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Heartwarming / The Changeling

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The 1980 film

  • It's refreshing to see George C. Scott play the role of a genuine Nice Guy. Without seeing the film, it's hard to imagine that the man could be so pleasant. The fact that Scott actually Took a Level in Kindness in real life makes things all the more better.
  • Claire's relationship with John. It's apparent from the very first time they meet that Claire is determined to improve their acquaintance to a friendship, if not more. Presumably, as a friend of the Lingstroms, she is well aware of the recent tragedy and wants to bring John out of his grief. On his part, instead of dishing out the expected response of Don't You Dare Pity Me!, John is happy for her to become his friend, even though he shows no romantic interest.
  • The ending shows a rather shaken John sitting down while Claire places a protective hand on his shoulder. It leaves open the possibility of a Relationship Upgrade for the two and may be a life together.
  • John's students are clearly a bit in awe of him. It's testament to his fame as a composer that hundreds turn up to attend his first lecture, even though it's supposed to be a class of 23. It's also nice to see how easily John handles his audience and how well he gets along with his students.