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Heartwarming / The Baby-Sitters Club (2020)

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  • Although Kristy has her suspicions about Stacey for avoiding Claudia's snacks and lying about her schedule, she decides to not confront her about it so that Stacey can be comfortable first and not be pressured into anything. Kristy even gets her a salad along with the pizza she got for everyone else, even though Stacey hasn't said anything about any special diets at this point and wouldn't confess about her diabetes until a few episodes later.
  • Bailey is a trans girl, and not only does the series treat her with respect but the topic of transgender people is handled tastefully:
    • Bailey's mother is incredibly understanding about her situation. She ensures that her daughter has lots of pretty dresses to wear and even makes sure that she has an understanding babysitter to look after her. Mary Anne is a little confused to start with but doesn't judge her and even stands up for her to the doctor and nurse who accidentally misgender Bailey while she's in the hospital.
    • Dawn explains the situation beautifully to Mary Anne, stating that Bailey being a girl trapped inside a boy's body would be like someone telling the right-handed Mary Anne that she's actually left-handed.
    • Other than Dawn's explanation, nothing is made of Bailey being trans. However, a big deal is made about how Bailey is being mistreated when the doctor and nurse misgender her.
  • While the other girls are quick to get snappy at Mary Anne after she fumbles on the phone with Bailey's mother, Dawn is completely patient with her shy and timid side. She notes Mary Anne's quiet in their first meeting but doesn't make a big deal out of it, and after Mary Anne runs off from Aunt Esme's session, Dawn reassures her that she isn't bothered by her outburst and is happy to keep her company somewhere more comfortable.
    • This interaction also shows the selfless side of Dawn – she was excited to go to the share-emony and was happy to be there, but her friend's comfort is also important enough to her that she stays with her.
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  • When Mimi has a stroke, the rest of the Babysitter's Club take on Claudia's jobs for her over the next couple of weeks and give her the money earned on top of that. The parents of the other girls come by to check on Claudia and Janine, and bring pizza with them too. On top of that, everyone ends up making 'get well' cards for Mimi.
  • When Morbidda Destiny/Aunt Esme uses Karen's freak out to educate the wedding guests about witches and says that adults should listen to what children say, Karen lights up at an adult, even one she was previously terrified of, validating her.
    • This is shown earlier when Mary Anne has a freak out and runs away from her session, where Esme comments that Mary Anne is merely a "true Scorpio" rather than lament her as misbehaving or crazy.
  • While Watson buying expensive things for his soon-to-be-stepchildren does cause some problems, it's clearly rooted, at least in part, by him wanting to share the good fortune his money has always afforded him, Karen and Andrew.
  • When Kristy gets her period during the wedding reception, the rest of the BSC follow her to make sure she's okay and Mary Anne walks her through how to put on a pad. Then while Kristy and her mother are reconciling after their argument over Kristy's $800 dress, Kristy mentions that she got her period and that nothing got on the dress; her mother immediately says "I don't care about the dress; are you okay?", to which Kristy explains she's fine because her friends took care of her, to her mother's clear approval.
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  • The art classes that Dawn and Claudia set up at camp after seeing that so many kids are being left out of field trips and tie-dye lessons due to their families not being able to pay more or provide commissary money, especially since Claudia feels that everyone has a right to express themselves through art just like she was able to.
  • Dawn's comforting words to Kristy after her breakdown – she barely knows her, but she lets her know that she has so many people – friends, brothers, her mother, her sitting charges – who love her and will be there for her no matter what. It's just what she needs.
  • Janine seems harsh to Claudia in most of their interactions, possibly due to an Ambiguous Disorder that makes it difficult for her to interact based on emotions rather than facts. After an entire episode at each other's throats and misinterpreting one another, Janine is able to bond with Claudia in her own way – by sharing facts that she knows about Mimi's life. Even though Janine is not as outwardly emotional about it as Claudia, she still is able to convey that Mimi's past is deeply upsetting to her and that she thinks it's wrong. Just because she and Claudia don't connect all the time doesn't mean she doesn't care about her little sister and grandmother.
    • Before that, Janine assures Claudia that Mimi's memories of Manzanar, though painful to witness, are a sign that she is improving from her stroke.


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