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Heartwarming / The Colour of Magic

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  • Though it is probably mostly for self-preservation since the Patrician threatened him, Rincewind constantly trying to pull Twoflower to safety and then making sure he’s all right after something dangerous happened is kinda sweet.
  • The luggage’s loyalty and protectiveness towards Twoflower is always worth a smile.
  • Cohen the Barbarian meets Twoflower.
    Cohen: I like his eyes. They can see for fifty years.
  • “Dr. Rijinswand” (Rincewind’s other dimensional counterpart) believes Zweiblumen (Twoflower’s dimensional counterpart) is sick and he is so panicked that he runs around the plane trying to find help.
  • Rincewind saving a frog who was paddling desperately against a current near the rimfall was also sweet. It does turn out to be the Lady's Secret Test of Character for him, though.
  • In a case of Fringe Heartwarming, the dragon which Twoflower summons is a lot more cooperative and polite than the King dragon would prove to be in Guards! Guards!. Granted, this may be as much a reflection of Ninereeds' being male, hence less territorial than the (female) King according to Lady Sybil, as to how Twoflower imagines dragons to be much nicer creatures than the Elucidated Brethren did.
  • Rincewind and Twoflower seem more to be Vitriolic Best Buds in the film than they are in the book. In fact, in Part 2, Twoflower pretty much takes a spell for Rincewind while wizards are shooting at him and pretty much saves his life.