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Heartwarming / The Adventures of Irving and Friends

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Heartwarming Irvmoments in the fan fiction series, The Adventures of Irving and Friends

  • The ending of "Bugging Out", where Candace is about to beat up Irving, but Albert shows up and tells on her.
    Irving: Wow Albert! I can't believe you did that for me!
    Albert: Irving, You may be annoying, but you're still my brother. And brothers stick out for each other, no matter what!
    • "Fired Fanboy". That is all.
      • The entire Doof subplot of "Irving's Fan"
      • The end of "Love, Danvillain Style"
      Albert: I have made my choice! Stacy, I have known you for quite sometime. I remember when I first saw you, I liked you from the start. I know we don't exactly have the most in common, but it's better to be with someone who's different then you with one thing you really agree with, then with someone who's a lot like you, with something you disagree with. If that makes sense. I've fallen for other girls before, like jenny and mandy, even though I liked them I never felt the sort of…connection I left with you. I know that I'm a nerd, and your far from nerdy, but I still feel like we have a chance. I would understand if you weren't interested in me. But…I like you. The only question is…Do you like me back?
      Stacy: Well...Yes. Yes I do.


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