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Heartwarming / The Devil Wears Prada

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  • Andy and Alex have some sweet moments, like how after a tough day at work he surprises her at night with cheeseburgers and wine. This makes their eventual breakup a Tear Jerker because unlike Nate in the film who is a bit of a Jerkass, Alex accommodates as best as he can to Andy's job demands.
  • Andy and Lily also have some friendship moments, at least when alcoholic Lily doesn't ruin them. Andy befriended Lily as a kid, and the two have stayed together through college. Lily later on asks Andy to move in with her into a new apartment and finds a great one at a reasonable price.
  • Christian has his moments as well:
    • His flattery when Andy recognizes him and goes Squee!, and that he admires her spirit.
    • He has her meet his literary agent who offers a business card on learning she is a writer.
    • His arranging a Pet the Dog moment towards Andy where her job at a Paris party is to "babysit" him, so that for the first time in ages she actually has fun while working.
  • Andy's parents letting her move back home after she gets fired from Paris, and allow her to work on her writing career. They also let Lily stay with them while she recovers from her horrific car crash.
  • Andy selling stories inspired by her Runway career, and eventually landing a job as a writer at The Buzz.
  • Miranda's soft look when Andrea after The Makeover reveals that she has become a Hypercompetent Sidekick by anticipating all of Miranda's needs.
  • Christian helping with Andy's Impossible Task by acquiring the unpublished Harry Potter copies for her.
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  • Andy refusing to respond to Christian's flirtations, which she had responded to in the book, because she already has a boyfriend. This makes Nate breaking up with her a Tear Jerker when she gets Mistaken for Cheating after Christian gives her a peck on the cheek.
  • Emily's obviously feigned irritation followed by a secret smile when Andrea offers her the clothes she got in Paris. It's the only time she looks happy in the whole movie. It's followed up by her telling the new assistant:
    "You have some very large shoes to fill. I hope you know that"
  • Miranda's own When She Smiles moment in the car shortly afterwards. Particularly striking because Miranda actually smiles quite a lot throughout the film, but it's always been at photoshoots, public events etc., but here she gives a slow, gentle smile in the privacy of her own car, and it has a surprisingly transforming effect on the ice queen.
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  • The revelation that Miranda gave Andy a glowing recommendation, outright telling her prospective employer that he'd be an idiot not to hire her.

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