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The Element of Courage

  • Flash saves Twilight from some bullies when they are just kids, despite only having met her once before and not knowing anything about her.
  • When Twilight and Flash are caught in a sudden storm, Flash lets Twilight stay with him in his old tree house so she won't be afraid and alone, even though she was just being rude to him and calling him a thief. After Flash tells her he has no family and doesn't remember anything but running all his life she wraps her blanket around him so they can sleep together.
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  • After Flash returns Twilight to her home safely and she explains how he helped her, her family welcomes Flash openly. When Flash says he has no family to go back to they let him stay with them at Twilight's request, unofficially adopting him but making him apart of their family nonetheless.
  • After hearing about Flash's past and observing how Flash performed at the obstacle course in the guard's training ground, Grand Hoof visits him with Princess Celestia later that day and offers him to become his apprentice and be a Royal Knight one day. Plus this all happened the day after he became part of Twilight's family, turning his life around so fast and taking the first steps toward his destiny.
  • After Rainbow helps everyone cross the bridge to The Castle of The Two Sisters, Flash tells her that was definitely something Wonderbolt material. He also says he knows Soarin personally since he trained with him, thanks to Grand, and promises to mention her to him the next time he sees him.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S1

  • Flash forms a quick bond with Scootaloo when he first meets her, which only grows stronger the more time they spend together.
  • Flash and Springer's first meeting together. Flash saves Springer from some Timberwolves and after Springer checks Flash's aura he hugs him friendly.
    • After Springer recovers and saves the lives of some foals from a falling boulder. After witnessing this and later learning he can communicate with Springer due to them sharing auras, Flash and him become life long partners.
  • Trixie is much friendlier than in canon due to becoming friends with Flash after he saves her from some criminals. She ends up opening up to him and Twilight when they ask her why she lied about defeating an Ursa Major, explaining she travels around to get praise from others due to never getting it from her father due to failing his expectations. She later helps Flash and Twilight defeat the same criminals from earlier and leaves on good terms with them, and they tell her her father would be proud of what she did.
  • When Flash and Twilight visit Canterlot the rest of the family, and later Cadance, gets to meet Springer, and they all think he is adorable.
    • During the visit, Flash is able to explain to Moondancer why Twilight didn't show up to her party, explaining there was a perfectly valid reason for her absence. This leads to her apologize to Twilight and the two resuming their friendship much sooner than in canon.
  • Flash absolutely refuses to believe Zecora is evil without any evidence and actually calls out everyone for jumping to conclusions about her. His reason for this? He essentially was her before, with both of them being outsiders and judged by others. This leads to him being the first to meet Zecora in town, having a friendly conversation with her, and later locking everyone in the library so he can talk to Zecora on civil terms about what is happening to them.
  • Flash fulfills his promise to Rainbow in the previous story and mentions her to Soarin before the Best Young Flyers competition. Not only does he mention her, he tells Soarin all about her, and how he thinks she'll make a great addition to the team. Soarin seems skeptical at first, thinking Flash might be trying to set him up on a date with his friend, but even he admits Rainbow sounds awesome, and later develops a crush on her himself after she saves his life.
  • When Springer is on patrol by himself we see just a regular day in his life without Flash around. It is clear the whole town loves him and he is an accepted member of their community.
  • During one meeting with Princess Luna, Flash suggests that maybe if she took on a student of her own, like Celestia did with Twilight, maybe it would help her connect with the modern world a little more. Several chapter later p, in The Best Night Ever, Luna has taken Flash's advice and has made Trixie her student.
  • The Fantasia Festival was created by Flash and Celestia. Years ago after one of the most boring galas, Flash asked Celestia if there was a way to make it any funnier, which Celestia aggressions to since she also found it boring. So they created the Fantasia Festival, held the day after the Gala every year, to allow the citizens to cut lose and have fun like they were originally meant to with the Grand Galloping Gala.
  • When Lightning Blitz tells Flash he has no family and is just a filthy street rat, Flash retorts that even if he doesn't know who his birth parents are or if he has any siblings he does have a family. His family is with all the friends he has made through his life, the ones that fought beside him and helped make something of himself.
  • Grand telling his grandson Lightning that the reason he chose Flash as his apprentice instead of him was because he knew they both had potential to be Royal Knights, but Flash needed his help to achieve his potential. But he believed Lightning didn't need his help and could become a knight himself.
  • Shining Armor realizes how much he wants Cadance in his life after the whole event, when he was afraid he lost her, and proposes to her. He doesn't even get to finish though, since Cadance agreed immediately.
  • The Fantasia Festival finally proceeding after everything that everyone had to go through.

Flash Sentry, Chaos and Disharmony

  • Gorgenia is shown working in the gardens at the start of the story and helping Grand with the tour, slowly earning forgiveness for helping Lightning in the previous story.
  • When Flash is almost corrupted by Discord in the maze he manages to resist it by remembering all the good memories from his past.
    • Twilight teaching him how to read when it became required for him to read certain books for his training with Grand.
    • Velvet nursing him when he injured his wing, with him calling her his mom and her calling him her son.
    • Night Light taking him to a father and son picnic event.
    • Shining Armor teaching him how to sword fight.
    • Cadance arriving to foalsit him and Twilight.
    • Him meeting Spike for the first time and looking forward to making friends with him.
    • Him meeting Soarin for the first time.
  • Flash's friends checking on him after the celebration when he begins to wonder more about why so many unsual things have been happening to him recently.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S2

  • When Flash suffers from nightmares every night for three weeks straight his friends do everything they can to help him, even going so far as to get Luna to help by seeing inside his dreams.
    • They eventually realize the nightmare is a repressed memory and realize Flash once lived in an orphanage when he was young. He almost died in a fire and just kept running afterwards. The elderly unicorn working there, Clarity, is relieved to know Flash is still alive and reveals that Flash's real full name is Flash Relic and gives him the old blanket he used to keep when he was young.
    • Though Flash didn't get all the answers he was looking for his friends promise to keep helping him find the truth about the rest of his past.
  • Iron Core is sent to Ponyville by his mentor, Skybreaker, and Grand Hoof, since they believe that Flash can help Iron improve his attitude.
    • Though Iron starts off badly with the town at first he quickly bonds with everyone when he helps Flash save the town from Speed Stingers. As thanks, the whole town helps fix up the shack he stays in as a welcoming gift.
  • Springer's joy at being able to talk so he can now communicate with everyone, without needing Flash to translate for him
  • Flash explains the reason he loves Nightmare Night, and the reason he always dresses as just a plain ghost, is because it was the one day of the year before he met Twilight he could get food without scavenging for it or stealing it. He just needed a sheet to cover himself with and he could get free candy like everyone else, enough to last him for weeks. Flash credits the holiday as the reason he is was able to stay alive before meeting Twilight.
  • Wild Smile helping Pinkie babysit the Cake twins and the two of them bonding. Before Wild leaves, Pinkie gives him a quick kiss on the cheek, which he clearly enjoyed.
    Wild: Wow...what a mare.
  • Cherry Jubilee was actually good friends with Applejack's parents, running into them occasionally at different events, and is still sad about their passing.
  • When the Wonderbolts get a week off after a big show Soarin decides to visit Ponyville to visit Flash, with the intention of Lao meeting with his crush Rainbow Dash. Once the two of them run into each other they quickly hit it off together.
    • Rainbow gets excited at the idea of hanging out with Soarin, her favorite Wonderbolt.
    • Soarin tells Rainbow how he got his cutie mark. He entered the Best Young Flyers Competition just like Rainbow did, despite everyone telling him it was a bad idea, and won. He got to spend the day with the current Wonderbolts, including his hero, Wind Rider, and was told by him he could join one day if he believed in himself, which got Soarin his cutie mark.
    • Soarin first meeting Flash and how he quickly becomes friends with him and Grand.
    • After Rainbow and Soarin have a race together, with Soarin winning just by a nose, the two agree to race again when Rainbow joins The Wonderbolts, and neither expects to be waiting too long.
    • Rainbow enters a small state of depression that lasts for several days when Soarin leaves town after a week of hanging with her and her friends. She soon cheers back up when she and Flash receive some mail from Soarin, sending them both a copy of a book he learned his meditation from to help them both learn the Theta State. He also leaves a PS for Rainbow, asking her to write back to him. Rainbow grins happily while hugging the book close to her chest.
  • When Scootaloo gets stung by a deadly Scorpentine he does everything he can to try to get its venom and save her life. After the venom fails to cure Scootaloo, due to the poison being in her system too long, Flash is desperate to find some way of saving her until he realizes they have the same rare blood type, meaning he can give her his blood in a blood transfusion. This not only saves Scootaloo's life, but First Aid checks the blood types and sees they are so similar that not only are they compatibale, it shows Flash and Scootaloo are siblings.
    • This is followed by Scootaloo moving in with Flash and Twilight in the next chapter. After a party celebrating her moving in Flash tucks her into bed, wishing his sister a good night.
  • Hearts and Hooves Day is filled with heartwarming Ship Tease moments.
    • Spike ends up spending the day with Rarity. With Flash and Twilight out of town Rarity invites him to help her design some dresses. She loves one design he makes so much they start collabing on it together, with Rarity offering to model it herself once they finish.
    • Pinkie and Wild take the Cake twins to the park together. While there Wild decides to move to Ponyville and Pinkie and him decide to spend more time together alone on a date. Before leaving Pinkie gives him another kiss on the cheek.
    • Rainbow spends the day with her parents and they surprise her with tickets to a Wonderbolts show. While there Rainbow and Soarin catch site of each other, and Soarin silently decides that with Rainbow and her parents watching he needs to win. Windy Whistles quickly figures out Rainbow likes Soarin and grows fond of him herself after learning how Rainbow met him and has been writing letters to him, and is especially impressed when she hears he actually beat Rainbow in a race. Soarin manages to catch up to Rainbow and her family after the show and spend some time with them. At the end of the day Rainbow and Soarin decide to try spending hanging out alone some time, with Soarin admiting he's been trying to think of a way to ask her out. Once he leaves Windy is cheering over the two of them and Bow, though reluctant at first, decides Soarin is worthy of being with his daughter.
    • Flutterhsy's parents visit her for the holiday at her cottage. Though they are intimidated by Iron Core at first due to his frightening appearance, Fluttershy assures them he is a kind pony underneath it. Her parents quickly accept Iron after that and listen to a few stories from him before he is called on by Springer to help in town. Before Fluttershy's parents leave for the day they say they actually hope she gets together with Iron one day, knowing he can keep her safe.
    • Twilight and Flash are absent for most of the day due to spending the holiday with Twilight's parents in Canterlot. Once they arrive back home they wonder if maybe next year they'll be able to spend the holiday with their own special somepony. They both wish the other luck with finding one and smile happily at each other while completely missing what is right in front of them.
  • When Scootaloo, Spike, and Rainbow are messing with Twilight and Spike accidentally fires his flames at her, Flash pushes her out of the way and gets hit instead, getting his own mane burned off. Later after Twilight is done freaking out about the supposed upcoming disaster, Rarity manages to fix Flash's mane and give him a brand new style.
  • While sneaking around the castle, Flash has a pleasant conversation with Shadow Spear, one of the night guards that unlocks the gate to the Starswirl section for them, and agrees to have another spar with him later.
  • Flash and Iron both helping Fluttershy when she was scared to help fly to collect water for Cloudsdale.
    • Flash manages to encourage Fluttershy enough to let him train her, reasoning that she doesn't need to increase her Wing Power too high, but just enough so that his own will make up the difference.
    • Iron telling Fluttershy that he was wrong for thinking she was weak when he first met her, and that he sees he was the weak one for thinking that of her. He realized he was wrong about her when she rushed into the church where he and Flash were fighting Lightning to deliver the message about Grand, putting herself at risk to do so. His words ultimately encourage Fluttershy to fly harder than ever before. She later thanks Iron for his kindness and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
  • The Crusaders are able to inform Cheerlie that Diamond Tiara is blackmailing them and Cheerlie strips Diamond Tiara of her position. But despite this, the Crusaders still decide to publish their apology to Ponyville, deciding to take responsibility for their actions and the stories they published.
  • During the invasion during the royal wedding, Flash encounters Thorax when he realizes he isn't attacking anyone. After Horax tells him he doesn't want to hurt anyone Flash tells him to leave Canterlot and not to come back, which leads to Thorax being spared from being blasted out with the other Changelings later.
    • Before leaving, Thorax warns Flash that Chrysalis knows about the elements and has an ambush waiting. Flash thanks Thorax before he heads out and tells him his own name when asked.

Flash Sentry, Crystal of Darkness

  • Flash is assigned to go to the Crystal Empire with Twilight because of his ability to make friends and make others trust him. His assignment is to reintroduce Ruby Scarlet the Crystal Knight to the world after her 1000 years of absence and convince her to rejoin the Royal Knights.
  • Though Ruby starts out cold and distant from the others, she eventually opens up to them.
    • Ruby knew about the Jakhowls 1000 years ago and was friends with their leader, Sharp Paw.
  • After the conflict, Ruby finally reunited with her friend and old teacher, Princess Luna. The two are finally able to catch up together and plan to have a night out, with Luna wanting Ruby to meet her new student Trixie.
  • Twilight freaks out when Flash finally regains consciousness after Sombra is beaten and yells at him for always putting himself in danger without thinking of others. Though Flash can't promise her he won't do it again, he can promise her he will always come back alive, because he has too much to live for to die. Twilight believes him.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S3

  • The first chapter is on Flash's birthday. Although things do not go perfectly, due to the weather report getting mixed up, Fluttershy's birds not being able to sing, and some of Flash's friends being unable to make it to the party, Flash is still perfectly happy for being able to celebrate with his friends anyway. Things get better when Grand and Trixie are able to make it to the party after being delayed.
  • The flashback of when Scootaloo first met Rainbow Dash. Rainbow noticed Scootaloo looked sad and Scootaloo told her that a doctor just explained she would never be able to fly. Rainbow immediately told her to forget what he said and encouraged her to keep trying and never give up. This encounter was what made Scootaloo idolize Rainbow so much.
  • Pretty much all of Soarin's moments in Wonderbolt Academy.
    • Though he denies it (very badly) Soarin helped with the recruits at the academy for a chance to see Rainbow again.
    • After they bump into each other at night, Rainbow address Soarin as "sir", only for Soarin to tell her not to worry about formalities, since they're friends.
    • Soarin manages to convince Spitfire to swap Rainbow and Lightning's placements, making Rainbow the lead pony instead of the wing pony.
    • When Lightning makes Rainbow clip her wing due to disobeying her, Soarin takes her to the medical bay to bandage it. The two slowly start to get comfortable together and without realising it lean in closer, until they are interrupted by the doctor returning.
    • After Lightning is dismissed from the academy, Spitfire makes Soarin Rainbow's new wing pony for the rest of her time at the academy.
    • Later, the night Lightning is dismissed, Rainbow and Soarin hump into each other again and have small chat together. When Rainbow admits she is nervous about being a lead pony and is afraid she might mess up, Soarin assures her she'll do great and is already a better leader than he ever was. This leads to the two of them sharing their First Kiss together.
    Soarin: Rainbow, relax. You're not gonna mess up. You've got this.
    Rainbow: How can you be sure?
    Soarin: Because I had the same worries when I was made lead pony, and I still turned out fine. And you, are ten times the leader I ever was. Trust me.
    Rainbow: I... (whispers) thanks.
    Soarin: (grinning) You're welcome.
    [The two stare at each other silently before slowly leaning forward, quietly and uninterrupted, and lock lips.]
  • After his near death experience against King Sombra, Flash tries to be more serious and ends up becoming meaner to Pinkie when she pulls pranks around town. After Pinkie's pranks end up saving the town from some invading Gremlins he apologizes to her, and she not only accepts but manages to help him smile again by telling him he doesn't need to be serious all the time. Joking around is his own way of facing his fears when fighting, and it helps make everyone around him feel calm too.
  • When the others are trying to reform Discord, Flash actually thanks Discord for when they first met, since Flash remembered what Discord said his blood type was and he remembered and manged to save Scootaloo's life when she was poisoned because of it. Though the moment is unfortunately ruined by Discord falling asleep when Flash tries to tell him he doesn't need to be evil.
  • Trixie's friendship with Twilight is much better than it is in the show at this point. She offers to help Twilight entertain the delegates from Saddle Arabia after Twilight realizes her initial plan won't be enough. Though she and Twilight argue for a moment when Trixie calls her out on being selfish with Flash, despite being jealous when Trixie makes plans to ask him out, she tells her Flash will still be a part of her life no matter what and they manage to perform the show together without any problems. Trixie later decides to wait a little longer before asking Flash out, while warning Twilight she better ask herself first since she doesn't plan to wait forever. The two end the chapter with a friendly magic duel together, requested by Princess Luna, just to see who the real "number one princess student" is.
    • Flash eventually realizes Twilight is jealous of Trixie and assures her that just because thing's are different now it doesn't affect how others see her, especially how he sees her. Though it takes a turn when Flash reveals he thinks Twilight is jealous that Trixie's magic is getting better and she might not be the princess's number one student anymore, Flash still tried to comfort her when and assured her she'll just keep getting better.
    • Flash and Trixie's friendship is pretty sweet too. Trixie has said before she is only doing as good as she is now thanks to Twilight and Flash. The two playfully arguing (flirting) with each other, like Twilight says she and Flash do, shows the two are already as close as him and Twilight. The two also have a small picnic together and Trixie makes plans to ask him out on a date, before realizing he has has no clue how either she or Twilight feel about him. Though despite her anger at this, she said that she would still ask him out eventually if Twilight takes too long, showing she still values her friendship with him.
  • Skybreaker doesn't like the idea of bring Springer and the apprentices on an important mission, feeling that Springer is just a pet and the apprentices aren't ready for this type of mission. Ruby immediately vouches for Springer, saying she has worked with jakhowls in the past and they are just as strong, if not stronger, than Royal Knights and demands he apologize for his insult. Grand Hoof also vouches for Flash and Iron, saying that this mission will be helpful to both of them.
  • During Hiveena's flashback of how she was betrayed by Chrysalis and left the hive, Thorax helps her escape the Changeling territory after Chrysalis orders her killed. After leading her to a tunnel that will take her out of the territory, he lies to the other guards about where she is, including his brother Pharynx.
  • After Springer defeats Shade, unlocking his Battle Form in the process. Skybreaker apologizes to him for how he's been treating him and says that once the mission is over he wants to recommend to the princesses to put Springer on the short list to be an official Royal Knight, so he can stand beside them as an equal. Springer declines, saying he doesn't need a title to know he's a hero, but Skybreaker says the offer will always be open if he changes his mind.
  • Lightning Blitz's unexpected return to save Flash and the other Knights from Doom Raizer. His story of what he has been up to also shows he has traveled all around Equestria, slowly earning redemption for his misdeeds.
  • Flash bonding with his idol Skybreaker during the mission. Skybreaker apologizes for being too harsh to him before, and admitting that he sees a lot of himself from when he was younger in Flash and telling him he just didn't want him to make the same mistakes he did.
    • Flash tells Skybreaker in response that after the incident with Sombra, an incident similar to Skybreaker's past when they both met their better, he stopped joking around and tried to do things the Royal Knight way, especially becoming like Skybreaker himself, but his friends showed him it was okay to jokes and still be serious when fighting. Flash states if he is going to be a knight, he'll be one who fights with a smile on his face, to make everyone feel a little safer.
    Skybreaker: You know kid, I think you're gonna be one heck of a knight someday.
  • Lightning Blitz comes with Flash, Iron, and Springer back to Ponyville as its newest Defender. He also reunites with his old friends there.
  • Flash is made Twilight's first personal guard after she becomes a princess.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: EQG

  • Flash manages to convince Celestia to let him come with Twilight to the mysterious world the mirror leads to, reasoning it is his duty to protect her.
  • Flash quickly makes friends with the human counterparts of Iron, Heather, First, and Grand.
  • The human versions of Flash and Twilight's friends all immediately pick up on there being more than just regular friendship between the two of them
  • The Royal Knights help Flash and Twilight improve Twilight's image along with the human Mane 6.
  • Human Skybreaker is Iron Core's foster parent instead of just his mentor.
  • Heather notes that if Sunset confesses that she was the one who got Lightning Blitz kicked out of CHS then they might be able to get him back. She is clearly excited to potentially get one of her friends back.
  • Flash and Twilight's adventure has brought them even closer together. Cadance can actually tell that "it finally happened" between them, and is upset she wasn't the one to bring them together.

Flash Sentry, Defender of the Peace S4

  • Flash apologizing for taking his role as Twilight's personal guard too far when he puts her safety above the rest of their friends.
  • Lightning's efforts around town to try to make up for his past:
    • He ends up bonding with Big Mac over both of them having at least one dead parent. Big Mac was originally still mad at Lightning for what he did to him and Applejack before, but after learning what he had went through, without any other family to support him like he did, he relizes they are more alike then he thought.
    • Lightning makes deliveries for Pinkie and the Cakes. One delivery is to a birthday party and the party isn't going too good since the bouncy castle wasn't inflated due to the machine that keeps it inflated not working. Lightning uses his magic to charge the dead battery in the inflating device. The kids all cheer when the castle inflates and begin playing in it. But right as Lightning gets ready to leave, the birthday filly suddenly hugs his leg and thanks him for saving the party. Then every other foal tackles him in a dog pile of hugs.
    • Lightning commissions Rarity to make him something he can carry his daggers with. She ends up making him a cloak that perfectly carries them. She also gives it to him free, on the condition he keeps being the pony he is now and not the jerk he used to be. This is especially heartwarming since Rarity was originally disgusted by Lightning when they first met and he had the nerve to flirt with her after insulting her friends. Now it is implied she may begin to return his feelings.
  • Flash and Scootaloo finally meeting their birth parents!
    • Though Flash is initially furious to meet them due to them being absent from their lives for so long and feeling they abandoned them, especially since he suffered and almost starved on the streets as a kid, Twilight is able to convince him to give them a chance. Flash ends up saving his family from a group of Timberwolves, and his father Trail Blazer takes a bad hit for him, simply saying he did it because Flash is his son. After everything, Flash decides to forgive his parents, even if he does not agree with their choices. Before his parents leave for Manehatten they give Flash a gift, the dish they used to watch Flash over the years so they felt connected to him.
    • Scootaloo, unlike Flash, is accepting of her birth parents from the start, simply happy to finally get to know her parents. She ends up hanging out with them around town until Flash arrives to save them from the group of Timberwolves.
  • Trixie feels like because of Twilight becoming an alicorn Princess, it means she will never be as good as her. Springer and Flash are able to help cheer her up. She also remembers what her teacher, Princess Luna, said to her shortly after she became her student and she felt down on herself for making a mistake, telling her she is better than she thinks.
    Luna: You are not a failure! You made a mistake, but you can't let that stop you! I, more than anypony, know what its like to make mistakes with horrible consequences! I am not and never will give up on you, no matter how badly you screw up. But all my belief is meaningless if you do not believe in yourself! You have much greatness buried within you Trixie Lulamoon. Together, we will unearth that greatness and show the whole world that Trixie Lulamoon is a pony to respect. Understand?
  • Daring Do was friends with Flash's parents and mistakes him for his dad at first. He is the first one among the group she trusts and has accompany her on her mission.
  • Iron being protective of Fluttershy when Applejack pressures her to use her stare on some vampire fruit bats, and later calls out Applejack for her selfishness when Fluttershy becomes Flutterbat when thenspell they used backfired.
  • Despite all the hell Springer went through during his Ground Hog Day Loop, there are still a few moments that stand out:
    • It is revealed Rainbow and Soarin have been in a relationship ever since the Rainbow was at the academy. They have kept it a secret from everyone because they don't want everyone to think Rainbow is getting any favors from the Wonderbolts. Despite that they were still able to meet with each other in secret happily, and after Springer finds out about them he encourages them to come clean about it to their friends, since they know Rainbow will join the Wonderbolts eventually and they shouldn't base their relationship around a secret. The end of the chapter has them coming clean and all the girls in the group squealing upon learning.
    • Springer learns that Iron Core is secretly writing a Sci-fi romance novel. Springer tells him that his work is very good and gives him a bit of advice for the ending. Iron ends up taking his advice and revising his ending.
    • When Springer decides to relax and have fun during the loop, he does stuff like playing video games with Button Mash and practicing the violin with Octavia and Vinyl.
      • Springer is shown to still have these skill after the loop ends and plays a violin for all of Ponyville at the end of the day.
    • When Springer can't take being trapped in the loop anymore, his friends instantly believe him when he explains what is happening to them, much to his shock, knowing that he wouldn't lie about something so important or breakdown over nothing.
    • Springer's attempted Heroic Sacrifice to save the town and his friends from the bomb and his supposed Final Words to them all. Luckily he survived the attempt when the true nature of the loop was revealed.
    • Flash and Springer both apologize to each other for their earlier argument when Springer finally wakes up after finishing his Vision Quest.
  • Rainbow and Soarin's relationship is given more focus in "Rainbow Falls".
    • Spitefire and Fleetfoot are shown to be completely fine with the two of them dating, and Skybreaker even congratulates Rainbow when the group meets him at Rainbow Falls.
    • Soarin ends up accidently clipping his wing during practice because of some bad luck with the clouds and the sun getting in his eyes instead of being distracted by the cute cheerleaders like in canon or that his girlfriend is watching him.
    • The two keep themselves professional despite their relationship, with Soarin even forbidding Rainbow from visiting him after he clips his wing until she qualifies for the Games.
  • The only pony who visited Soarin while he was in the hospital was Flash.
  • "Iron's Revenge" has several moments for Fluttershy and Iron Core.
    • Fluttershy looks over a photo album and looks on at a photo of her and Iron dancing together away from everyone else during the Royal Wedding (Pinkie having taken the photo in secret). Fluttershy has finally realized that she has feelings for Iron, believing he is everything she wishes she could be and imagines the two of them sharing a passionate kiss.
    • When Iron goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Longhorn and nearly kills some of his goons, Fluttershy tries to bring him back to his senses with a Cool Down Hug, begging him to go back to the way he was before. Iron actually pauses for a moment when he sees Fluttershy crying.
    • When Iron says he doesn't care if he gets killed fighting Longhorn, Flash reminds him of all the friends he has made that will care if he dies.
    • After defeating Longhorn, saving Fluttershy, and finally learning what being a Royal Knight means, Iron Core is deemed ready to be a Royal Knight himself and is knighted in Canterlot as the newest Royal Knight, finally achieving his dream.
    • During the ceremony, Iron meets with Fluttershy in the garden, the same place they first met each other a year ago. Fluttershy congratulates him and asks him where he plans to live now that he can go anywhere, and Iron says he'll stay at the place that he has made his home. He clarifies that this is not Ponyville though, it is wherever Fluttershy is. The two embrace each other in a hug before pulling each other into a kiss.
  • After Wild Smile spends most of "Pinkie Pride" jealous of Cheese Sandwich and worried about him and Pinkie possibly becoming a couple, Pinkie tells Wild that he is the kind of stallion she wants as her very special somepony, with the two of them officially starting their relationship and Pinkie kissing him on the nose.
  • After Flash has a meltdown against Discord for not taking their investigation seriously, and chewing him out for only helping because he wants to entertain himself instead of actually wanting to help and do the right thing he realizes he messed up and hurt Discord's feelings. The next morning he admits he wants to be friends with Discord and realizes that maybe his joker attitude is because before he had friends nobody wanted to be near him, something Flash understand from his life before he met Twilight, so he pulled pranks to get attention from anyone he could. Discord overhears the whole thing and agrees to help Flash properly this time.
    • After the investigation is over and Lightning and Solid are cleared, Solid thanks Flash for his help and apologizes for his attitude towards him, the first time Solid has shown kindness to anyone besides Lightning or one of his group of friends since Season 1.
  • Everyone's attempts to get Twilight and Flash to hook up in "Shipping". Their attempts also seem to work at first, with Flash and Twilight thinking of how far they have both come together and even leaning in for a kiss at one point, before being interrupted.
  • During "Twilight's Kingdom PT1" Flash begins to question why he hasn't been knighted like Iron Core yet and wonders what he is missing. The other knights all take him to a new building constructed in the Crystal Empire, the Hall of Knights, which is a museum dedicated to the Royal Knights and all they've accomplished. The Royal Knights all have crystal statues of them and an Apprentice Knight statue made of stone. He eventually sees his own statue, made of crystal instead of stone, and the title under it is Future Knight. When he asks Grand what it means, Grand simply says it would be a waste making a stone statue of Flash since they'll just need to replace it someday, showing he and the others are confident he'll become a Royal Knight one day.

Flash Sentry Chronicles: Rainbow Rocks

  • Even while under the Siren's spell the Royal Knights still welcome Flash back to CHS and make him part of their band for the Battle of the Bands.
  • Sunset gives Twilight some advice on her relationship with Flash, telling her she might regret not acting sooner. It is clear even Sunset is a supporter of their relationship.
  • In a bit of a villainous example, Adagio notices how Sonata develops a crush on Flash immediately after meeting him, so when Flash helps Sunset confront them Adagio invites him to join them when they are done at CHS, pointing out how Sonata is interested in him. Even if the Dazzlings constantly argue with each other and annoy each other, Adagio still tried to do something nice for her sister.
  • Flash tells Sunset that he forgives her for what she tried to do the last time he was in the human world, and for what she did to him too. He also gives her a bit of advice that he learned himself about forgiveness, telling her about his time on the streets before meeting Twilight and becoming an apprentice, and tells her she just needs to show everyone she is someone worth forgiving even if it is hard work.

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