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  • In the Clock Tower 3 LP, he admits he doesn't actually hate Dennis in spite of all his ragging on him. This is due to Dennis acting as an Only Sane Man to the game's Idiot Plot and actually getting a few badass moments where he takes out Scissorman and saves Alyssa from Dick.
    You see, this is why I don't hate Dennis. Despite being the goofiest bastard this side of a Disney character of the same name, the kid at least has some sense to him... Dennis has the right idea, despite being a goofy ugly little spastic bastard.
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  • After beating the True Final Boss in Chrono Cross, Serge and his (numerous) teammates say their goodbyes. While Serge is glad to be rid of most of them, there are a few he admits weren't so bad.
    Serge: Huh... that's it...?
    Serge: Do what...?
    Serge: This is dumb...
    Serge: Tch... fine...
    [ZOAH and Serge fist bump]
  • ANYTIME he mentions his daughter. Especially when he completely agrees with Papa Nier in terms of everything being worth the smile on your kid's face.
    • Speaking of NieR, it may be the least humorous of The Dark Id's LPs simply because of the game's bleakly depressing tone, but he does manage to give the cast a happy ending of sorts: the spirits of Nier, Weiss, Caim, Angelus and Tyrann go out for drinks, and Caim finally gets Hymir's Finger back.
  • He doesn't pull his punches when hitting Xenogears for its failings, from its pacing and dungeon design to the budget running out on Disc Two. But The Dark Id still admits to enjoying the ride, since "If nothing, it was a memorable journey and that is more than I can ask for from 90% of recent games I've played. I mean, how many video games are there out there where you can hop in a giant robot and deck a dinosaur to save your girlfriend? Not many by my count... Not many at all!"
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  • A Running Gag from the Drakengard 1 LP turns into this during the fight with Angelus:
    Angelus: "You can inhale aaaaaair and process it with a straaaaange mechanism known as luuuuuuungs! With this daaaaaark proceeeeesssssss you can perform the aaaaaaancient rite known as breeeeaaaathing!" Hah! ...No... That was from...
  • In Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, he changes the scripted scene where Chris berates herself for losing Jimmy to have Snake comfort her about it (even if he does make a Stealth Insult in the process):
    Chris: I wish I were the one taken. I can't do anything right...
    Snake: I heard your profile. You do a stupid amount of things right. Just... not escort missions. And there's nothing wrong with that. Escort missions are statistically 'the worst' of all tactical ops. For everyone involved. But enough of that...
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  • One of his Tweets involving A Boy and His Blob
    More games should have a dedicated hug button.
  • On February 6, 2017, Id helped his family recover a newborn litter of kittens from under his porch at 4AM and while in 5 degree weather.
    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I'm covered in weird mewing kittens at nearly 5:00 AM. And that's OK...
  • He does NOT give a fuck if his daughter is a lesbian, however, he will fuck everyone's shit if someone gives crap to him and her about it.
  • After getting the Dragoon's Lance weapon and reading a story not-so-subtly referencing Caim and Angelus' relationship, Id wishes them well in his sorta unique way one last time:
    Mistakes were made along the way. Like agreeing to appear in Drakengard 2... But in the end, their unbreakable lust for murder made them the best of buddies. Rest in peace, Caim and Angelus. I hope wherever you are, you’ve found a way to continue your reckless killstreaks.
  • The end of the NieR: Automata Let's Play has him gladly sacrificing his save data for anyone else who finishes the game. He doesn’t even mind the "Thank you so much for playing" tagline at the end of every Yoko Taro game.
    You know, for once... Yeah. All right. I'm not pissed hearing that at the end.

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