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Heartwarming / The Dandy

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For The Dandy Comic Book:

  • The final issue. It counts down 75 of the comic's Loads and Loads of Characters, with a combination of reprints and new strips (some of these revisiting characters who haven't appeared in years; the Black Bob one even features a faithful recreation of the strip's black-and-white, now unusually realistic compared to the rest of the comic art style). In the middle is a pull-out facsimile of the whole first issue. The real heartwarming comes in the Framing Device: a 75th birthday party for the comic, with Paul McCartney as a special guest. The comic shows a note he sent to the writers, saying that the Dandy was his favourite comic as a child and recalling his answer to an interview question in the sixties when he claimed that appearing in the comic was his life's ambition. The final few panels show a huge crowd of the comic's most iconic characters singing "Hey Jude" together, led by Paul McCartney on piano.

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