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Heartwarming / The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan

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  • Ryoko tells Haruhi about her fears that Kyon and Yuki will drift apart from her as they get closer together. Haruhi, however, laughs it off, saying that Ryoko's friendships with those two should be strong enough to last even if they have a fight.
  • The last several pages of Chapter 24. YMMV which is sweeter: Ryoko's advice to Kyon or Kyon following it.
  • Near the end, Nagato gets upset with Asakura for not telling her about her planning on moving to Canada, and even more with herself for not noticing. Kyon, however, reassures Nagato, and tells her to let Ryoko know how she feels, enabling them to make up.
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  • Ryoko's fight with Haruhi over the Valentine's chocolate. Just as it looks like Ryoko is going to haul off and hit Haruhi, she stops herself and breaks down crying. And Haruhi, to her credit, kneels beside her and tries to comfort her. Then the both of them go off together to find Nagato and reassure her.