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Heartwarming / The Difference One Man Can Make

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  • When he first goes to Craster's Keep, Harry gifts an unwilting flower to Gilly, and then curses Craster so that he will suffer excruciating pain whenever he tries to rape one of his daughter-wives. And later he kills the man and gets all the women to join his group.
  • During a visit to Braavos, he also tries his best at making a young Daenerys Targaryen happy, with another unwilting flower.
    • Even years later, when Viserys takes her to First Forge, Daenerys still remembers him - and the flower he gifted her remains intact.
  • You can see that Harry and Val love each other at every point after she "steals" him.
  • Harry taking his time to heal Shireen Baratheon's greyscale - even using his very precious phoenix tears - and then only taking the one thing Stannis can give him without a problem - dragonglass.
  • Benjen asks Eddard to take Jon with him when he will visit First Forge, because he wants his nephew to see the world before becoming a black brother, and he knows that the Norfolk won't care about Jon's illegitimacy.
  • After seeing what kind of city the Norfolk have build, Ned assures Harry the North won't go to war with them, and that Lord Stark is ready to say it to his banners' face, because he saw first-hand the Norfolk want only peace and so he will argue for peace with a clear conscience.
  • When Robert starts to daydream about going to war with the Norfolk, Stannis decides to argue for peace. He does have a pragmatic reason for this - as the lords and knights would refuse to leave their nice castles for fighting with barbarians in the cold - but he also genuinely respects the man who healed his daughter, and his thoughts make apparent he wouldn't be happy to support his brother against Harry.
  • The morning after the Norfolk's plea for help against the Others in Winterfell, Ned gives Bran and Arya the possibility to become wards in First Forge. Arya gleefully seizes the occasion.
    • And she's not going alone; Jon was so touched by the Norfolk's indifference for his bastard birth he too decides to go. There's also the fact they are going to protect the Realm, and he wants to help. Personally, Ned thinks Jon's decision was also influenced by that pretty redhead...
  • When Ned learns how Daenerys saved Arya from being killed by a Faceless Man, he immediately thinks he has to send her his thanks.
  • The Mormonts and the spearwives taking a shine to each other. Bear Island was subjected to many raids in the past and yet here they are, chatting and working together as friends of long.