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Heartwarming / The Everyday Life of Heroes

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  • Crossing over with funny, one manga strip featuring Xander and Veronica has the latter begging the former to put her on his horse. The fact that he does so is pretty cute.
  • Manga chapters showcasing Laegjarn and Laevatein show a strong sisterly bond between them, and how much Laegjarn cares for her little sister.
    • Chapter 37 has Laegjarn hand over her cape to Laevatein so she can keep warm. The sisterly love even goes a step further with the third panel, in which Laevatein worries if Laegjarn gets cold.
    • Chapter 40 has Laevatein wanting to follow her father's orders...then her stomach growls. Laegjarn convinces her to take a little break so she can eat.
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  • Chapter 50 has Palla teach Nino how to read, and she eagerly showed Jaffar as she reads an excerpt of Kiran's diary.
  • Helbindi chopping food so Ylgr can eat it.
  • Finn crying when Leif interacts with his parents. Considering what they go through in-game, it's nice to see Ethlyn being a doting mother and Quan being a proud dad to their grown-up son.

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