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Heartwarming / The Crumpets

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  • In "Lil Wrinkly One", as a sobbing Lil-One is increasingly afraid of Granny's supposed newborn child getting Ma's love, Ma reminds him that her tummy hatch will always be open to him.
  • Grownboy and Steve succeed to their own marriage in "Cheep Shot" thanks to the latter's arrival in the last minute to the marriage ceremony between the former and Ms. McBrisk. Even after all those disputes like the one concerning Grownboy's pet crocodile, the same-sex pair have been able to reconcile and tie the knot.
  • Granny in "Family Secrets" bursts to joy when she rediscovers the old music box, and recounts that it's from her first "loverboy", who was Ma's father or grandfather.
  • In "Family Be Gone!", Li'l One, who is working with Ms. McBrisk to eradicate the other Crumpets, tells his family members to love and hug each other. One of the hugging pairs? Ohoh and Blister.
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  • In "Li'l One All Alone", we get to see Lil-One actually smiling and wanting to hug Pa while being lonely in the house. He imagines his father going to hug him near his crib, but as the projection vanishes, his joy turns to fear as he glances his scary plushes at the same view.
  • Ditzy setting her love for the airborne Larry instead of Marylin, and having her nose touch his at the end of "Nez à nez".
  • In "Marilyn Blues", Caprice, who has distanced from a presumably traitorous Marylin, ceremoniously dumps his belongings to a body of water. After she finds his pet mouse by surprise, it went loose and she commands it captured; it would flee to its miniature bed floating on the water. Once Caprice expects the mouse to never return if it goes away, Cassandra defends the mouse due to its innocence. A coldhearted Caprice assumes she's siding with Marylin and Cassie runs away sobbing. After Marylin's return, he's extremely disappointed that his mouse vanished and declares he'll hate his hostile ex-friends forever. While he searches for the mouse throughout the piranha-ridden waters, he finds Cassie saving it from the water. He thanks her and realizes she's the only friend who didn't turn their back on him, preceding a visit to a concert together.

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