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Heartwarming / The Glass Castle

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  • Before things go downhill for Dinitia, she and Jeannette share a bond one summer morning where they go to the public pool together. Jeanette later describes it as the most fun she had in Welch.
  • Rex letting his Jeannette pick her Christmas gift in the night sky, eventually "giving" her Venus.
  • Rex coming up with an additional $950 and a mink fur coat worth about $50 for Jeannette to pay for her college education.
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  • How hard the Walls siblings work to protect/care for each other is heartwarming in general.
  • In the film, there's the scene when Rex is on his death bed and he reveals to Jeanette that he's been keeping a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings of all her published journalistic pieces. He's genuinely proud of her creativity and success as a writer. This also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The end of the film, where the family minus Rex, who has died sits around a dinner table in Jeannette's nice, warm house, having an enormous holiday meal and reminiscing in a good-natured manner about their wild childhood.

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