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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
Mother and son, reunited after 20 years...

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    The Bridge: Main Story 
  • The CMC and Fluttershy's reactions to finding Destroyah and Xenilla unconscious: help them.
  • The fact that a heroic Godzilla was convincingly pulled off. And the cause of it all? The full ramifications of Azusa Gojo's having raised an infant Junior, giving him a completely different world view than his predecessors. The crux of the Amalgam universe getting its Big Good kaiju was a middle aged Japanese woman playing Parental Substitute, completely averting a case where someone that easily could have grown into an Eldritch Abomination. Upbringing Makes the Hero indeed!
  • Anguirus gives us a clear Establishing Character Moment in the first few chapters he gets introduced. While gruff, he helps out a lost filly and teams up with Rainbow Dash to defend a campground from a dragon attack.
  • During his brief time in Equestria, a social worker pony named Marigold generously gives Monster X a raincoat in spite of his monstrous appearance. Granted she thought he was just a minotaur at first since he was covered in a tarp to get out of the rain.
    • And we get our first look at Monster X's personality when he ignores her fright and surprise, accepts the cloak, and leaves her unharmed.
  • The Cutie Mark Crusaders stopping Princess Celestia and Destroyah from attacking each other by saying, "P-Princesses aren't supposed to f-ight each other..."
    • Doubles itself given that Celestia looks to Luna sadly before replying "No... they aren't."
  • Mothra Lea jumping into action to fight off an entire horde of Gyaos to protect Twilight and Spike.
    • Despite his rough introduction to Equestrians, the moment Godzilla Junior learns Canterlot is in danger from a kaiju attack he instantly agrees to help fight off the rest of the Gyaos.
  • The video sequence detailing the aftermath of Junior's battle against the Gyaos flock is filled with this. The morning sun rises as the few remaining Gyaos flee and the barrier around Canterlot is dropped as everyone is worriedly watching the massive dust cloud where Junior had fallen. Then when the cover clears and it’s shown that Junior is alive, if rather beaten up, everyone cheers in response and Mothra and Twilight are shown hugging each other in relief. Best of all perhaps is Luna’s reaction; up until now she’s shown to be suspicious of Junior's intentions, constantly trailing him and keeping an eye on him in case he does something to threaten her ponies. Now, after seeing Godzilla risk life and limb to protect Canterlot and her beloved citizens, she closes her eyes in a brief moment of contemplation before finally giving Godzilla a warm and sincere smile that he notices and returns. All set to an instrumental version of "Waiting for Superman".
  • The first thing Junior asks about, while he's so damaged and exhausted from fighting off the gyaos flock that Lea had to hold him up to stand? If everyone in Canterlot is okay.
    • Immediately followed up upon by Princess Celestia and Luna promising he'll get the best medical attention they got. Given how Luna was around Junior previously, it's the first sign of changing views.
  • Anguirus' interactions with Rarity, who helps him out of pure kindness and generosity:
    Rarity: Well when you’ve been on as many ventures as we Elements have, ones with changelings, living nightmares, tyrants, pirates, dragons, chaos beings; you tend to become accustomed to out of the ordinary. Besides, generosity means giving even when some parts of your mind say otherwise. True, you’d probably set the record for oddest house guest I've had short of Discord dropping in. But I know a good pony, er, kay'iju, when I see one. A bit vicious as he might have been in doing it, but your friend Godzilla putting himself in harms way to save Canterlot was a noble cause if I ever heard one. And if your description of yourself is accurate, you’d be the one I have to thank for saving Rainbow Dash back at the camp ground.
  • The next time we see Godzilla Junior and Princess Luna together is Luna coming to investigate him after overhearing some words from the doctors. She sees what he looks like without his Healing Factor active, absolutely riddled in old battle scars. The sight is so different from the powerful juggernaut of a unicorn or kaiju she'd seen him as it leaves her dumbstruck for a time. When Junior is revealed to be awake, he's cautious around Luna; but relaxes when she reveals she came to thank him for helping save Canterlot. The Commonality Connection while giving each other a scar inspection is very sweet when they realize they're actually a lot alike. They part with Luna giving him some dream magic to help him rest.
  • She might be a villainess, but the albino Hyper Gyaos finally having a happy moment in the Holiday Special warmed all the reader's hearts. It reached its apex upon her befriending and being helped by Sunset Shimmer after being turned into a human due to being in the Equestria Girls realm, the latter giving her the name, Irys.
    • When she worries that more Kaiju will be sent into this world and Sunset Shimmer will be endangered, [Harmony whispers to her that this will not happen.
    • And she forges a friendship with Monster X, who already has such relationships with Gigan and Megalon. Come later chapters we see all three have fully accepted Irys into their group.
  • The infant filly future Princess Cadance being adopted in a flashback. The tender mood and her illustrated adorableness gave all the readers diabetes.
  • After the fight against King Sombra, Princess Cadance and Xenilla seemed to have developed a mutual respect of sorts after saving the other's life several times in the conflict.
  • Mothra and Godzilla's interaction in the Valentine's Day special. Seeing the two finally relax in private and show some platonic, sibling like affection was adorable.
  • Though the actual meaning flew completely over Junior's head, Luna was honestly quite happy about getting some flowers.
  • While born out of Nightmare Fuel with her horrific visions, seeing Rarity quickly rush to Sweetie Belle's room to ensure she's okay shows that despite their bickering she cares the world for her little sister.
  • For a villainous example, even after X transforms into Kaiser Ghidorah and goes on a rampage, his teammates are still more concerned with his well-being.
  • Rodan pulling off an elaborate stunt show outside of town, just to entertain some eager children.
  • Captain Frost officially accepting Junior into the royal guard program, giving him his armor in a surprise ceremony as the rest of the guards cheer and applaud for him.
  • The princesses get bombarded with hate mail calling for Godzilla to be arrested, exiled, or executed, but Luna gets cheered up when she receives a letter from Mayor Mare asking for Godzilla to be made a full citizen of Equestria and be pardoned for all damages he caused in the defense of Canterlot.
  • When Aria Blaze manages to briefly calm down Kaizer Ghidorah, Harmony decides he's not irredeemable.
  • Destroyah very slowly but surely warming up to the CMC, even if she can't understand good emotions.
  • Ki Seong inviting Anguirius, a complete stranger, out of the rain.
  • The Mother's Day special summarizes Azusa Gojo and Godzilla Junior's relationship, namely how she accepted her role as his adoptive mother after he imprinted on her as a baby. We see them at several points in their lives, the last scene with a middle aged Azusa proudly watching as someone she openly called her "son", save both her and San Francisco from Trespasser.
  • Destroyah has become a filly of similar age to the CMC. In this body, she actually has a good time with them and gives them a real smile, which really affects them.
  • Star Swirl lightening up around the child Celestia and Luna in the flashback. Originally seeing them as strictly pupils, him eventually accepting them as children and needed to be cared for as such; acknowledging that kids will be kids is smile inducing.
  • Junior following Luna out after she goes out to visit her father-figure Star Swirl's grave. After stubbornly refusing to leave a friend in pain, she lets him stay and they have a heart to heart about their similar parent life. After some surprising words of wisdom and talk he manages to help calm her down. It really shows how far their views of each other from enemies to friends has come.
  • The three happiest moments of Rarity's life are: the day she got her Cutie Mark, the day she got her pet cat Opalescence, and the day Sweetie Belle was born.
  • Destroyah's character development as a whole with the CMC as for chapter 23. After getting over several hurdles, being around the three for so long seems to have finally warmed her up to them. The day ends with her putting her wing around them and cracking a small, honest smile in her adult form.
    • Earlier, when a young adult aged Destroyah clone gives Scootaloo a murderous look, the filly aged 'Destroyah Prime' doesn't hesitate for a moment to tackle her bigger doppelganger in the face and reabsorb her.
  • Blade Dancer managing to snap Xenilla out of his BSOD following his battle with King Sombra, stubbornly refusing to leave him alone while he's in pain despite his attempts to scare her off to lock himself out.
    • Xenilla, after managing to calm down a bit, calls Blade Dancer "Blades" and accepts her company. After nearly having a mental breakdown, he grows to appreciate and want Blade Dancer's company.
  • Prince Blueblood shows up to speak to Godzilla, and Captain Frost assumes it's to chew him out. Instead, Blueblood awards Godzilla a medal of honor as a thank you for saving the city and pledges a share of his family's funds will go to any further legal charges put against Junior and his allies in the defense of Equestria.
    • What is the icing on the cake here is that due to humanity's mixed views on him, this is probably one of the first times in 13 years of service Godzilla ever got a "Thank you." for risking life and limb for others.
  • The fact Princess Celestia managed to peacefully dismantle a would-be, Pro-Luna/Nightmare Moon violent uprising without a drop of blood or single buck being thrown is both awesome and heartwarming. It makes her 100% Adoration Rating make all the more sense.
    • What's more is Word of God stating the Lunar Guard was actually made out of the elites of the dismantled Night's Rebellion. This means Celestia not only forgave the rebels wholeheartedly, but the rebels were so won over by her they voluntarily doubled her protection force by joining it themselves without a hint of betrayal.
  • While she doesn't get along well with Adagio or Sonata and she's very aggressive about it likely due to Kaizer Ghidorah's energy influencing her, the reason Aria Blaze demands Monster X teach her how to use the kaiser energy is so she can protect her family.
  • Destroyah is now so at ease that she allows the CMC to ride on her.
  • After not trusting Rodan at first and being jealous of his speed, Rainbow Dash ends up bonding with him after they work together to save the weather factory from the Cloud Gremlins.
  • Monster X teaches Aria Blaze how to manipulate gravity to levitate, encouraging her to manipulate the gravitons like she was swimming when her attempting to mimic his method fails. She pulls it off and the homesick siren is hit with a nostalgia rush. When she wants to continue practicing to levitate, he allows her.
  • Lea making Twilight a necklace from one of her scales.
  • Despite being a Alpha Bitch, Adagio Dazzle does honestly care about her family to a degree. She just hides it a lot to appear aloof.
  • X asking Aria not to throw away her relationship with Adagio and Sonata just because of her grudge against Adagio.
  • When Irys returns to Zenith with news that she's discovered where Monster X is to her teammates, Gigan is hesitant to let them go after him. Megalon and Irys implore him that X is their friend and comrade, the latter repeating the wisdom Sunset Shimmer gave her and that she is not losing a second family. Gigan, who knows better than anyone how dangerous Kaizer Ghidorah is and wanting none of them having to go through what he did, thinks it over. At first it looks like he's going to deny them, but then-
    Gigan: "..This isn't a reunion run, it's a rescue mission. Come on."
  • X immediately telling Aria to get behind him when Enjin finally catches up to them.
  • Irys being reunited with Sunset again, then Irys hugging her and explaining it's okay when Sunset understandably mistakes Gigan for an intruder after he crashed into her bathroom. Despite not knowing what exactly is going on and having the trio literally crash into her house, Sunset Shimmer immediately agrees to help Irys, Gigan, and Megalon when they say their friend is in danger.
  • Flash Sentry helping the Rainbooms set up their music room, then asking them if Sunset is okay after she's been upset recently.
  • Adagio realizing how much of a dick she's been to her family lately and remembering her promise she made to her mother and aunt to protect them.
  • Harmony offering Bagan a chance to reform even after everything it's done, bringing up how much of a hero it once was. It didn't work, but points for trying. And even though she dropped her guard and offered it a hoofshake, it doesn't take the opportunity to strike her and simply lets her hoof down gently before walking away.
  • After they think Enjin is defeated and they are back to being enemies, X and Aria realize they can't bring themselves to hurt each other after Aria notes X's hands are shaking. They slowly approach each other and Aria gently reaches up and puts her hand on Monster X's face to start taking his mask off. If Enjin hadn't revived, they may have ended up kissing.
    • The fact Monster X is able to calm Aria down and get her so placid while she is amped up on the energy and traits of Kaizer Ghidorah, the most violent kaiju in the story, speaks a lot as to how far they've come.
  • And what does Aria do right after when she's snared by Enjin, with she and Monster X futilely trying to free herself? Put her faith in, and necklace on, Monster X and pushing him out of harm's way.
    Aria: "Don't lose."
  • Aria remembering the song her mother sang to her as a lullaby, which draws on The Power of Love instead of The Power of Hate. It was what saved her life the first time she met Kaizer Ghidorah, and what helps her save Monster X from Enjin and his own inner demons.
  • Monster X throughout the story has shown a desire for only one thing, his memories. He refers to himself by a placeholder while holding out for his real name, he swears loyalty to his new master in exchange for getting them back; and he expresses his frustration to Aria Blaze about not knowing who is he, how he got the way he is, or where he came from. Kaizer Ghidorah offers him their memories, everything X ever wanted, in exchange for letting Kaizer control their body. X turns him down flat, saying everything he's wanted isn't worth releasing a monster like Kaizer Ghidorah on his loved ones. Stating that they have to live for the present and stop chasing the past, Monster X fights back against Kaizer's influence for the first time. And with Aria Blaze's help, he wins this time.
    • The reveal that Kaizer Ghidorah's core memory and the reason for all his unending rage is a quiet moment he had with his wife, 011, back when he was an Xilian. At the very center of the monstrosity he's become is still a Heartbroken Badass trying to avenge his beloved.
  • X nearly has a breakdown while trying to revive an unresponsive Aria after he pulled her out of Enjin. Putting her necklace back on her, he's fighting back tears when a bit of red energy flows out of him into her necklace. With some quick thinking it's just enough to revive her. The red energy? X realizing he'd fallen in love with her.
    • After they calm down, X acknowledges she won their bet and allows her to see his face despite him being a bit scared at taking his mask off. She only does so with his approval and very gently strokes his scarred face. He then gives her a Headbutt of Love like he once did with Controller 011, but then she kisses him.
  • The wrapping up between Sunset Shimmer, the kaiju, and sirens is a parade of this.
    • Megalon and Sonata instantly becoming friends and bonding due to their mutual knowledge that they are in a story, then breaking up the Let's You and Him Fight situation that started between their two groups.
    • The fact Gigan and X refer to the other as their best friend. This admission helps convince the cautious Gigan that Kaizer Ghidorah isn't in control and that X is truly back.
    • X declaring that "X" is no longer a placeholder, but truly his name, before giving Gigan a forearm bump. note 
    • Adagio tearfully confessing her wrongs and owning up to her mistakes, only for Aria to yank her into a bear hug and say she forgives her cousin.
    • Irys reveals a sound Gyaos use to express affection, basically a bat equivalent to purring, hinting that her family, despite not being sentient and being cannibals, was capable of love. It was likely taught to her by her mother. And Irys does this while hugging Sunset Shimmer.
    • Monster X has numerous injuries after his fight with Enjin, including a broken leg that will give him a limp until he heals. First thing his teammates do upon him stepping back through the portal to Zenith? Megalon and Gigan prop him up and carry him while Irys holds onto his shoulders to keep them steady. Villainous Friendship at its best.
      • For the first time in a long time, X has a dream instead of a nightmare, and he can actually look forward to tomorrow.
    • Aria is eager to teach Adagio and Sonata her mother's song, hinting that the Sirens may not have to be villains much longer.
  • The otherwise wacky non-canon April Fools special does slow down for a moment to defend My Little Pony (G3) by Megalon pointing out that while different, it has its own charms and the fourth generation did owe a lot to it. This is demonstrated when G3 Pinkie Pie is giving Megalon, Sonata Dusk, and G4 Pinkie Pie a balloon ride across town, having hit it right off with her fourth generation counterpart and returning as much gag humor as she got.
    • In part 2. Just when it seems like the Darker and Edgier incarnations of the "Godzilla" franchise make it seem like the crossover the trio was trying to make happen was impossible, Pinkie Pie finds a note encouraging her to take a second look with the campier elements like the Showa series active again. She does, finds a common ground between it and "My Little Pony", and gets the crossover to happen with Sonata and Megalon's help. The person who wrote the note? Series creator, Tomoyuki Tanaka.
  • Anguirus convincing Spike that he has value and that he will grow up to be a great hero.
  • Anguurus recounting the time he gave up the chance to immediately gain his maximum potential to save Baragon's life. Power is worthless without his friends.
  • Small one, but when Fancy Pants asks Godzilla Junior if he has a last name; Junior doesn't break stride in giving himself Azusa Gojo's surname. After all, he is her son.
  • Princess Celestia and Mothra Lea arriving in time to calm Junior down when Moonbeam Glimmer almost made him blow his top.
  • Berry Punch giving Captain Frost and Junior free food and drinks as a thank-you for their actions during the Gyaos attack. Bonus points for her recognizing the disguised Junior and not raising any alarm, just happily serving them with a smile.
  • Xenilla referring to Destroyah as his Only Friend, as she was the only member of the Mutations who was actually loyal to him. She stayed with him when she found out he had only been using the Mutations as pawns to make the Defenders stronger, and he left her out of his Uriah Gambit.
    • The big reveal that all this time, Xenilla truly loved his brother and only wanted to make him strong enough to survive and defend Terra. That was the reason why he became an enemy for Junior to overcome.
    • Blade Dancer convincing Xenilla that it's not too late to make amends with Junior.
  • The reveal in chapter 32 that Princess Cadance is pregnant with this universe's version of Flurry Heart. Bonus is how Princess Celestia is the one to tell her and the utter joy Cadance feels.
  • Azuza Aoki arriving in Equestria to comfort her son after his breakdown fighting Xenilla, and encouraging Godzilla to forgive him. Crossing over with Awesome is how this was accomplished: a future Flurry Heart traveled back in time to try and avert a future where the war with Bagan devastated Equestria, including killing her parents, and saw this as the best way to do it. Afterwards, Azusa assures her that her parents would be proud of her.
    • Azusa just being "Azusa". Everywhere she went in her trek to Canterlot she got there by helping ponies along the way with their problems. First a stallion with a toothache, then the Cake twins playing with Gummy, and then a downtrodden Flash Sentry realize his own worth; before she finally gets to Canterlot to help her son. We definitely see where Junior gets his good morality from.
    • The fact Flash stopped to help a colt find his lost toy and then comfort the Cutie Mark Crusaders and take them home after they were crying because Destroyah wouldn't let them come with her to Canterlot. He's not a big Equestrian hero, but his heart certainly is big and in the right place.
    • Azusa gets her own, being able to finally understand what Godzilla Junior is saying. After twenty years she at last is able to hear her son's voice.
  • Xenilla affirming his friendship with Destroyah by giving her permission to stay in Equestria, where she's happy. Followed by him reminding her that Daisuke Serizawa didn't intend the Oxygen Destroyer, the device of Destroyah's origin, to be a weapon. But even when he did use it as such, it was to save lives. Just because Destroyah was born from the device doesn't make her a one-note villain or weapon.
  • Godzilla tracks down Moonbeam Glimmer after learning about her parents' deaths when she was a foal, and after comforting her over it, forgives her for her attempts to turn the public against him. She's so touched by all this she actually seems to change her mind about the Kaiju.
  • Princess Luna and Godzilla Junior's relationship in general is smile inducing. Ship Tease or two aside, the two certainly have come a long way from their first encounter over the course of twenty five chapters. Commonality Connection in regards to their life's missions, similar personalities, similar parent situations and sympathies, worrying about each other's flaws, and trusting each other in moments of vulnerability. Leaves little wonder why Azusa thought Luna was the perfect fit for a confidant to get her son to open up some and enjoy himself.
  • Unlike her canon counterpart, Luna decides to avoid subjecting herself to the Tantabus' nightmares as the memory of Junior's action of comforting her at Starswirl's tomb, which brought a blush and a shy smile from the Princess, allowed her to forgive herself. Knowing someone with similar problems to her own really helped her out of her anguish, something she then offers to do for Rarity.
  • Despite being reasonably mad at Xenilla for risking Cadence's life to defeat Sombra, both Cadence and Shining Armor are grateful towards Xenilla for saving the life of their unborn foal to the point of inviting him to live in the Crystal Empire.
  • Fluttershy, showing her marks as Element of Kindness, proposes that in-light of Monster X saving a pony's life and Xenilla and Destroyah's Heel–Face Turn; the other kaiju they encounter should be given the chance to surrender and not be killed on sight if that is possible. After some thought, Anguirus says he'd vouch for the plan if they get the chance, expressing that while he may not think it's do-able for the more manic or evil kaiju, Equestria's ability to induce change has given him proof enough to give it a chance. The other five kaiju agree.
  • "Christmas Special 2016":
    • Mirror Gigan may have been a big pervert to use his X-Ray Vision to see Mirror Mane-iac naked, but it was classy when he assures her that she's hot even with all of her scars, as she normally covers up her body out of shame.
    • Mirror Mane-iac slowly warming up to Mirror Gigan and accepting him as a friend.
  • Rainbow Dash and her mother love each other very much despite very different career paths and mannerisms.
  • Destroyah showing up to the airshow to support Rodan, though it's mostly because showing up made the CMC happy.
  • Despite being jerks, Gilda and Lightning Dust join the other flight teams in rescuing the civilians from the collapsing stadium without hesitation.
  • Bagan rewards his followers by altering their rooms to suit their tastes. For Monster X, his room changes to resemble the forest he trained with Aria in.
  • Ki Seong revealing she knew "Quill Coat" was really Anguirus all this time, and she's not mad or scared that he is a kaiju.
    • Gentle Leaf adores Anguirus, her hero. She hadn't stopped writing to Seong about him since the day he saved her, wears the quill he gave her in her hair; and dyed parts of her coat to emulate his look.
  • After initially finding the kid annoying, Junior bonds with Mariner Moon after finding she has a lot in common with his younger self. Drawing on the time he once spent with King Kong, he teaches her how to control the powers she copied from him, as well as important life lessons like being more aware of her surroundings and using her powers for the good of others. Later, when she learns he doesn't know how to use magic, she offers to teach him.
  • Applejack having unwavering faith that Winona can protect Gentle Leaf.
  • Ki Seong and Anguirus finally admitting their feelings and kissing.
    • After Applejack hip-checked Seong into Angurius to give them a metaphorical and literal nudge.
  • Chapter 38, Godzilla Junior and Princess Luna finally realize they've gone through enough progression to have grown feelings for each other independently. They're not in love just yet, that takes time, but they've both made up their minds to start it.
    • Luna's realization comes during a rather sweet, private sister chat with Celestia. Why did she start getting romantic affection for "Goji"? She's normal to him. He doesn't revere her as an alicorn or princess like the ponies do or make a big deal about her being a redeemed villain during her spat as Nightmare Moon, in fact he doesn't even seem to notice her status or past. They've seen each other at their best and their most vulnerable, and he's shown fondness for her just for being herself.
    • Junior's already realized the same for "Lulu", but was hesitant to try anything for fear it wouldn't last. Electra's tale about her parents short-lived but happy relationship helps convince himself to live for the day and seek the happiness or peace he's long deserved by now. Luna, someone he's bonded with a lot by now, has given him a reason to finally embrace the peace he has and live as happy as he can.
  • The Siren's Siring blog does confirm some truly heartbreaking implications such as the sirens' mothers being exiled from their homeworld and the sirens being born out of rape. But, despite tragic origins that set them on a Start of Darkness, the events of The Bridge actually changed their lives and circumstances for the better.
    • Adagio restored her relationship with her cousin and sister.
    • Aria found love with Monster X.
    • Sonata got her happiness back.
    • And together they seem to have averted their fate as villains of the band competition.
  • In a sick and twisted way, the reveal that Grand King Ghidorah doesn't actually hate Kaizer Ghidorah. He's even willing to risk his life to free him and allow him to take over Monster X's body, because he considers Kaizer a worthy successor to him.
  • Gigan reaffirming why he and Monster X are best friends.
    • Gigan doesn't and never has blamed Monster X for mauling him as Kaizer Ghidorah, demanding X not dare pity him for now being a cyborg.
    • Monster X trusts Gigan enough to protect the others from him if Kaizer emerges, even implying lethal options if needed. He trusts Gigan to be his own Godzilla Threshold. Gigan agrees... on condition X never stops fighting Kaizer either.
  • Monster X breaking open King Ghidorah's dome to try and rescue Marigold, coupled with Marigold realizing it's a trap for him and trying to warn him.
  • The Dark Hunters instantly flying into the fray to back-up Monster X and fight Grand King Ghidorah as a team.
  • Godzilla Junior and Chibi Moon's mentor-student relationship is just adorable.
    • Chibi Moon eagerly glomping her sensei's leg and asking if he's proud of her improved beam control.
    • Junior often acts professional around his student, but it's clear he enjoys her presence with small gestures like rubbing the top of her head or letting her rest in his mane.
  • Even while Nightmare a.k.a Shin Godzilla is on a rampage, the heroes have unwavering faith they can get through to Godzilla Junior.
    • An exhausted Xenilla seems to at first try and tackle his brother in a final gambit to keep him away from a downed Starlight Glimmer, but it's shown afterwards Xenilla was actually hugging him to try and comfort him.
    • Moonbeam Glimmer makes a passionate speech about how wrong she was initially about Junior, that he's always been good even if fate hasn't treated him kindly. She knows now how much of a Hurting Hero Junior is and pleads for him to give them another chance. She also does this while refusing to leave her sister behind no matter how much Nightmare Godzilla demands she move.
    • After a final plea by Chibi Moon, Nightmare Godzilla listens and quietly asks for Rarity to remove Nightmare from him. Junior has at last learned for forgive all those who've wronged him and move on, something no Godzilla has ever done. Seems Equestria brings out the best in folks.
  • Facing multiple systems failure and overwhelming force in the shape of Kaizer Ghidorah or not, Gigan is bound and determined to protect his little brother and his teammate Irys from the monstrosity; not hesitating for a moment to literally throw everything he's got and and then some back into the fray.
    • Seeing his brother going all out and manage to briefly fight Kaizer Ghidorah one on one, Megalon expresses nothing but awe and admiration which Gigan notices. The older cyborg might not be too affectionate and get annoyed with his successor, but his family seeing him fight at his best is a moment of pride for him.
  • After powering up enough to actually hurt and get the better of him, Gigan knowingly throws away a shot at giving Kaizer Ghidorah a killing blow and instead carves an "X" on his chest. Before getting knocked out, he trusts Megalon to try to get Kaizer to see his reflection. The sight allows Monster X to reawaken and fight back, just what Gigan was banking on.
  • Controller 011's soul reveals herself and finally convinces Kaizer Ghidorah to let go of his hate. Kaizer admits Monster X was the better man for being able to move on and willingly performs a Split-Personality Merge with him. The new X nervously assumes 011 would be mad at him for his new relationship with Aria Blaze, but she says her time has passed and he deserves to be happy with Aria. X then releases her to the afterlife.
    • What's more it's no amount of being beaten into submission that finally stops Kaizer Ghidorah's rampage, but by Monster X forgiving and accepting him. Bringing Kaizer up to his level rather than trying to put him down again. In the end Kaizer is never defeated, he willingly surrenders for the sake of others after realizing what he'd done.
  • Junior implies he no longer sees Destroyah as an enemy despite her role in his father's death when he asks Rarity to find her to help him face Ghidorah.
  • Godzilla Junior's retort to Grand King Ghidorah's rant about how he's made use of his power for the betterment of others rather than using that strength to demand others serve and worship him? A simple but oh so true statement given the incarnation.
    • Followed up shortly after by him finally calling himself what he always has been despite all his fears denying him the chance. Azusa Gojo and Godzilla Senior didn't just not raise a monster, they raised a hero.
  • Xenilla channeling The Power of Love against Grand King Ghidorah to make the final push to allow Junior to land the decisive blow, showing how far Xenilla has come.
    • Doubly so given in his time during the King Sombra Arc, Xenilla was the one deriding The Power of Love as a manipulative and destructive force. Now, he's not only relying on it but encouraging others to use it.
  • Godzilla Sr. briefly returning from beyond the grave to help his sons destroy the King of Terror once and for all.
  • The awesome video Final Epoch serves as a loving send-off for Grand King Ghidorah. How does he finally meet his end? Content and with his affairs in order, dying as peacefully as someone like him can. A loving send off to a franchise major villain of 50 years.
    • In a weird, weird way it's actually kind of nice to see Grand King Ghidorah finally died content and at peace in the face of his end, achieving what he wanted in the end with all his affairs in order. The song itself "In the End" represents this with a warm send off instead of a condemnation.
  • Junior calls Xenilla "Icka'brod", finally acknowledging him as his brother. Thinking they're facing their end, the two brothers share a laugh.
  • Quickly followed by all of the main cast pulling a Catch a Falling Star to slow down and redirect the falling and unconscious Godzilla Junior and Xenilla. When they started out in the story, Destroyah was a dire enemy of Rodan, Mothra Lea, and Anguirus. Here? She doesn't hesitate for a moment to help them, even if one of the kaiju she's saving was the first enemy she ever made. And what happens when four kaiju aren't enough? The alicorn sisters and Mane 6 all pile in to help out ever way they can. Thanks to the combined effort of twelve heroes, Xenilla and Junior survive the fall and everypony embraces in a laughing mess in Sugarcube Corner.
    • In the end Godzilla Senior's spirit watches over both his sons with pride, having gotten the chance to fight by their side and see them victorious. Not only vindicating Junior's and Azusa's admission that he'd be proud of his adoptive son, but legitimizing Xenilla note  as his progeny.
  • For a "Bring Your Parent to School" day event at the Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns, Mariner Moon's parents weren't able to come on account of distance, so Godzilla Junior went with her in their stead.
  • The Sirens are now popular singers who use their songs to evoke positive feelings in the audience. One of their love songs inspires Dean Cadence and Shining Armor to finally get engaged.
    • During the song, Adagio let Aria take the lead during a piece. Back in the Enjin Arc, Aria always noted how Adagio's domineering attitude always had the eldest siren put herself in the lead. It seems Adagio's Break the Haughty after nearly losing her cousin resulted in lasting changes for the better!
  • This entire chapter is essentially the end to the Hesei Era. All of the remaining "loose ends" of the Hesei series concluded in one of the most amazing fashions. To the Godzilla series, Senior aided his two sons and watched and content that they became Kings in their own right. To the Mothra Leo series, Grand King Ghidorah finally destroyed and was at peace meeting a Worthy Opponent. To the Gamera series, Irys became a better Kaiju than her other counterpart as she took on the role of Gamera and the other Guardians by saving a comrade.
  • One might think crossing over Godzilla as a franchise with a franchise like My Little Pony makes little sense, but it shines through in the chapter in Godzilla Junior and Monster X / Kaizer Ghidorah. The moral of forgiveness inspired by the Hasbro series is ultimately what saves Junior by allowing him to make amends with Xenilla to finally stop Grand King Ghidorah. Monster X realizes the constant fighting with Kaizer Ghidorah was pointless and needed to break the cycle of conflict by forgiving Kaizer and offering him a better life. This finally helps Kaizer stop being The Berserker and own up to what he'd done, acknowledging X is the "better half" and fusing back with him. Had the crossover been with nearly any other series, it couldn't have been resolved in such a way.
  • Xenilla in "Critical Research Failure" shows his growth in character development by instantly jumping to Canterlot's defense during the invasion, doing an elaborate interrogation to get the cure Cadance and Flurry Heart need, and healing Tempest Shadow's horn after she does a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Grubber is shown to be loyal to Tempest as her Only Friend. When Tempest notes she's not going to work for Storm King anymore, Grubber eagerly desserts with her and gets the Yeti troopers to follow suit. When Tempest proposes they could salvage the ships and become legal privateers, Grubber immediately announces she's the new Captain and he's the new First Mate.
    • After helping in the reconstruction of the city under the attack, Blade Dancer tells Xenilla that she’s proud of how far he’s grown. Xenilla openly admits that he changed for the better thanks to her and she tenderly holds his cheek while acknowledging him as an Equestrian.
  • In A Kaiju Carol, Past
    • We find Xenilla has a gained a new Red Baron title after becoming the guardian of the Crystal Imperial Royal Family and reconciling with his brother, "Protector of the Throne".
    • Godzilla Junior has apparently become something of an icon hero for many children across Equestria.
    • Xenilla, after realizing he botched it with Blade Dancer by making them debate the point of a holiday on Hearth's Warming, spends hours upon hours of time trying to study the holiday to understand it and make it up to her.
    • One of Xenilla's happiest memories was waking up from the coma he fell into after being defeated by Senior and Moguera, afraid Terra had already been destroyed, and finding that beautiful blue ball was still standing.
  • The Dark Hunters do everything in their power to save Gigan from his injuries. Megalon then prays to Bagan, saying he's not sure if he's really a god, but he's the first master to have given him something worth believing in. Bagan, not because he cares, but because he is still useful, answers his prayer and heals Gigan.
    • Before being revived, Gigan's actions had made him worthy enough to enter Harmony's realm with the deity reaching out to and comforting him before he gets recalled.
  • Mothra Lea and Destroyah showing in their own ways, how much they care about Junior and Xenilla while they are recovering.
  • Chibi Moon says Flash Sentry has been taking care of her and walking her to school in Junior's absence.
  • When Junior tells Chibi Moon that he doesn't have to eat and he just needs sunlight, she turns on a sun lamp she brought. He appreciates the gesture enough not to tell her its light is not nearly powerful enough to feed on, letting her stay with him and study.
  • Also a funny moment, Junior accidentally peeps on Xenilla and Blade Dancer snuggling in bed together.
  • Sunset Shimmer is finally reunited with Princess Celestia. Despite Sunset Shimmer convinced she was a colossal failure, Princess Celestia asserts that she always worried about Sunset and even kept her old room in order should she ever return. After reconciling and Sunset asserting she wants to remain in the Equestria Girls realm to fix some past mistakes, Celestia gives her a magic book to contact her with so they don't lose touch again.
  • Realizing Starlight Glimmer is both serious in wanting to atone and very similar to herself, Princess Luna makes her her student to guide her in responsibly using dark magic.
  • Bagan of all characters has one where it chooses to spare and aid it's most loyal soldiers, repairing and saving Gigan from the brink of death despite having no real cause to. For an Omnicidal Maniac blatantly called an avatar of extinction, it seems to have grown fond of the Dark Hunters in its own way.
  • After a time skip, even if he's terrifying in how he does it, Monster X is determined to bring Sonata Dusk's attacker to justice and get her help. The Sirens have allowed him to stay in their home in the meantime. And before we can speculate Monster X is on a mission and is pulling another Enemy Mine with them, he confirms to Aria his promise to avenge Sonata is a promise to the Sirens, not his master.
    • Aria Blaze blushes and gets slightly flustered and annoyed at realizing the reason Monster X was in such a rush to return back to their home was his worry for them after Sonata's attack.
  • A Kaiju Carol, Present
    • Granny Smith telling her family the story of how she and her husband got together, apparently his attempts to woo her inspired a "12 Days of Christmas" like song. More of the Apple Family like Babseed and the Oranges also visit for the holiday.
    • Xenilla gets to see Chibi Moon hanging out with Junior and Luna, and for a second, he sees them as his brother, Luna as his brother's mate, and Chibi Moon as their daughter; realizing it's something Junior always wanted. Equestria really did give Junior a chance at love and feeling like a father he was denied on Terra.
    • Doubly so, the reason Junior and Luna are spending Hearth's Warming walking along the streets with Chibi Moon is because it's a family tradition with her parents. Since they're far away in Neighpon, Luna and Junior volunteered to step in so she wouldn't feel homesick.
    • After this, he finally starts to understand the spirit of the holiday.
  • A Kaiju Carol, Yet to Come
    • The possible vision of the future showing the remembrance of the late Granny Smith and Mariner Moon's parents. The Apple Family in hosting a big holiday party with the Oranges and Grand Pear in attendance, ending in an older Apple Bloom and Grand Pear putting Zap Apple jam at a tree planted in her honor. Mariner Moon's teammates along with Godzilla Junior and Princess Luna quietly escort a grown Chibi Moon to her parent's shrine, breaking up the grief by jokingly reenacting her mother and father's antics.
    • The Reveal the Spirit of Hearth's Warmings Yet to Come took the form of Godzilla Senior. Regardless of it was real or not, the projection of Senior ignores Xenilla's outburst at seeing Blade Dancer's grave and embraces his son; giving him some kind wisdom to seize the day and while death comes for us all eventually it's the memories we leave behind that last.
    • Xenilla uses his crystal powers to make artificial snow, then a playground with a slide that resembles Junior's true form. He then provides a crib for when Flurry Heart is born.
    • Xenilla gives Blade Dancer the book she had been reading around the time they first met. She then kisses him Under the Mistletoe. It’s implied that they become an official couple after this chapter and lovingly sleep together as Blade Dancer's Hearth’s Warming present.
  • Anguirus, not anticipating Mothra and Twilight would actually need his help during their deployment to the Equestria Girls world, planned to use his necessitated stay in the Crystal Empire to be with Ki Seong and Gentle Leaf after hearing they'd never been there. Junior brought along Chibi Moon for the same reason.
  • Sonata's sickly, hurt, vulnerableness causes just about any character who meets her to want to help or protect her.
    • The moment Twilight sees her, she instantly is overcome with sympathy and later pledges to help her despite being found to be innocent of her counterpart's wrongdoing. Sonata herself is flummoxed as to why Twilight would want to help her despite owing her nothing, to which Twilight replies that she helps her friends.
    • In the five days since, Megalon has been acting as Sonata's bodyguard and caretaker, constantly keeping a perimeter to check for her safety as well as making his friend's happiness a priority.
  • Gigan might not particularly like the sirens, but he is willing to afford them protection because of how Aria and X are romantically involved and Sonata and Megalon have hit it off so well.
  • Unlike in the canon, due to Took a Level in Kindness, Aria and Adagio don't whip the school up into exaggerated competitiveness and derail the musical showcase into a Battle of the Bands. They stoke the competition flames enough to get everyone fired up, but because the motive behind them coming to Canterlot High has changed they don't need to stir everyone into a frenzy.
  • Subdued as it was and excusing it away as saying it would draw attention to him, Adagio instantly picks up on Gigan having blood on his forehead and wipes it off with veiled concern for him.
  • Pinkie Pie rushing off when she sensed someone being sad, homing in on Sonata and throwing her a surprise party to help cheer her up.
  • In the Halloween chapter
    • Junior meets the Showa Godzilla...who's Senior's Alternate Self from a timeline where the Futurians never meddled in the timeline while Junior is Minya's from the main timeline, and are able to recognize one another as such. Thus Junior gets to meet a version of his father who was able to forgive humanity while still alive and the Showa Godzilla gets to see the powerful monster his son can become. While things get very dark and intense, it stands out as an extremely heartwarming moment.
    • Zilla Junior being treated as ever bit as awesome as the Godzillas present, from his close friendship with Godzilla Junior to gaining the respect of Gojira and Showa Godzilla.
    • From the same special, Miana and even the typically grumpy Maina feeling such joy when they realize Zilla Junior, Godzilla Junior, Gojia, and the Showa Godzilla are intentionally protecting them from Godzilla Earth. It all goes to Hell-In-A-Handbasket after, but the relief they feel at believing their goddess Mothra sent four of her champions to save them is more uplifting than anything from the Anime movies.
  • In the Winter special
    • Wysteria's Gaea form is shown to be beautiful and she acts as kind as her beauty implies. A toddler age Flash Sentry and Applejack think she's an angel.
    • Wysteria helping promote the growth of a beautiful tree above the graves of the Apple Sibling's parents after spending part of the night with a young Applejack at the sight.
    • Wysteria goes above and beyond her predecessors by doing several things no Gaea Everfree before her did. She befriended Harmony. The goddess had spent who knew how long alone after her falling out with Grogar and having to be separated from her daughters, and a mortal woman with a strong moral compass proved to be exactly who she needed.
    • Unlike the previous Gaea Everfree, who either lived alone or never told their families about their abilities, Wystria trusted her loved ones with her secret. She revealed herself to her husband-to-be the night before their wedding, not wanting to keep it from him if he intended to marry her. Salty Sentry, while surprised at first, understood and brought her into a kiss. It's then heavily implied she made love to him while in her Gaea form. They planned on telling Gloriosa and Timber when they were of age.
    • Despite the tragic loss of her friend's life, Harmony kept her promise to Wysteria that if Gloriosa was to succeed her mother as Gaea Everfree, she'd ensure Gloriosa wasn't alone. By the end of the special, we cut to the present with an impromptu holiday celebration for Sonata with Adagio inviting Gloriosa to join in. Gloriosa has befriended the sirens, Twilight, and the Dark Hunters; getting a hug from Sonata, some party food from Twilight, and a thank-you from Gigan after she helped him.
  • In Chapter 47, Peachy Keen a.k.a Princess Celestia is doubting her worth to helping the heroes with the threat of the sirens and enemy kaiju when she's reduced down to a magicless teenager. Godzilla Junior is adamant she's not a liability and still has a vast amount of experience and magic knowledge that no one else has. When the Rainbooms want to learn how to use their magic, he basically steps in to act as her hype-man to convince her there could be no better possible magic teacher for them; something Sunset Shimmer is keen to agree with.
  • In The second Halloween Special:
    • Mothra Lea trusts Destroyah enough to ask her to guard her while Lea puts herself into a trance.
    • Destroyah is willing to sacrifice herself like her "father" did to save the CMC.
    • Rather than run, realizing that Destroyah won't make it out without help, the CMC desperately try and use their magic to charge her up so she can take on her Kaiju form, refusing to let her down. With help from Giranbo's previous victim's spirits, they succeed.
    • After the battle, Destroyah is scared that the CMC will be frightened of her true form. Instead, they say she looks cool and Scootaloo says next year, she'll go as her true form for Nightmare Night.
    • After Giranbo is defeated, Destroyah destroys the mass grave in her realm, allowing the spirits of her victims to finally head to the afterlife. While the adults comfort and guide the children on wards, regardless of their species, they all thank the Kaiju and fillies for freeing them. Among them are three G-Force soldiers who fought against Destroyah in 1995 who perished a year after by Giranbo. They forgive and salute her before escorting the kids they died trying to save.
    • The relief of the parents and relatives of the stricken foals when Giranbo is defeated and their spirits return to their bodies.
    • After the other spirits depart to the afterlife, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa's ghost appears and meets his "daughter" for the first, and likely last, time. The guilt and dread that had been holding his spirit for decades, represented by his diving suit Jacob Marley Apparel is shed and his eye is restored. Back in the apperal of the medical doctor he always wanted to be, he begins crying Tears of Joy at how he had finally succeeded at creating a force for good that would benefit the world thanks to the CMC's influence on Destroyah. He then accompanies the last of Giranbo's child victims into the afterlife, finally passing out of the mortal coil.
  • Gigan and Adagio Dazzle coming to an understanding. Ship Tease or two aside, it's clear that while they might not especially be best friends, they do hold a great amount of respect for one another and acknowledge their similarities as older siblings trying to protect their family.
    • It's made pretty clear the passive insults they throw at each other are actually terms of endearment.
  • Adagio and Gigan in separate instances saying exactly what Gloriosa needed to hear when faced with fear and uncertainty regarding her growing powers. While not especially warm and friendly, their separate ways of being very to-the-point and direct with the message of preserving identity in light of change was just the ticket.
  • Chapter 48 has a bunch for a surprisingly dark arc
    • Princess Twilight, having spent time with the sirens to descern they aren't a threat nor evil anymore, uses her title to give Adagio a gift. Should they promise to not cause any trouble, she'll be more than happy to vouce for them to return to Equestria. It leaves the typically prideful Adagio at a loss for words. All their struggle to get back to their birthplace, and Twilight just offers it to them free of charge. While she does need to think about it, it's obvious the Princess of Friendship's kindness and generosity affected her.
    • Both Irys and Anguirus, moved by the discovery of their relation as Guardian Beasts, openly consider the other their sibling. They seperately make motions with their teams to spare the other from any conflict.
    • Adagio Dazzle furthers the Defrosting the Ice Queen trend she's been on by privately acknowledging she has come to appreciate and respect Twilight Sparkle and Gloriosa Daisy, seeing the princess and human had no reason to help them and yet have not failed to do so.
    • The human Rainbow Dash and Applejack, after getting instruction from Godzilla Junior on how to use their physical based powers properly, happily call him "Sensei". Celestia is keen to compliment him that he's a natural instructor, though Junior returns it by saying he learned it by watching her.
    • The Rainbooms at the concert start the counterspell to stop the Dazzlings' show, but are surprised when Eventide Hymn happily joins in on their song number. Shocked at first, they roll with it and all have a blast.
    • While Adagio Dazzle initially takes the Rainbooms as a threat and forcefully tries to dominate them off stage in a song battle, Sunset stops her. Not by fighting her, but the opposite. Through her empathy abilities glimpsing some of Adagio's history and her own past, she makes a plea to Adagio to stop through song. With Eventide's help, Adagio is moved and actually relents. The Rainbooms and Dazzlings actually join together in a song powered by the Magic of Friendship.
    • Aria Blaze takes her relationship with X seriously enough she's been scoping out places to take him on dates, like a favorite sea food resturant.
    • Aria beating Sci-Twi within an inch of her life shouldn't normally count, but it shows the reader how much Aria cares for Sonata.
    • Godzilla Junior has Irys at his mercy several times but earnestly agreed to Anguirus' terms and keeps going for trying to capture or convince her to come with him. Even after getting seriously hurt in a fight against her and Gigan, but having an ample chance to kill them both after morphing into his kaiju form; he stays his hand.
    • This similarly, impacts Irys and Gigan after they have a chance to catch their breath and get out of fight-or-flight mode. Gigan feels responsible for the avoidable fight and actually feels slightly ashamed after Godzilla spares him.

    The Bridge: Sound of Thunder 
  • Raiga and Mirror Universe Starlight Glimmer's growing friendship over the course of the story. Starting at merely grouping together for convenience to risking their life to protect and aid the other.
  • While it doesn't affect the monster king due to it being the wrong Godzilla Junior, Raiga's pleading for an explanation of what's going on from Mirror!Godzilla Junior and thinking he can sort this out shows how highly she thought of her faction leader.
  • The Mirror Universe's Lightning Dust instantly dropping what she was doing to help Starlight Glimmer, whom is evidently an old friend of her's, to save Raiga's life in the Battle at Manehattan. Moralities might be flipped, but heroes still exist in the opposite world.

    The Bridge: A Shimmer in the Dark 
  • Rodan agreeing to help Princess Sunset Shimmer despite her insufferable behavior because he feels he owes it to his world's Princess Celestia to assist her counterpart.
  • When Sunset Shimmer goes stiff at the sight of Mircalla, Rodan doesn't hesitate to grab her and fall back to safety.
  • Sunset Shimmer saves Rodan's life by healing him with her magic, acting much nicer to him after getting through her haughtiness. They end up curling up next to each other during some much needed rest.
  • Sunset Shimmer being able to forgive Mircalla for killing her mother after she explains her side of the story.

    The Bridge: Phoenix Night 
  • Rodan using the vast amount of stars in the night sky as a metaphor to tell a grieving Phoenix Flamez that she is not alone.
  • Rodan actually agreeing to join Phoenix on the stage for the dance, much to the shock of the town.

    The Bridge: Building Bridges 
  • The whole story, which is nothing but romantic fluff between popular pairings!
  • Anguirus likes the way Ki Seong smiles and laughs. He kisses her hoof, and as he leaves, she squeals like a lovestruck schoolgirl.
  • Aria Blaze and Monster X do not fully understand each other's signs of affection (a passionate kiss and a Headbutt of Love), but they understand the meaning behind it well enough to enjoy it.
  • Xenilla is sincere about wanting to protect the Crystal Empire, so he starts studying defensive spells. When Blade Dancer brings up Cadance's pregnancy, he actually becomes worried about the unborn baby's health, so the pair shop for various supplies and foods for Cadance. Xenilla also says he likes Blade Dancer for her maturity and intelligence. Blade Dancer likes Xenilla for his hidden care and compassion which he is starting to bring out.
  • Princess Luna and Godzilla Junior's relation at this point in the story can be summed up in one motion. Repeating the motion from chapter 17 where they briefly reenact their mutual Scar Survey. Whereas others would see something humbling about the King of the Monsters being marked up or a blemish on the Night Alicorn's form with her scar, they instead see someone very much like themselves.

    The Bridge: The Eclipse Times 
  • The Founders of Equestria trying to care for the grief stricken and magically ill Princess Celestia, noting she's not an adult at this time; she just looks like one due to her abnormal growth rate and is a traumatized teenager.
  • Knight Shroud and his inner circle, despite holding rallies seemingly against Princess Celestia are only doing because they want answers at to what really happened with Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon. When Trot comes under attack, they remain loyal to Equestria and got help.
    • Knight Shroud, despite starting the movement and having been accidentally attacked by her, vouches for Princess Celestia when a new recruit badmouths her.
  • Ardent Sentry rushing to Commander Hurricane's side after he's too wounded by Queen Chrysalis to keep fighting. While Ardent is putting on Hurricane's armor and weapon to carry on the battle, they silently come to an understanding and Hurricane's suspicions about Ardent are confirmed by her. She's his daughter.

    The Sentry Legacy 
  • First thing Captain Stalwart Sentry does after the Foal Mountain dragon attack? Rush home to hold his son, doubles as Tear Jerker when he breaks down crying over worry and grief that he couldn't save the Glimmer Sister's parents.
    • Flash Sentry's first ever good deed? He was a baby. Helping comfort his distressed father by hugging him and saying his first word.
      Baby Flash: "Aabuu aaahaya.. addya… Dah-di. Dah-dy!"
  • While the kids are playing, baby Starlight Glimmer accidentally teleports down a hill and hurts her horn. Flash blows on and kisses the horn, just like his mother would do whenever he hurt himself, then leads her back up the hill to Sunburst and her parents. This is enough to make Stalwart smile, which his comrade Fancy Pants notes that he has not done in a long time.
  • Flash Sentry constantly stopping and doubling back to help ponies he finds along the way, despite being late for a meeting.
  • Flash finally realizing that he's put his ancestors on too high a pedestal. His ancestors were all ordinary ponies like him who became heroes because they did the right thing, something he does all the time.

    The Bridge: Hocus Smo'cus 
  • Sonata Dusk interprets Halloween as a holiday representing love. Why? Because parents are trusting strangers, who have no obligation to do anything, to feed their children.
  • The Sirens put on a special Halloween performance, and Adagio lets Sonata take the lead.

    The Bridge: Tales of the Amalgam'verse 
  • "Godzilla meets Gorgo"
    • Reason Orka gave Godzilla Junior a lot of trouble besides her own power? Because after he got shoved into the Tower Bridge, Junior put himself at risk by using one hand to steady and hold up the road so the people could get off in time.
    • Captain Ryan going through a Heel–Face Turn after realizing part of the mess was his fault and assisting in getting Gorgo free so the fighting can stop.
    • The story actually ends on a happier note than the Gorgo movie despite Godzilla Junior showing up in the middle of Orka's rampage into London. Most of the fighting was contained to the Thames, Captain Ryan, First Officer Slade, and Sean all survive, Gorgo and Orka are reunited, and Godzilla Junior guides them to Solgell Island to live in peace. Everyone Lives.
  • "Children of the Old King" takes place five years before The Bridge. Godzilla Junior and Xenilla both home in on New Birth Island at the same time tracking another of their species, who turns out to be their "sister" Biollante. Rather than escalate the first into a three way free-for-all, she pulls the two apart, shows them the destruction the battle was causing her island; and sets to fixing it. While it may have been caused by not wanting to risk agitating Biollante and causing a 2v1, the brothers were willing to honor their sister's wish to make the island tied to all three of them the Truce Zone. It was the first time in history all of Godzilla Senior's "children" were together and there was no battle despite occurring in the middle of the Defender-Mutation war.
  • "Godzilla meets King Kong"
    • Focus is entirely on a toddler aged Junior who wandered off and found his way to Skull Island, first thing he does is try to play with some natives. Then when a Skullcrawler attacks, he takes time to try and carry them out of harm's way despite the Skullcrawler being large and dangerous enough to kill him if it gets the chance. Then Kong shows up and saves him and the villagers, prompting little Junior to instantly like him.
    • The villagers begin to honor the growing Junior like a guest, nodding their heads to him in respect as he follows and learns from Kong.
    • Kong actually starts to warm up to little Junior and like his company after a few weeks, even being a bit impressed when Junior manages to make it all the way up to his mountain lair, while Junior almost idolizes the older kaiju. After Junior saves the villagers from Gaw and kills the giant Death Runner with Kong's own move, Kong is outright proud (though doesn't show it externally) and helps him tend to his wounds.
    • When Godzilla Senior finally finds them, Junior prevents him and Kong from fighting by simply telling him that Kong is his friend and teacher. Senior thanks him and leaves with his son. The Skull Island natives honor Junior by adding him to their pantheon.
    • The story then ends with a tribute to the series' creators, in note saying that similar to Kong and Junior, Tomoyuki Tanaka (creator of Godzilla) studied Merian C. Cooper (creator of King Kong) and became a master in his own right.
    • The concurrently released one-shot "Babysitter" makes the quote about masters and students note  serve as a Call-Forward with Junior honoring his "sensei" King Kong by mentoring Chibi Moon.
  • "Monster X vs. Ultraman Belial"
    • Despite the Xilians becoming conquerors with corrupt leadership, we get glimpses that the average Xilian is still capable of good when the evacuation from Belial's attack occurs as we see soldiers, public servants, and normal citizens doing all they can to help others escape; even non-Xilians. It helps motivate Ultrawoman Corona to fight to her last breath trying to protect them, rejecting Belial's condemnation of weaker species.
    • Blue Ultra energy attacks harm evil but heal good, and when Corona does so it ends up healing Monster X while harming Belial. Even centuries before the time of the main story, X was still good deep down.
  • "Lord of Sorna"
    • Dr. Wu puts all his trust and hopes in his final creation, a genetically engineered Spinosaurus to balance the Isla Sorna ecosystem as its apex predator. When it hatches, he gives up his original intent to be hands off with it and helps it out of its egg, causing it to imprint on him and see him as its father. Wu holds up the then kitten-sized infant and recites a line from Julius Caesar.
    • The two are reunited years later where the Spinosaurus, now nicknamed "Snoke", is present during the Ingen team's evacuation. Creator and creation regard each other for a time, before calmly walking away in different directions without a word being needed.
  • "First Friend"
    • Io Shinoda, a shy, reserved little psychic girl has had it rough. Her single father has to work a lot, she's a social outcast amongst the other children on account of her late mother, behavior, and age; and gets into trouble a lot. But her interest in the young Godzillasaur at the same research institute leads to her befriending the future Godzilla Junior as their mutual first friend.
    • Azusa Gojo proving her observational credentials in recognizing Io's loneliness problem and arranging to let her spend her after-school time with her in the dinosaur paddock so both she and her saurian charge have company.
    • Junior letting Io ride on his back like he's a big scaly horse after she lets him out of his paddock.
    • The scene Io and the currently unnamed Junior sitting down and figuring out a name for him. Extra points for when, upon learning what the word means and seeing him worry, Io steadfastly assuring he's Azusa's son not her pet.

    The Bridge: the Eternal Dilemma 
  • Harmony and Bagan, mostly by the will of the former but also the receptiveness of the latter, gradually evolving from a tense standoff to coming within spitting distance of being friends.
  • Bagan, in a self depreciating moment, laments Harmony is afraid of it because they represent what Harmony could become. Harmony corrects it, stating she only fears herself. They on the other hand? She feels pity for them and wishes she had met them back when they were Reijuu. Why? Because she hoped they could have been friends.
    • Bagan, privately in its own thoughts, laments that the goddess was right. Even if it would mean living in ignorance for some time by its standards, Bagan does wish Harmony was able to meet it 70,000 years ago before its Face–Heel Turn. They agree they could've been friends and grieve that time has passed.
  • Morbid as it is, Bagan fascination and awe at meeting a being like itself at long last made it change its mind. It now never wants to kill Harmony, just encourage her to accept what they define as an inevitability and make a Face–Heel Turn so they wouldn't be alone.

    The Bridge: Birthday Bash! Chibi Moon's Quest for Cake! 
  • Chibi Moon goes on a cross-country and cross-dimensional trip to get the ingredients for the perfect birthday cake for Junior.
  • The fact that everyone she meets takes time out of their busy schedule to give her an ingredient for the cake, not minding her dropping in on them.
    • Meta, but seeing some familiar faces we haven't spent much time with recently is a lovely recap for those who've read the story since the beginning.
  • The typically very crass and very foul-mouthed Mirror'verse Gigan changing his behavior soon as he notices a child (Chibi) is present, stopping himself from swearing and behaving rather kindly. He might be a jackass, but a "main man" doesn't disrespect around a "lil' lady".
  • Chibi Moon being adorable enough to cause multiple trained and disciplined royal guards, including Blade Dancer, to drop their professional sides to squeal and pamper her. Many of them noting how she's their compatriot's protege.
  • After running into the April Fools versions of Pinkie, Megalon, and Sonata, Chibi Moon expresses her doubts that she will be a worthy successor to her mother as a Senshi. They give her a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech and say she will be all right because she won't have to take on evil alone.

    The Lost World RPG 
  • The team opting to help the female Suchomimus whom they find, removing the snare around her legs. The dinosaur, nicknamed Castiel, turns out to be a Gentle Giant and leaves them unharmed. When a Carnotaurus tries to rush the team, Castiel comes to their rescue and fights it off.
  • The team returning Puppy, the infant Tyrannosaurus to his father. Unlike in canon because the team was quick to move afterward, the father Tyrannosaurus rex leaves them unmolested.
  • The ending of the RPG. Bio-Syn was stopped, Isla Sorna was kept stable, all of the team lived with only some scars to show for it, and everyone is relaxing at a resort together in the end. Back on Isla Sorna, Castiel was revealed to have survived her wounds and had children with Snoke.

  • The Terra Defenders as a whole. They were different in terms of their origins, species, shapes and sizes. However that didn't stop them from coming together when the world was in peril by threats unlike any other. After that, all of them settled on an island they called home and lived there in harmony. Not only were they True Companions, they were a family.
  • On Terra, some people have grown to accept and welcome the heroic kaiju wholeheartedly. The citizens of Manhattan affectionately refer to Zilla Junior as their big "Guard Lizard" and treat him as a well beloved, living landmark for the city. And if what Azusa Gojo said is taken into account along with events from Humanity's stand, it becomes clear the decision to fire upon Solgell Island in the intro chapter was not well received.
  • Word of God and mentions confirming that after the events of the Amalgam'verse's version of Godzilla 2000, Yuki Ichinose became widower Yugi Ichinose's Second Love and Io Shinoda's Good Step Mother.
  • In incorporation of the Sailor Moon content for Neighpon and the reveal Harmony created the Silver Crystal just like she had the Elements of Harmony and Crystal Heart. The fact 50 generations of Celestial Guardians have existed shows Equestria is a world of the The Chosen Many.

  • Many of the story's readers are G-fans with little exposure to My Little Pony and MLP fans with little exposure to kaiju properties. "The Bridge" introduced the two groups together and many went on to become fans of the other franchise, literally "bridging" many in the two fandoms while also acting as a focal point for many already in both groups.
  • The story has been attacked and had its detractors for keeping a lighter tone and not going for straight up horror or grimdark like what many G-fans insist Godzilla stories should be. Tarbtano posted a blog detailing why he disliked most of the grimdark genre and what typically he finds wrong with it, with the key points that being "grim and edgy" doesn't automatically make a story good. A surprise appearance was made by Kkat, the author of Fallout: Equestria. Despite writing a fandom juggernaut that is often hailed as the magnum opus of MLP grimdark, she agreed with Tarbtano and linked her own blog entry on a similar matter.
  • During the animated Q&A video, Tarbtano and Faith mention some comments bashing Flash Sentry and asking them not to include him in the fic, and even bitching about his brief, line-less cameo in the Holiday Special. The two said while Flash may not be perfect, they don't understand why so many fans hate him so much. Faith mentioned the scene in Equestria Girls where Flash didn't laugh at Twilight Sparkle's awkward dancing and instead joined her, calling it one of the sweetest things she had ever seen. Also, one of the questions asked how Tarbtano and Faith knew each other. Tarbtano replied, "It's simple. She's my pookie."
    • Tarbtano released a blog logically arguing against the Flash Sentry haters, then promised to give him another scene and a bigger role in The Bridge's version of Rainbow Rocks. Faith also scolded the fans who hate on the pony Flash, since he's a completely different character from the human Flash.
  • The "Children of the Old King" short was inspired by several fan made artworks depicting Junior, Xenilla, and Biollante as loving siblings.
  • The Bridge: Phoenix Night being written specifically as a gift to a reader and friend of the creators after she lost her grandmother, the story starring her original character and based off her fan art from a year prior as a tribute.
  • Faith-Wolff decided to make new cover art for The Bridge: Hocus Smo'cus on her own. Tarbtano's reaction was to profusely thank her and gush that he doesn't deserve such a wonderful girlfriend like her, while she says he does.
    • In general the two being a loving, trusting, happy Creator Couple for over half a decade. Whenever their relationship is brought up in comments or talks, or the two appear together on voiceover videos it's abundantly clear they are still smitten with each other years into the relationship.

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