "Pipes":
    • The relief and gratitude on Olivia's face when Shaun figures out a way to re-route her nerves so she doesn't lose all feeling in her genitals. After, she asks Claire to call her parents, which she was reluctant to do because she's a porn star from a religious family.
    • You can see Andrews, who stridently opposed Shaun's hiring, developing a respect for him, and he extends an offer to him and Claire to come by his office any time, even to talk through something personal.
  • "22 Steps":
    • Melendez sticks up for Shaun and refuses to do a surgery unless he is included.
    • Shaun and Glassman watching a football game together.
  • In "Apple", Melendez once again defends Shaun, and at the end, Lea gives Shaun an apple to replace the one she ate at the beginning.
  • In "Intangibles", Melendez has several nice moments with the patient's mother. And at the end, she gives him the drum she would use to "guide" her son's heartbeat.
  • In "Sacrifice", Shaun's patient treats him like a normal person and tells him not to take disrespect from anyone.
  • In "Islands Part One", Lea takes Shaun on a road trip to help him through a personal crisis. They also kiss very sweetly. Unfortunately, Lea is Put on a Bus the next episode.
  • In "Islands Part Two", Shaun considers leaving San Jose to be with Lea, but decides to stay with his friends. At the end, Shaun kisses Lea goodbye and says that he will visit her.
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  • In "She", Shaun at first denies that a transgender patient is actually a girl. But at the end he accepts it and says that he wants to understand these things better.
  • "Heartfelt" has two major moments:
    • A convicted hitman tries to donate part of his liver to a young boy in need, but is allergic to anesthesia and can't undergo surgery. So he shoots himself in the head so his entire liver can be donated. The truly heartwarming part is that the boy didn't want the liver of a "bad man", but after finding out about his heroic sacrifice, the boy changes his mind.
    • Andrews helping Shaun socialize with other guests at the party. Previous instances of Andrews being kind to Shaun were part of his Xanatos Gambit to become president of the hospital, but in this case, he was just being nice.
  • "Pain":
    • The wheelchair-bound patient, Hunter, is very nice to Shaun and says that he understands what it is like to be treated differently because of a disability.
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    • Hunter's wife opposes the surgery to restore his mobility, partly out of fear that he'll die, but mainly fear that he won't need her anymore.
      Hunter: You think I married you 'cause I was having trouble hanging my clothes in my closet? You're my girl. I will always need you. Even if I could fly, who's gonna remind me to call my mom on her birthday...or to floss? God, I hate flossing. Who's gonna remind me to be a better person? Who's gonna hold my hand when I'm scared?
  • "Smile":
  • "More" can be considered the Heartwarming Moment for the entire season.
    • After finding out about Glassman's terminal diagnosis, Shaun is distracted and makes a mistake during surgery. Claire, Jared, and even Melendez try to prevent Shaun from getting fired for this.
    • Shaun and Glassman reconcile after a half-season of avoiding each other.
    • The team attempts a procedure to save the patient:
      Shaun: Can I do it?
      Melendez: It's delicate.
      Shaun: No, it's not. It will either work, or it won't work. If my idea is wrong, he'll die as soon as we complete this next step. You shouldn't have to live with that.
      Melendez: Everything that happens in this room is my responsibility. We'll do it together.
    • Morgan is still being pretty harsh on Shaun, and Melendez bluntly tells her that one day, she's going to kill a patient, and he hopes that she has someone who still believes in her then.
    • At the end, it turns out that Glassman's cancer wasn't as bad as originally thought. Then Shaun hugs him.
      Shaun: You're going to live.
  • "36 Hours": It's nice to see that Lea really does see Shaun as a man, regardless of how flippant Morgan is. She treats him exactly like she'd treat any jerk who ghosted her.
  • Shaun spends all of "Tough Titmouse" trying to repair his relationship with Lea. At the end, she finally forgives him and they sing "Islands in the Stream" together. And it turns out that the apartment she tried to buy but couldn't was bought by Shaun himself.
  • In "Hubert", Shaun and Lea's pet fish dies, and Lea blames herself. She says that she can't expect to get her life back on track if she can't even keep a fish alive. Shaun then orders an infection panel and discovers that the fish died from a parasite picked up at the pet store, showing Lea that the fish's death wasn't her fault. They then plan to get a new fish at the end.
  • After Glassman fails his memory test, Shaun confiscates his driver's license. An annoyed Glassman tells him that driving gives him freedom to go where he wants when he wants, so taking it away is very inconvenient. So with some help from Lea, Shaun gets his driving permit and offers to take Glassman where he needs to go.
  • "Quarantine Part Two": Lea reassuring the husband of the pregnant woman in the ER. Glassman then points out the sound of the newborn crying, and everyone in the room congratulations the new father.
  • "Aftermath":
    • After an Obstructive Bureaucrat announces her intention to report Shaun, Melendez, and Lim to the Board of Doctors and recommend them for license suspension due to their actions during the quarantine (Shaun having a meltdown, Melendez ignoring a DNR order, and Lim illegally sedating a man), Andrews stands up for the three aforementioned doctors. It doesn't faze the bureaucrat, but Andrews (remember, this is the guy who was initially against Shaun working at St. Bonaventure and cheated Melendez out of a possible promotion to Chief of Surgery) gets points for effort.
    • Shaun, Glassman, and Lea spending the day together, and Glassman deciding to pursue a more aggressive treatment regimen so he can have more days like that.
  • In "Risk and Reward", Glassman meets another cancer patient who has embraced the disease as an identity. Glassman at first tries to ignore him, but he points out that when battling a disease, it's important to have support. At the end, Glassman introduces himself to a leukemia patient and tries to make friends.
  • "Believe":
    • Park comes down to Pathology and asks Shaun if he's happy, then encourages him to stand up to Han if he isn't.
    • Claire tries to convince Han that Shaun is an asset as a surgical resident. Han remains rigid in his decision, but still, it's good to see Shaun's friends haven't forgotten him.
  • "Breakdown":
    • After being declared cancer free, Glassman gives Dr. Blaize a treasured baseball from his childhood, to thank her for all she did. She's incredibly moved by this, and says that he has become a much more caring person.
    • While it is a very tragic scene, it is still nice to see Claire comforting Shaun after he's fired.
  • "Trampoline":
    • The Patient of the Week is a Jerkass who assaults Shaun at the beginning. Despite this, Shaun does his best to diagnose him, even though he no longer works at the hospital.
    • Claire teaching Shaun how to ask a girl out, and just being a good friend in general.
    • Andrews firing Han in order to get Shaun re-hired. It really goes to show how much Andrews has changed.
    • Glassman and Debbie get back together, with Glassman even asking her to marry him!
    • Shaun asks out Carly and she says yes. Shaun's giddy reaction as he heads off tops it.


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