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Heartwarming / The Burnt Part Boys

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  • Jake looking out for Pete the way he does is pretty heartwarming, despite their (several) arguments.
  • When Pete traps them all in the mine, everyone is extremely mad at him, except Dusty. Dusty is the only one that even tries defending Pete.
  • Frances completely breaking down when they're trapped in the mine is a Tear Jerker, but Dusty offering to hold her hand immediately makes it a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Doubly so when you remember how much they had been fighting before- even after all that, Dusty is willing to comfort her when she needs it.
      • Triply so because of what he says to her when he offers to hold her hand. It's easily one of the most heartwarming moments in the entire show given that it implies Dusty knows full well that they're all about to die and he still has it in him to forgive her for everything she's put him through.
        Frances: Dottie-Lou told everyone I come from lepers in India. No one touches me.
        Dusty: (holding her hand) I'll hold it to the gates of heaven.
  • The kids seeing their dead fathers while trapped in the mine.
    • One version of the show had Frances and her dad reach up and gently touch each other's faces, in allusion to this Tear Jerker of a line:
      Frances: Just as I left I peered into the mirror one last time, to go over every inch of my face with my fingers, just to make sure that I still looked like my dad.
  • At the end of the show when the kids group together outside of the mine, looking hopefully up at the sunrise, ready to start their lives anew.
    • Also just before they group up, when Jake and Pete hug each other, having finally settled out their differences.
      • One production had Jake hug his dad last, and when he eventually joined up with the four other kids, he put his hands on Pete's shoulders. Pete gave a huge smile.


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