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Heartwarming / The Chipmunk Adventure

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Hey, dontcha know that we're
off to see the world?
We're off to find our dreams?
Why are our hearts beating so fast?
Why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us that will surely last?
  • The Chipettes bringing the baby penguin home.
    • For that matter, the Chipettes taking care of the sick penguin during the journey to Antarctica, leading into a song that's both this and a Tear Jerker - especially for anyone whose mother is no longer around.
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  • When the Chipettes discover the reason behind the race, Brittany is the first to realize that the boys are in danger, and says that they have to find them. Considering this is Brittany we're talking about, this is pretty sweet.
  • Inspector Jamal heard Dave cry out that his kids have been taken and immediately helps him chase the kidnappers down. Bonus points are added because he probably didn't know the kidnappers were the people he's been trying to arrest for years.


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