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Heartwarming / The Cardinal of the Kremlin

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  • The exchange between Filitov and Corporal Romanov's ghost:
    Romanov: Both your sons, and your wife. Tell me, Comrade Captain, for what did we die?
    Filitov: We fought for the Soviet Union, Corporal.
    Romanov: Did we, now? I seem to remember fighting for Mother Russia, but mainly I remember fighting for you, Comrade Captain... a soldier fights for his comrades. I fought for my family. You and our troop, they were my only family. I suppose you also fought for your family, the big one and the little one. I always envied you that, my Captain, and I was proud that you made me part of both in the way that you did.
    Filitov: I avenged you, Romanov. I got the Mark-IV that killed you.
    Romanov: I know. You avenged all the dead of your family. Why do you think we loved you? Why do you think we died for you?
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  • Cardinal being laid to rest at Camp David by the Americans who respected his accomplishments enough, both as a CIA mole and decorated Soviet officer, to give him a full military funeral.