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Heartwarming / The Final Girls

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  • The simple idea is already this: Imagine, Max had new chances to talk to her mother, laugh with her, dance with her.
    • The relationship between Max and her mother Amanda. Amanda doesn't want her daughter to worry because she's having problems landing roles. Max knows that her mother is struggling finding work because of her scream queen past but she continues to support her. She even calls her a superstar. Awwwwwww.
    • Max's final scene with Nancy; the two have spent time bonding as friends, but Nancy decides to sacrifice herself for Max even before she learned that Max was her counterpart's daughter.
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  • Vicky tearfully and sincerely apologizing to Gertie and Max for her Alpha Bitch behavior, admitting she was awful, and that she was jealous of the fact that Max was now Gertie's best friend instead of hers. Gertie and Max quickly hug and comfort her, and all is forgiven.
  • Vicky holding the fatally injured Gertie's hand before sacrificing themselves to try to take out Billy Murphy.

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