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Heartwarming / The Edge Chronicles

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Admit it, you cried too.

  • The whole ending scene of Beyond The Deepwoods easily qualifies, but it's when Cloud Wolf says "I shall never abandon you again." and hugs Twig that the scene is really made.
    • Also when Twig finds Cloud Wolf in the Mother Storm.
      • Heck, just about any scene with Twig and Cloud Wolf qualifies as a CMoH.

  • The ending of The Slaughterer's Quest. When Maris spoke for presumably the first time in forty years upon being united with her granddaughter it made for perhaps the most triumphant CMoH/Tear Jerker in the entire series.

  • Rook being reunited with his great-uncle at the end of Freeglader, and the whole story being told between Tem and Tweezel made for a very good ending.

  • "Welcome, Xanth. Welcome, Freeglader."

  • The fact that Twig never loses his woodtroll hairstyle. It would hardly have fitted in among sky pirates and undertowners, but he still keeps it, right to his death, never ever forgetting where he came from.

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