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Heartwarming / The Brittas Empire

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  • After having a rather bad day at the Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre (full of angry celebrities, death, attacking legions of Roman lookalikes....) Mr. Brittas is having a rare moment of depression. Right then, however, a poor single mother and her daughter come into his office to thank him for the fine time that they had enjoyed that day, largely due to bargains that he had set up. It renews his belief in "the dream" and gets him back on his feet.
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  • The fact that, as much of an idiot Brittas can be, he does care for his employees. It's demonstrated best when the staff believe Brittas is going to lay them all off and begin to scheme against him, at which point he emerges from nowhere, looking hurt, reminds them he's human too and assures them no one is getting sacked.