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  • Jason taking secret dance lessons just to impress Jac at Homecoming, early on.
  • At the beginning of the "Curfew" arc, Rissa's discovery that Jason knows about her bulimia leads to an oddly heartwarming moment where he hugs her and says, completely earnestly, that he'd want her just as much whether she weighed sixty pounds or six hundred; He just wants to see her happy.
  • Zara's mother offered Bully a rather large sum of money to stop seeing her daughter. Bully took this money... and then promptly used it to take Zara out on a fancy date.
    • There's also something very cute about Bully giving Zara rides places on his wheelchair, while his leg was broken, and how happy they both seem to be.
  • Adam's proposal to Lanie. Lanie continually asking him if he actually means it, and Adam patiently insisting that he does, every time, until Lanie's gotten his head around it enough to accept.
    • Adam and Lanie are made of these. It's also hard not to include the song Lanie wrote for Adam.
  • Jerry comes over to Travis' house, freaked out over the way The Darkness had been stalking him for several days prior. With minimal vitriol, Travis readily lets Jerry stay in his guest room and we even get to see Jerry genuinely thank him. Also a bit of a tearjerker, considering what would happen about four days later...
  • The Cabin Group, and the way that the two originally very separate groups of friends came together, not only to rebuild the cabin in the first place, but becoming as close as they all did in the process.
    • The circle game, which really drove home how shitty most of their respective home lives were and how their friends were, in many cases, the first genuinely healthy support system they'd ever had.
  • Daniel and Xavier getting together for the first time was a massively heartwarming moment, even for people who were annoyed by Xavier more often than not.
  • Travis aggressively campaigning so Tiffany would win Prom Queen. He didn't even really have anything to gain from it, she'd be leaving for college before they'd ever have gotten the chance to give their relationship one last go, but it's implied that he just wanted to pay her back for comforting him after Jerry's death.
    • What Tiffany did to prompt this is also worth mentioning: She drove Travis home, then stayed with him for the rest of the night and well into Christmas day, just to make sure he was okay. Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other.
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  • The comic that Ruby made for Boone on Valentine's Day.
  • Any time Zara goes out of her way to do something for Rissa, like organizing her birthday party, that shows she doesn't view Rissa as her "pet rock" (as the latter suspects she does) and does genuinely value her friendship.
  • Rissa's determination that Jason have a good eighteenth birthday, combined with his surprised appreciation of the fact that a record four people remembered.
  • After running away, Lanie coming home. On top of Adam's joy at seeing him again, there's an exchange between Lanie and Boone in which Lanie gets frustrated when Boone lists of what sort of hypothetical adventures he suspects Lanie might have had on the run (one of which involves pirates), and accuses him of having thought it was all a big joke. Boone responds, in a moment of rare seriousness, that it hurt less to think of fantastic but unlikely scenarios than it is to worry himself to death over their harsher, but more realistic, alternatives and that he's just glad they're both home safe.

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