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  • Our heroes getting a taste of home eating Beluga caviar together after a tough mission. And even better, it's the kind of luxury they would have known about but could never even dreamed of having back home.
  • Elizabeth and Paige getting some mother-daughter bonding when Paige wants her ears pierced.
  • Philip and Elizabeth meeting in a hotel for a secret date. Philip thanks Elizabeth for insisting they take some time for each other.
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  • Stan opening up a little to his wife in generalities about his counterintelligence career.
  • After Philip and Elizabeth have separated, but continued to act as team. Elizabeth has been shot, and has just come out of surgery to fix the damage. Elizabeth speaks to Philip for the first time in Russian.
    Elizabeth: Come home. note 
  • After an op together the Jennings talk and share beers with Emmet and Leanne, a fellow sleeper couple they've worked with for years, updating each other about their children and acting like regular people. Later they both go to an amusement park with their families separately and acting like strangers while proudly showing off their kids. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight later when the other couple and their teenage daughter have been murdered in their hotel room and their son (who had been in the pool) finds their bodies. And then later it turns out the son was actually the one who killed them because his parents found out he had been recruited by the center and had been having an affair with his handler.
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  • After a long night where Philip had to babysit the Mossad agent and deal with a particularly unpleasant hand-off, while Elizabeth had to get Martha to calm down before she blew "Clark's" cover, the two of them get a brief moment together on the couch before the kids wake up.
  • At the end of "New Car", Philip and Elizabeth kidnap and interrogate a driver who services the septic system at one of the Martial Eagle camps. After they've got the information they need, Philip lets the man go despite Elizbeth insisting that they kill him. It's obvious that Philip has gotten tired of murdering innocent people just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • After Oleg learns of Nina's treason in "Stealth", he warns her that if she can't succeed in her mission to get information on the stealth program from Stan, she will need to run away because her failure will result in her being sent back to Moscow for trial. The conversation shows that Oleg has really come to care about Nina, and he does not want to see her executed as a traitor.
    • And later he hands her a bundle of cash in case should she choose to run.
  • In "Echo", the way Elizabeth carefully sets a sleeping Paige down onto a hotel bed and tucks her in is rather heartwarming. For all that they disagree on things, Elizabeth still loves her daughter.
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  • Near the end of Season 3, after all the disappointments and heartache he has been going through, Stan finds a small respite from his burdens by hanging around with Henry, just playing video games and watching football, like pals.
  • Martha is about to be extracted from the country, and Elizabeth has begun to doubt the idea that Philip's feelings for her are merely that of a spy concerned for his asset. She even goes so far as to directly ask Philip, if, given the chance, he would leave the country with Martha and abandon the life they have together. She even tells him she wouldn't hold it against him if he did. Philip is baffled by the question, as he has clearly never once held onto the hope, and assures her with a simple sentence.
    Philip: I love you.
  • Phillip seems genuinely concerned that the new woman Stan is dating is an agent sent from the Centre and that his heart is going to be broken.
    Elizabeth: Why does this bother you so much.
    Philip: I don't want Stan to be like Martha.
  • After having lost her home, country, parents, friends, and everything else she knew to a lonely existence in exile in Moscow for unwittingly serving the purposes of the KGB, for her sacrifices the Centre unexpectedly rewards Martha with an orphan girl for her to have as her daughter. Martha's tears of joy at this are genuinely heartwarming. (But it's tearjerking to consider children being used like this.)
  • From the beginning Philip and Elizabeth's marriage was just a fake cover for their assignment in America. After being together 20 years they had fallen in love for real. In "Darkroom" Philip surprises Elizabeth by driving her to an abandoned neighborhood and takes out their phony old marriage certificate, asking "You want to make it official?" He takes a stunned Elizabeth to an empty building where in the basement, Father Andrei, a Russian Orthodox priest who worked for Gabriel, will marry them under their real names and if one of them returns to Moscow first they can just file the paperwork to make it legal. In a beautiful ceremony Mikhail (Philip) and Nadezhda (Elizabeth) take off their American wedding rings, are betrothed with new rings, then the priest crowns them as true husband and wife under God. Later Philip and Elizabeth put their Russian wedding rings away in a secret compartment in their basement.
  • In "The Summit", Elizabeth uses her assassination skills to end Erica Haskard's suffering after her misguided husband's failed attempt to euthanize her.

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