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  • The Closing Credits song "And Forever" by Robbie Danzie and Naoki Takao. It's amazingly heartwarming from an anime that seems to specialize in Mind Screw. Not to mention how cute Roger and Dorothy look sitting on that giant hourglass.
    • Doubly so when you realize the lyrics could be about Roger and Dorothy's relationship.
    • Dorothy actually hums the song throughout the series, further implying that she and Roger are the ones singing.
  • When Dorothy is forced to fight and nearly kills Roger beneath Beck's influence, she delivers an Anguished Declaration of Love.
    Dorothy: Roger, I love you.
    • And later, from the same episode:
      Dorothy: If neither of us had memories, and we met, would you and I have fallen in love as well?
      • While Roger avoids the question at the time, towards the end of the series he finally gives an answer: yes.
  • When Dorothy is shot with a timed explosive arrow in "Eyewitness", Norman's first instinct is to try and pry it off with his bare hands.
    • R. Frederick O'Reilly I in "Eyewitness". He forms a real friendship with the reluctant Dastam. He takes a job where he is bait, works with a partner who doesn't like him and knows all this but still takes the job because 'innocent robots' are being hunted. That's dedication, the kind even Dastan respects.
  • Halfway into "The Big Fight," Norman promises Roger that he will have Big O repaired by nightfall. This after their house got invaded by a bunch of killer robots, and after Big O took incredible damage fighting Big Duo Inferno. Sure, Norman's a skilled mechanic, but surely even he can't repair the machine in under ten hours! He can't, and doesn't. Instead, he enlists the help of bystanders and civilians to help him repair Big O in that timeframe. Keep in mind the Big O's Dominus isn't public knowledge; people don't know it's Roger Smith piloting the thing. But because of all the good the Big O has done for Paradigm City, men and women immediately flock to help repair their protector.
  • The final story of the fifth volume of the manga has Major Dastun save a child who's been used by a conman as a 'seer' who can look into the past lives of people before everyone forgot their memory. Considering how the child is pursued by angry mobs and nearly driven to suicide by everyone demanding her visions, she really earned the happy ending she got.
    • In the same volume, Beck's three henchmen (and woman) all continually announce their faith in Beck Gold, even as he seems driven into depression and starts wasting all their money. There's even one point where one of them nearly loses his faith in Beck, only for the two others to shout him down and have him reaffirm his faith. While the attempt to beat Roger Smith is ultimately unsuccessful as a result of him going stark raving mad moments away from landing the killing blow, Beck lives up to their views of him and saves them from Roger Smith after another one of their Super Beck robots gets destroyed by the Big O, with it being revealed that Beck had been spending all their money to find a weapon capable of finally beating Roger Smith.
      • Additionally, when Beck outright buys a dome, it's revealed by Dastun that, despite Beck being a scoundrel, he's actually a benevolent ruler and keeps the peace in his dome.

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