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Heartwarming / The Acts of Caine

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  • For all the bleak moments Hari experiences at the start of Blade of Tyshalle, every moment with his daughter Faith is a shining beacon of light and joy. Much needed, considering how bad things go afterward, especially with Faith and the blind god.
  • After adopting him into the Black Knives, Orbek refers to Caine as "little brother." As Caine proves in the following books, the feeling is mutual.
    Caine: "That's why I need you to go. Orbek, please. Please. One person I love has to live through this."
  • In Caine's Law, almost every interaction between Caine and the horse-witch is either this or hilarious:
    Horse-witch: A girl likes to be asked, dumbass.
    • The final lines of Caine's Law, while addressing the Leisure Congress and the Board of Governors:
    Just so you know: my family and friends now includes everybody who isn't you.
    Any fucking questions?