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Heartwarming / That Thing You Do!

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  • When Faye hears "That Thing You Do" on the radio for the first time, and dashes down the street to tell everyone else. Also a Funny Moment, since she's running down the street shrieking, scares the bass player — and then they both barrel into Guy's father's store and cause a huge scene jumping around with the rest of the band.
  • The Pattersons having a party to watch their son's appearance on TV (joined by Chad, who took his place at the store). Especially given how irritated Mr. Patterson was by Guy taking up with the band, seeing him hoop and holler and use the salad utensils as drumsticks is adorable.
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  • After the TV show, Guy tells Faye sincerely how gorgeous she looks. (Nobody else has.)
  • The very quiet, very careful scene between Guy and Faye near the end, after Jimmy has left her and the band. "Gentlemen... I'd forgotten what you fellas look like."
  • Every scene between Faye and Guy counts, like when he insists to the band's first manager that she comes to Pittsburgh with them, or where she comes down with the flu and only Guy is shown worrying about and caring for her.
  • A minor moment, but when the band see their first 45 record with "That Thing You Do" on it, Jimmy strokes the B-side song reverently. He really is Doing It for the Art.
  • Guy gets to jam with Del Paxton in the recording studio.

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